GGS-Chapter 76 Spirit Reader Master

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“This…” Su Jing frowned at the old man’s wish. It was acceptable to accept the second wish after death, but it was unacceptable to kill three people to avenge him. However, Su Jing refused to give up the chance to become Spirit Reader Master. He thought about it and said, “If… If I become stronger and capable of killing them, I will help you, and your body will be cremated.

Su Jing is obviously playing a smart trick. The three people the old man wants to kill are from Swallowed Star world. Su Jing can’t kill them, so promising to be able to kill is tantamount to not promising. Although deceiving a dying person is somewhat unethical, it is impossible for the old man to get revenge anyway. It’s a white lie to let him die in peace.

“Well, I hope you keep your promise.” The old man’s eyes glistened with joy.

“Old Mister, if I may venture to ask, as far as I know, Spirit Reader Master can be a spiritual reader without practice. Spirit Reader Master are all gifted people who are awakened by themselves. How can you help me?” Su Jing asked.

“I really can’t help you, but I can guide you. Do you know that Spirit Reader Masters are divided into three categories: the first type is controlled objects to kill enemies; the second type is attacked an enemy’s mind direct, and the third type is monster taming. The second is what I’m good at. The old man said.

“Uh…” Su Jing is stunned. What does that mean? What does it matter to guide yourself to be good at the second?

“Stupid kid, don’t you understand, people can only break out with their potential when they are in an extremely dangerous situation. I will use the Spirit Illusion Technique to attack you and put you in a desperate situation. Although this method is somewhat overbearing, if your spiritual capacity is enough, There is a chance for you to wake your Spiritual energy.” The old man continued.

“It seems to be dangerous.” Su Jing frowned. Although the old man’s words made sense, it was too dangerous to be overbearing.

“Rest assured, I will control the degree of my attack well, the critical moment will also ease your spirit, the spiritual force can attack and it can also soothe the mind, Let’s start.” Said the old man, suddenly staring.

“Wait a minute.” Su Jing didn’t finish his speech and suddenly felt a buzz in his brain. Then the scenery in front of his eyes changed. A huge disgusting monster was biting him with his big mouth. A sharp arrow pointed to his heart and a sharp knife cut into his throat.

Su Jing’s eyes were empty, his mind seemed to have gone somewhere else, his heart began to accelerate again and again, his whole body was hot, his face turned red as if it wanted to drip blood, and his forehead and arms were full of blue veins, he jumped up from time to time, and his entire persona looked very ferocious.

“Plop”, Su Jing fell straight down with a thump. The Golden Eagle flew down from the roof. Other Cats and Dogs quickly surrounded him and roared at the old man one by one. But the old man just glanced at them and all the animals trembled with fear.

“I hope this young man can survive, or I’m afraid he’ll turn into an idiot.” The old man sighed slightly, but he didn’t tell Su Jing that it was extremely dangerous. Generally, Spirit Reader Master released latent spiritual force slowly as the body grew stronger, which suddenly aroused the strong heart and the body might be able to bear the power. The reason why the old man chose such an extreme method was that he felt that Su Jing was too weak to get revenge for him if he did not become Spirit Reader Master.

The fainted Su Jing is constantly twitching and a powerful mysterious force constantly emerges from his mind, instantly blending into every part of his body. Under the baptism of this mysterious force, Su Jing’s skeleton, internal organs, blood, muscles, the skin is undergoing dramatic changes, and every cell is constantly changing.

“Woo…” Not knowing how long it took, Su Jing finally opened his eyes.

“Very well, you’ve survived.” The old man’s face looked more ugly now as if he were dead and grey, and his eyes became dull, but he still smiled.

Su Jing got up quickly and looked down at himself. He was relieved to see that he was safe and sound. However, he felt that he had just escaped from the jaws of death. If he hadn’t used Magical Beast meat for a long time and drank Immortal World’s delicious tea and if it wasn’t for his strong physical fitness and essence and his Qi and spirit that had been greatly improved, he might not have been able to sustain it. Besides, he just fell into an illusion. When he was about to collapse, He suddenly recalled the Immortal World’s brush strokes, and then he regained his sanity.

Su Jing was surprised and his heart was still palpitating. First of all, he feels full of strength and finds that his vision, hearing, and sense of smell have improved significantly. When his sight falls on a brick on the ground, he suddenly feels an invisible force wrapping the brick. This invisible force is invisible to the naked eye, but Su Jing himself can clearly feel this invisible force that is extending from his mind.

“Get up.” Su Jing controls the invisible force as if he were controlling the invisible hand. He has to hold up the bricks. However, as if he were trying to lift a truck, his face turned red instantly and the bricks remained motionless.

“Too heavy?” Su Jing frowned and changed his target, He stared at a toothpick-sized wood piece which was immediately suspended in the air. Su Jing burst into laughter. “Ha-ha, I really became Spirit Reader Master.”

“…” The old man looked at the toothpick-sized wood floating in the air, but his smile was stiff. Although Su Jing was just awakened, he could only control a toothpick-sized wood mentally. Isn’t that too weak? The old man, somewhat undeterred, said, “Look at your Sea of Consciousness.”

“What do I do?” Su Jing asked.

“Close your eyes, control your mind, focus your consciousness on your mind…” The old man said.

Su Jing did what the old man said. After a while, suddenly, there was a rumble of thunder and a tremor passed through his soul and then he realized that there was a magic place where there was no end, there was a lot of fog around it, and there was a liquid.

“What did you see?” asked the old man.

“I saw a lot of fog and some liquid,” Su Jing said.

“Didn’t you see the dark golden ball?” The old man went on questioning.

“No.” Su Jing is also looking for a ball. Unfortunately, he was disappointed, Spirit Reader Master’s potential is also graded. The latent spiritual force is liquid, liquid and solid coexistence, some are completely solid and the completely solid is the most gifted one, such as Luo Feng. Su Jing, on the other hand, belongs to the weakest category and he only seems to have very few liquids and a lot of fog.

“That’s all.” The old man suddenly decayed, apparently thinking that there was no hope of revenge, and said, “There’s a book in my backpack about my control of spiritual force, you take it, remember your promise to me…” In the end, the old man was out of breath.

“Rest assured, I can do what I say.” Su Jing said that as the old man finally looked at Su Jing, closed his eyes slowly and breathed his last.

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