GGS-Chapter 169 Investigation

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The next morning, Su Jing had just finished brushing his teeth and washing his face. He was wondering if he should go to the jewelry store today.

But he heard a young man from the construction team who was moving things into the yard shout, “Mr. Su, someone is looking for you at the door.”

Su Jing went out and saw three people standing at the door. The first one was a young man with a sharp face in a suit. The other two wore overalls. The young man with a sharp face came forward and stretched out his hand and said, “Hello, Mr. Su.”

“Hello.” Su Jing shook hands with the other.

“I’m Han Yunyang from Bureau of Housing, to see if your building is in compliance with the regulations. This is just a routine inspection. I hope you can cooperate.” Speaking, the sharp-faced young man showed Su Jing a certificate on which his identity was clearly written.

“Please come in.” Su Jing smiled, the building was almost completed and he was not worried about being investigated. Moreover, if the Bureau of Housing really wants to investigate, it is impossible to forcibly block them, or else it will not be peaceful.

“Mr. Su, do you know that in Qingyun Town a building can not exceed three floors? And Can’t exceed ten meters in height?” Han Yunyang said casually as he walked into the yard and looked up at the building.

“I know, but this doesn’t seem to be a hard and clear rule. Besides, I have already been approved, or do I have to show you the documents?” Su Jing said slowly, the procedures were not done by him but by Wang Zhuo. It is unlikely that there will be any leaks, so Su Jing has no fear.

“Let’s look at the building first,” Han Yunyang said as he took the two men in overalls downstairs and asked Su Jing some questions while observing the building, holding pens and notebooks and recording some data. It took twenty or thirty minutes for Han Yunyang to stop.

“Mr. Su, where are the documents?” Han Yunyang asked.

“Here.” Su Jing took out a stack of approval documents and handed them to Han Yunyang.

Han Yunyang took a look and squinted when he saw the signature in the lower right corner of one of the pages, which was approved by Bureau Chief himself. The Bureau of Housing Bureau Chief, even if it’s not a day-to-day business, has at least a lot of problems to deal with, if it’s a big project, Bureau Chief may need to examine and approve it in person, but why would a building in the countryside of this district should be approved by Bureau Chief in person?

“Any problem?” Su Jing asked.

“No problem. I wish Mr. Su building a speedy completion.” Han Yunyang nodded and left with two men in overalls, coming and going as fast as he could, as if it were really just routine checks. Su Jing didn’t care either.

However, after two days, he realized that something was wrong. Because followed by the Industry and Commerce Bureau to investigate his cooperation with the perfect Pet Paradise, the Agriculture Bureau investigated his farm. The Health Bureau investigated his online seafood store.

All this, clearly telling Su Jing that someone is targeting him.

“A’Jing, is anyone investigating you?” Wang Zhuo called Su Jing.

“How do you know?” Su Jing was stunned.

“I said hello to the Bureau of Housing, Bureau of Industry and Commerce, Bureau of Agriculture and Bureau Chief of Health Bureau. They all called me. Said you were reported, and a subordinate went to investigate you. ” Wang Zhuo said.

“Er…” Su Jing was surprised. Although he knew Wang Zhuo had a lot of connections everywhere, he didn’t expect this. The Bureau Chief of Zhongyun City has a good relationship with him. It seems that Wang Zhuo’s management is indispensable for his publicity.

“Did you offend someone?” Wang Zhuo asked.

“Let me see… It seems that there someone moving behind the scenes. Some shrimps, soldiers, and crabs will not be able to make such a big battle.” Su Jing thought for a moment.

“However, even if you don’t offend anyone, at the rate of your recent development, you will inevitably cause jealousy and envy of others. From the current situation, it is obvious that someone wants to deal with you.”

“Ha-ha, soldiers come to cover up the water and earth.” Su Jing smiled. As Wang Zhuo said, more and more people are looking at themselves recently. Some people heard that Su Jing stopped offering pets to the Perfect Pet Paradise and closed fishing grounds. They thought that Su Jing had some problems in business and wanted to buy Su Jing’s technology at a low price. What kind of biotechnology has he got? Of course, all of them were rejected by Su Jing and because he refused too much, Su Jing did not remember very many people.

“You boy, you’re too calm in this situation but your various industries are legal. The other party won’t be able to grasp whatever leverage they are hoping to get against you. you don’t do anything, lest people take the opportunity to frame, I’ll check who is playing tricks in the dark.”

“Thank you, Brother Wang.”

“There’s no need to be polite with me.”

After hanging up, Su Jing squinted and meditated. There should be no problem with Wang Zhuo’s handling of this matter. In order to avoid accidental confusion, Su Jing decided not to do anything for the time being.

The next day, however, Su Jing received a summons from the police. It was reported that Su Jing had conducted a dangerous biotechnology experiment. It also stated that Su Jing had let rats attack restaurants, that dogs had killed people, and that fish sold were potentially dangerous. However, due to insufficient evidence, Wang Zhuo and Wang Xia of the Special Police Force were also involved. Zhao Ming, Shao Le, and others were his friends, plus Su Jing’s two certificates of honor for bravery, and Bureau Chief Miao Tianming is also very optimistic about Su Jing, so Su Jing just went into the police station and chatted with Wang Xiao and others for a while, then came out.

What really annoys Su Jing is that the crimes reported above have spread to the village somehow. When he returns to the village, he finds rumors were circulating everywhere in the Su Family Village, Shi Family Village, Zhang Family Village that he illegally uses biotechnology, industries, home buildings and the money he earns will be lost. No, maybe even jail. As a result, some of the nearby villages who would like to join the expanding farm work have been discouraged.

“A’Jing, what happened?” Su Zhenhong and several elders in the village came to Su Jing.

“It’s all right. Someone spread rumors and framed me. I just went to the police station. How can I come out if something happens?” Su Jing consoled.

“All right.” Su Zhenhong breathed a sigh of relief.

“Some people are jealous and envious. Others are foolish enough to believe that they can’t follow you anymore. I’ll say we will continue to follow A’Liang. It’s absolutely the right thing to do.” Su Zhenying was a little angry.

“Ha-ha, A’Liang and others are expanding their farm. You should join as soon as possible.” Su Jing laughed, and to his relief, Su Liang, Su Xiaolin, Su Hu and others did not ask questions. Continuing to expand farms according to what they said was obviously not a rumor at all.

Saying goodbye to his uncles and villagers, Su Jing’s smile gradually faded away and his eyes narrowed. He doesn’t know who wants to deal with himself behind this, but Su Jing has been offended by the other side’s insidious tactics. If a person offends me, I will offend him right back. (to be continued ^)

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