GGS-Chapter 170 Person Who Cannot Be Stir Up

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There are only three people in a room.

A big-bellied middle-aged man in a suit was half lying on the sofa.

Behind him stood a young man with sneaky eyesight and a lady Secretary dressed in a charming manner.

“Are you sure you contacted them?” The middle-aged man looked at his watch and frowned.

“Certainly, how can I be so negligent, I did make sure that everyone is contacted, some of whom are not able to make phone calls, and I personally invited them.” The young man said with a smiling face.

“Um.” The middle-aged man nodded, but his face remained calm as everyone was late, which was not normal.

“Boss Lu, sorry, I am late.” The room’s door opened and a middle-aged man of forty or fifty came in. If Su Jing were here at the moment, he would recognize him as Boss Li, whose restaurant was destroyed as many rats were attracted by his own Magical Beast jerky and destroyed the restaurant.

“Boss Li, please sit down.” Lu Xiongtao greeted.

“Boss Lu, can you really deal with that Su Jing? You know, there is Wang Family behind him?” Boss Li was worried. The reason why he was late was that he was hesitating.

“Oh, you know, there is Song Family behind me. Song Family is not much weaker than the Wang Family. Su Jing was a poor boy and he had become a multi-millionaire in a few months, his various industries produced absolutely huge profits. If you expand your development, your potential is unlimited. That kid may have got some kind of biotechnology. If we can take it for ourselves, it will not take long for us to become a billionaire. Boss Li, don’t you want to become rich?” Lu Xiongtao smiled.

“Boss Li is right.” How could Boss Li not be tempted to think of becoming a billionaire? His heartbeat was accelerated, Song Family was indeed not much weaker than Wang Family. However, he doesn’t know why he feels a little uneasy. He always felt that he had overlooked something and asked, “Didn’t you say you had an appointment with the Health Bureau, the Industry and Commerce Bureau, the Agriculture Bureau, the Bureau of Housing? Do you still have an appointment with Zhao Jun-Young Master Zhou? They haven’t come yet?”

“They’re coming. I’ll ask you something first.” Lu Xiongtao asked about the restaurant being attacked by mice and wanted to find out the exact evidence. Or seemingly definite evidence that will be blamed upon Su Jing.

After a while, the door of the room opened and a sharp-faced youth came in, it was the investigation officer Han Yunyang of the Bureau of Housing.

“Mr. Han, please sit down.” Lu Xiongtao got up and said hello.

“I won’t sit down. I’ll leave soon.” Han Yunyang waved his hand.

“Mr. Han. Is there anything wrong? With our friendship, can you not sit down and chat for a while?” Lu Xiongtao frowned.

“It’s just a matter of friendship, I will come over and suggest that you should not get your hands in this situation. I am afraid I can’t help you. I was found by the Bureau Chief yesterday. The Bureau Chief warned me not to get mix this matter, and the people in other bureaus who want to meet you also get the warning from their Bureau Chiefs.” Han Yunyang said this but did not go on. But the meaning is self-evident, that is Lu Xiongtao provoked someone that can’t be provoked this time, the person behind the other party is someone who can’t be provoked.

“Didn’t I say that I have the Song Family behind me. They are not much weaker than the Wang Family,” Lu Xiongtao said.

“Then why is it that none of the Bureau Chiefs are on your side? I will not listen to what you say.” After Han Yunyang finished, he left the room without any more nonsense.

“Damn, a group of shrinking turtles, with such a huge business opportunity, they dare not move, really a group of widows who live a life of poverty and death.” Lu Xiongtao angrily swept all the cups on the table to the floor.

“Boss Lu, someone is looking for you.” At this time, a waiter pushed in the door.

“Come in, please.” Lu Xiongtao’s eyes lit up, wondering if someone finally dared to stand up. However, a policeman came in and handed him a piece of paper, which was a summons card. Lu Xiongtao was stunned, and Boss Li’s uneasiness was suddenly ten times stronger.

“Nanao Research and Development Ltd! Lu Xiongtao.”

Su Jing just answered a phone call and learned from Wang Zhuo that the person who framed himself was Lu Xiongtao, the owner of Nanao Research and Development Ltd. Because Lu Xiongtao didn’t hide his identity, even invited relevant persons of various bureaus by his real name, he was found with little effort.

Although Wang Zhuo lets Su Jing do nothing, he will naturally deal with it, but Su Jing does not want to be left behind and he does not want to give the opponent a chance to breathe, so he intends to do something himself.

“How to deal with him?”

According to Su Jing, the best defense is to attack. Now, no matter what Lu Xiongtao wants to do, he can just kill him. To be honest, Su Jing has at least one hundred ways to kill Lu Xiongtao. However, because this matter directly involves himself, if Lu Xiongtao ends up dead somewhere, he will have a great suspicion on him. Even if he wants to do something, he has to do it carefully.

“Many private enterprises, more or less, have false accounts. This Lu Xiongtao is so insidious and cunning that he will have some false accounts. Even if he does not have any false accounts, as a research and development company, at least there would be some trade secrets?

Su Jing scanned all kinds of animals in the courtyard and controlled the animals to investigate with his own ability, which could be completely unconscious. But there’s a problem: Cats and Dogs and mice are too easy to be noticed, insects and so on have low IQ and they can only be covered in spiritual force and be controlled around to complete some simple instructions. It’s not feasible if he wants to send them out to investigate.

“Huh? This lizard, should not have a low IQ?

Su Jing’s eyes were fixed on the lizard from the Zither Emperor Universe, This is an animal from the Zither Emperor Universe and possibly even a Magical Beast. Instead of using Spiritual Beast Taming, Su Jing talks directly to the lizard and orders it to do something.

“Take the shortest pen over there and be careful not to be found by anyone.”

As soon as Su Jing’s voice fell, the lizard climbed out of the box and crept quietly past. His eyes changed with the color, and he perfectly blended into the environment. If he had not known the lizard in advance, he would not have noticed it even if he had seen it. Moreover, instead of relying on discoloration, it swaggers across the ground, picking hidden routes, making it even more unlikely to be discovered.

The lizard ran and turned it over in the penholder, it found the shortest one accurately and took it back to Su Jing’s feet, It looked at Su Jing with his eyes, and spit out its tongue.

“Oh, I’ll just use you.”

Su Jing smiled. He took out a bug and a pinhole camera to be installed on a lizard. The last time he helped the police solve the kidnapping case with a mouse, Su Jing bought these little things for a rainy day. (to be continued ^)

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