Galactic Garbage Station




After graduating from Su Shi University, Su Jing was in a bad mood and went back to his hometown to adjust his mood. However, he discovered that his own backyard had become the Galactic Garbage Station. Every day a large amount of trash is deposited into his backyard. Some came from the Tomb of God, Battle Through the Heavens, Coiling Dragon, One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, X-Men, Captain America, Iron Man, and other novels, animes, and Marvel universes. As the owner of the garbage station, Su Jing has the obligation to deal with this Garbage. At first, he thought it was a hard and unprofitable task, but he discovered that he has found the most beautiful and cushy job in the world.



1 Galactic Garbage Station

2 Garbage From Coiling Dragon World

3 Mysterious Magical Beast Meat

4 Boil

5 Reunion

6 Fishing Master

7 The First Pot Of Gold

8 Why Is The Tibetan Mastiff So Timed

9 Treasure In Trash

10 Earning Money

11 New Trash

12 Hot Shell

13 Su Jing’s Cooking

14 Two Flavors

15 Venomous Tongue Gourmand

16 Top Cook

17 Restoration

18 Unknown Species

19 Truth

20 Perfect Pet Paradise

21 A Cat that cannot be Distinguished

22 Shocked Audience

23 Cooperation

24 Comes Cloudy

25 Nutritional Therapy

26 This Is Unscientific

27 The Trash Of Unknown World

28 Three Corpes

29 Looked To Stay

30 Big Harvest

31 Anglerfish

32 Has The Meat To Eat With Su Jing

33 Honored People?

34 This shop’s fucking awesomeness is too excessive

35 Investment Tourism

36 Mad Dog

37 Ten Thousand Beast Tablet

38 Fierce Fight In The Sea

39 Domestication

40 These Fallen Leaves

41 Little Li Must Play On TV

42 Lack Of Money

43 Big Harvest

44 Nautilus

45 Line Up And Salute

46 Dog Attack

47 Encircling

48 Has Shocked Passerby

49 Leaf Thief

50 <<Divine Dog>>Crew

51 Giving Flowers To The Goddess

52 Changing The Protagonist

53 Young God Of Cooking

54 Couldn’t Recognize

55 High School Schoolmates

56 The Eggs Hatches

57 Playing

58 Calling Help

59 Eats To Vanish Thousand Enmity

60 High-End Market

61 Fight

62 I Raised This Killer Whale

63 Seabed Treasure Hunting

64 Giant Humphead Wrasses

65 Looking For Someone

66 Saving Lives

67 Zhongyun Oceanarium

68 Showing Off

69 The Worry Of A Dolphin

70 Xue Zhonghongs Collection

71 Flower Horn Hatched Fish

72 Sale Price

73 New Trash

74 Terrifying

75 From Swallowed Star

76 Spirit Reader Master

77 Progressing By Leaps And Bounds

78 Taming

79 Willow Branch

80 Zhongyun Pet Show

81 Morpho Helena

82 Who Dares To Say That This Is Not A Pet

83 Performance That Shocks

84 Meeting By Chance

85 Unexpected Hostage

86 Investigation

87 Anger

88 The Mouse Mobilization

89 At a Crucial Moment

90 Little Li Flying Dagger Reappears

91 Unknown Hero

92 Your Elder Brother Is The Local Tyrant

93 Your Family Is Quite Amusing

94 Arriving At A Bad Time

95 Training Everyday

96 Auctioning Flower Horn

97 Cricket Fight

98 Sell It To Me

99 Tengteng Blossoms

100 Birthday Feast

101 Giving Presents

102 Tree Root

103 Second Gift

104 Artistic Conception

105 Difficult To Distinguish

106 Building Prototype Form

107 Bamboo And Stone Painting

108 Ambergris

109 Sperm Whale

110 Making It Big

111 Wu Min Career Turning Point

112 New Trash

113 Medicinal Cauldron

114 Lead You To Fly

115 The Golden Eagle