GGS-Chapter 77 Progressing By Leaps And Bounds

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“Old Mister, let go of that hatred and go on with a happy mind in your afterlife.” Su Jing said and took off the armor of the old man, then he took a large sealed plastic bag and loaded the old man into it. Although he wants to respect the old man, he has to think about safety first, because if it was seen by others. Not only will he suffer from it, but the old man will probably be taken to study.

Su Jing quickly turned over all the garbage. This time it was not about finding treasures, but he was looking for other people or bodies, but it was fine. but he was disappointed that there were not even monster bodies.

“I have to first deal with the old man’s body, where to cremate it?” Su Jing thought for a while, but he soon got a headache. At first, he didn’t think much about it. He felt that he had benefited from others and that it was proper to cremate their remains. Now, it is not such a simple thing to do.

If this person was a modern person and died normally, it would be easy to send him to a crematorium, but the problem is that he doesn’t exist in the world at all. He doesn’t even have an identity. It’s strange to send him to a crematorium without being suspected. However, since I have promised the old man, I must do it. I have already fooled him about his revenge thing. I at least need to fulfill his cremation request.

“What about sneaking to the crematorium or buying some petrol for the cremation?” Su Jing quickly thought of two ways, but they were not very reliable. The first one was too dangerous and there was a large chance of being exposed and for the second, he did not have a good place to choose and it would be difficult to cremate clean.

“Right, this method may work.” Su Jing suddenly had an idea in his mind. He remembered that there was a volcanic island in the nearby sea area. He took out his mobile phone to surf the Internet, searched quickly, and soon found the information. It was reported that the volcanic island was still an active volcano.

“To cremate a body in the volcanic island, isn’t it too much?” Su Jing feels that it is absolutely clean to take the body to the volcano island to be cremated, but the problem is that it is very dangerous. If the volcano erupts just in time, then his real alive body will also be cremated along with the real dead body.

“If only I could drag the body around with spiritual force, but unfortunately I’m too weak. First, let’s try to see if my spiritual force is really so weak, maybe I just don’t know how to use it. If I can lift the body with my spiritual force than I can send him to the volcanic island without putting myself in danger, And I can’t think of any other way right now.” To avoid the rotting and smelling of the old man’s body, Su Jing went and took out a large number of fishes from the freezer and put the old man in it and he added many ice cubes and then he bowed to the old man, apologizing for this seemingly disrespectful treatment.

Su Jing opened the backpack left by the old man and found a notebook, He opened it and read. The words on it were not very neatly scribed, but they were very strong and powerful. Su Jing first glanced through it, and his face became happier. The above is not only the knowledge of “Spiritual Force Foundation”, but also the old people’s understanding of the spiritual attack, which is very practical.

Su Jing did not care about the spiritual force attack and animal training methods for the time being but only studied about the control aspect. He carefully looked at the old man’s experience in this respect and benefited a lot from it. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes. Instead of looking with his eyes, he controlled and spread his spiritual force out of his body and like an invisible vision, a three-dimensional map where every single thing within three meters of a square clearly appeared in his mind. In this state, even if Su Jing closes his eyes, he can walk around the house without touching any furniture.

A chopstick was suspended.

A cup floated up.

A plate was suspended.

Through the understanding of Old Mister’s experience, His control of spiritual force was strengthened. Su Jing’s level was greatly improved, but a plate was already his limit. Su Jing continued to try a little more.

“Ah, my head hurts.” Su Jing suddenly felt a headache. According to Old Mister, it was a phenomenon of spiritual force overuse and he needed to rest. The best way was to sleep and relax.

Su Jing felt hungry and grunted, so he made a Magical Beast meal to eat. Before it was ready, all kinds of animals had surrounded the door but no one came in because Su Jing ordered them not to come in. The only one who ran in disobediently was the young wolf. Instead of howling hoarsely at Su Jing, he looked up at Su Jing and drooled.

“Let’s see if you’re an obedient little fellow.” Su Jing grabbed the Battle Wolf and put a needle in his leg, he dripped a drop of blood on the Ten Thousand Beasts Tablet and he heard Battle Wolf’s voice, “It hurts.”

“Would you like to eat, little fellow?” Su Jing asked.

“I want to eat.” Battle Wolf nodded.

“Roll around yourself and I will give you food,” Su Jing said.

The Battle Wolf stood upright and refused to roll. After all, he had the blood of the Horde leader level monster and was born with some pride.

“Well, you’re stubborn.” Su Jing smiled and threw down a small piece of Magical Beast meat. The Battle Wolf swallowed it in one swallow.

“If you want to eat more, just roll around.” Su Jing laughed.

The Battle Wolf still refused to roll and wanted to jump on the stove, but Su Jing grabbed it and threw it back to the ground. After several attempts to grab it, he finally rolled on the ground and looked at Su Jing pitifully.

“Good, turn around.” Su Jing fed the Battle Wolf another piece and continued to command him. He doesn’t need to train ordinary Cats and Dogs. It wouldn’t matter even if he doesn’t train them, but this wolf is different. This guy will be incredible when he grows up. If he doesn’t obey, it will have terrible consequences.

When other Cats and Dogs saw Su Jing feeding the wolf, they rushed in. The Battle Wolf suddenly became reluctant and pounced fiercely at the coming Cats and Dogs. Not to mention, although it was very small now, its speed and strength could not be underestimated. It was very fierce to fight with Cats and Dogs. However, other Cats and Dogs knew each other and joined each other and to beat the battle wolf. The Battle Wolf was quickly put down but he quickly got up. He wasn’t afraid or discouraged and it got up and fight again.

“Stop, everyone here is a good friend, don’t fight inside.” Su Jing yelled, and Battle Wolf ran back to Su Jing, but still grinned hoarsely at the other Cats and Dogs.

Su Jing fed each animal a small piece and then fed them with ordinary fish. After he sent the group to eat, he enjoyed the Magical Beast meal. A Jin of Magical Beast meat was enough for him before, but this time his stomach was still empty.

“Because of the awakening, my physical fitness is getting stronger and the food intake is getting bigger?” Su Jing made another jin of Magical Beast meat but he was still hungry, He dared not to be so extravagant and made other fish and shrimp to fill his stomach.

After eating enough, Su Jing made a cup of tea with the fallen leaves of Immortal World and drank it.

However, this time, he quickly discovered something. After only one drink, he didn’t feel tired and recovered a lot. He tried to use his spiritual force control and his head did not ache.

“This is good. Generally speaking, it takes at least a few hours or a day to recover spiritual force. This is too quick.” Su Jing had a few more drinks and his spiritual force recovered quickly, almost at its best.

What shocked him even more was that he felt his spiritual force growing, he sunk his consciousness into his mind and found that those liquid substances were turning into the fog and he was surrounded by it. This was the manifestation of potential spiritual force excavation. This was the fastest growing stage of Spirit Reader Master. When all the liquids were turned into fog, the potential spiritual force would be excavated, and then growth would slow down.

“I didn’t know how to control spiritual force before and I didn’t know that the effect of falling leaves is so magical. It can not only speed up the recovery of spiritual force but also speed up the excavation of spiritual force. That’s great.” Su Jing continued to train his spiritual force and make tea with deciduous leaves, so his spiritual force was growing rapidly.

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