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“Spirit Reader Master?” Su Jing’s pupil shrank slightly.

“Yes, you just stayed under my spiritual attacking for a while, indicating that you have good spiritual force potential, but you don’t know how to use it at all, so you should not be Spirit Reader Master, right?” The old man said indifferently.

“Let me ask you a question first. Do you know Luo Feng?” Su Jing squinted and his heart beat faster.

“Do you really need to ask such a question, who in the world does not know Luo Feng? He is our human race hero, the idol of all Spirit Reader Master. It was because I admired him that I visited places he had experienced and I did not expect to go near Mist Island this time and be plotted by others.” The old man coughed again.

“There is no Luo Feng in this world.” Su Jing thought about it but did not say it. If he guessed it well then this old man should come from the Swallowed Star world. If it was Swallowed Star, then Porsche 918 could explain all the garbage because Swallowed Star background is the end of the modern world, the streets are full of all kinds of abandoned luxury cars and it is not surprising that a Porsche would be thrown in the garbage.

In that world, because of the outbreak of RR VIRUS, the global mortality rate reached as high as 30%. In just three months, besides the death of a large number of animals, the global population shrunk by nearly 2 billion. Nearly 5 billion human survivors naturally produced antibodies in their bodies and their bodies have become better. Almost every human’s strength, speed, cell activity, and skin toughness have increased and it has more than doubled! Even an ordinary person can easily break the world record of weightlifting and 100-meter race in the past.

However… Disaster has begun! People who have been living comfortably have to increase their physical condition so much. The surviving birds and beasts of RR VIRUS have been following the survival of nature. This physical change has made the strength of all kinds of birds and beasts much better than that of human beings. And some terrible monsters even gained human-like intelligence.

In order to fight against monsters, human beings can only cultivate and become stronger in order to survive, so there are two kinds of strong human – the Warrior and the Spirit Reader Master.

“This garbage won’t bring RR VIRUS, will it?” Su Jing was suddenly shocked, but he and Cats and Dogs in the yard were all right. It seems that the virus did not come with him. He doesn’t know whether it was because the Swallowed Star world had passed the period of the virus outbreak or because of the space and time tunnel radiation.

“Can you really make me a Spirit Reader Master?” Su Jing asked the old man, after knowing the situation, his eyes began to shine. Spirit Reader Master was a group of super Ability Users that could attack by using spiritual force. It was so strong that Su Jing couldn’t wait.

“I can not only guide you but also give you something.” The old man said in a seductive voice and something suddenly occurred to him. “By the way, take out my backpack on my left.”

“The left backpack?” Su Jing found that the old man was carrying a bag on his left shoulder. The bag was half buried in the garbage. He wanted to take it, but he hesitated. Did this old man really couldn’t move? Or is he lying to trap me? It’s not that Su Jing is superfluous. The key is that he is frightened by the old man’s previous look.

“It shouldn’t be, If he wanted to do something about me, I would have died at the moment he opened his eyes.” Su Jing boldly walked over, took out the old man’s backpack on his left, pulled the old man out of the garbage dump, and asked, “Why don’t I help you heal first?”

“Do you have Water of Life or Wood Plant Spirit?” asked the old man.

“No.” Su Jing was speechless for a while. The water of Life and Wood Plant Spirit are heavenly materials and earthly treasures. The water of Life is worth about 30 billion credits. Wood Plant Spirit is something that no one will be willing to sell. Besides, that’s what Swallowed Star has, how can he possibly have them?

“Then don’t waste your time in vain. I can’t cure myself. I’m just relying on my will to keep my last breath.” The old man said, glancing at the backpack. “Open that backpack quickly, don’t let that little fellow choke to death.”

“What little fellow?” Su Jing was shocked and opened the backpack. A white wolf-like creature jumped out and hissed at Su Jing, but because it was too small, it looked so cute. Su Jing held it down to keep it from jumping and asked, “What kind of creature is this?”

“Battle Wolf, whose mother is primary Horde leader level beast.” The old man said.

Su Jing shook his hand and almost threw the wolf out. Su Jing suddenly felt like he was holding a hot potato. After Swallowed Star’s Great Nirvana period, various animal beasts produced various strange and terrible races of monsters under the condition of genetic mutation. For example, there are many kinds of pig-type beasts, dog-type beasts, cat-type beasts, mouse-type beasts, lizard-type, wolf-type, tiger-type, snake-type, bird-type, bear-type……

According to their strength, they can be divided into soldier level, commander level, Horde leader level, king level… Even a soldier level monster is enough to crush all the animals on the earth. The king of forests and the king of beasts are as weak as a kitten. At Horde leader level, their body is much stronger than diamond and even missiles can barely wound them.

For Su Jing, the pet is not strong enough but overpowered. Although the pups of the horde leader level are not necessarily Horde leader level when they grow up, they can only be promoted step by step after battle and transformation. However, the so-called lean camels are bigger than horses. The blood and potential of horde leader level’s pups are too strong. Even if they grow up without experience, how worse they can be?

Should such a powerful creature go out and make trouble, it would be a great mess in the world. Even if it did not make trouble, what would it do to support itself? Now it is a peaceful era and it does not need to fight.

“It took us a lot of hard work to steal the pups when the wolf was attacked by a War God. Unexpectedly, we didn’t make a lot of money. Instead, my companions became greedy and killed me. Now it’s only cheaper for you. It’s okay if you can’t afford it and sell it, do as you like.” The old man said.

Su Jing suddenly realized that the old man was killed because of the young wolf. The baby of the Horde leader level monster was a precious treasure in the world of Swallowed Star. When Luo Feng stole the dragon’s eggs of Armored Dragon, a horde leader level monster, he sold it for 5 billion. The young wolf may be cheaper, but it’s not worse. No wonder some people are greedy.

“Boy, I’ll give you this Battle Wolf cub and guide you to become Spirit Reader Master. Although the equipment on my body is a bit worn out, it’s all yours, I only have two wishes, I hope you can complete them.” The old man said.

“Old Mister, what are your wishes?” Su Jing thought that there was no free lunch in the world, but even though the old man was selfish, he got the benefits that no other will after all. If it wasn’t an excessive wish, it would be no problem to help him finish it.

First, avenge me and help me kill three people. I have their information in my backpack. Secondly, after my death, Completely cremate my body. I don’t want my body to feed any monsters.” The old man said.

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