GGS-Chapter 74 Terrifying Look

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Standing on the fence, Su Jing could hear the comments in the sky.

“Successfully transporting garbage again, sum up the success rate.”

“A total of twenty-one transmissions were made. There were four successes, the first, the second, the tenth, and the twenty-first, and the rest were failures. The success rate is about 19%.  I really don’t understand, this space and time tunnel is very stable, why does the garbage will be thrown back out? Superspace transmission takes advantage of the time difference between wormhole points. It can only be transmitted from faster points to slower points. It is impossible to converse transmission.

“At present, we can only continue to experiment with garbage in different time and space, find out rules, or find ways to perfect wormholes by using negative energy…”

“By the way, let’s see if all kinds of living things have an effect on delivery…”

At last, the whirlpool disappeared, and so did the sound.

Su Jing was dizzy and still did not know who was on the other side of the wormhole. But the more he felt it was a group of Space-Time Controllers, the more he probably understood that the success rate of the space-time garbage transmission was not high. During many days, no garbage came out and it was not because the garbage wasn’t thrown in the wormhole but it was because the garbage was thrown back.

This made Su Jing breathe a sigh of relief. For the time being, the opposite side should not pour too much garbage that is too dangerous, because they still have some problems.

This is the same as in a science fiction short story “Hey – Out”, the difficulty of garbage disposal is not the most terrible thing. The most terrible thing is that the garbage is thrown into a hole without being disposed of. They thought it could be once and for all. They didn’t expect that all the garbage will be thrown out suddenly, which will be a catastrophe. The person opposite in the wormhole is probably worried about this situation.

Of course, he can not be too confident, after all, the people opposite the wormhole feel dangerous and the current problem may be solved by them soon in the future, At that time the continuous garbage downpour will be unimaginable.

“It’s no use thinking so much. Let’s take one step at a time.”

Su Jing stepped out and jumped off the fence. Golden Eagle cooperated with Su Jing to drop slowly with his paw. Of course, even if Golden Eagle didn’t, Su Jing would hit the ground to roll and buffer at most and would not be injured. Now the six-meter height is nothing to Su Jing.

When Su Jing landed on the ground, the first thing he did was to look at the garbage that had just been dumped. When he looked at it, he frowned. The garbage was about half as much as the last garbage and almost filled the whole backyard. But that was not the point. At first glance, the garbage consisted of car tires, glass, doors, clothes, pants, wooden strips, tiles, bricks, plastic bags and so on. They are all the things that can be found on earth.

“Isn’t it really the garbage of the modern earth?” Su Jing looks depressed. The reason why he dislikes it so much is simple. The garbage of another world may be a treasure on the earth. After all, the value of item varies greatly. However, the garbage of modern earth is estimated to be complete garbage, which is similar to going to the garbage dump. It will be good if he could find some empty mineral water bottles. What valuable things would he find here?

“Well? This is…” Su Jing holding a thread of hope carefully searches in the garbage dump. When he takes away some bricks, he finds a car head below. Su Jing quickly turns over the garbage. The whole broken car emerges. Looking at the sign, Su Jing almost screams out.

“I must be dreaming, This is Porsche 918.” Su Jing couldn’t believe his eyes, It’s also Porsche. Different models have different performances and prices. Previously, the price of the Porsche 911 is 11-26.99 million, while the Porsche 918 is 13.29-14.64 million. Su Jing started with Porsche 918, but he chose Porsche 911 because of the price problem.

“Fuck, it’s too violent for heaven and earth, isn’t it?” Su Jing watched the shabby Porsche 918, which was very painful. The surface of the car was stained with rust. He didn’t know how much wind and sunshine it had taken. The body of the car was crushed and collapsed and the shape was different. In this way, even the most expensive luxury cars are not worth any money. They can be only sold as parts and materials.

“What’s the background of this garbage world? Porsche 918 is garbage?” Su Jing became curious and went on searching in the garbage dump. He separated iron, glass, bricks, wood and other materials and handled them later.

“Ohh?” Su Jing was pulling open a plastic bag. When something was exposed under the plastic bag, he immediately retracted his hand in horror. If he hadn’t exercised his psychological endurance, he would have fallen on his ass.

What was exposed to him was a head, the head of an old man with short hair and an ordinary face.

“It’s a corpse again. Don’t play with me like that, will you?” Although the Ten Thousand Beasts Tablet was found in the last three corpses, Su Jing really hates corpses. He resisted nausea in his heart, reached for the corpse’s shoulder and pulled him out of the garbage dump.

Just then, the eyes of the “corpse” suddenly opened and stared at Su Jing.

Su Jing suddenly felt a chill pouring from his head to feet. His whole body seemed stiff, unable to move, and the cold sweat on his back came out quickly. He was sure that the man had killed people and many others.

“Young man, where is this?” The old man looked at Su Jing, and the chill in his eyes gradually disappeared.

Su Jing was able to move and he quickly stepped back and stared at the old man, only then to find that the old man was bruised and bleeding all over his body, with a dagger in his chest and heart. He estimated that his heart was stabbed by a knife. It was hard to believe that he was still alive. If he hadn’t had sharp eyes and spoken, Su Jing would have thought he was a legendary zombie.

However, the old man didn’t seem to know how he got here, which made Su Jing suddenly recall the phrase that had just come from the air: “By the way, try to see if all kinds of living things have an impact on transmission.” He estimated that the old man was only a test product of Space-Time Controller and he was used as garbage. What makes Su Jing even more concerned is that since the group is experimenting with living things, it means that they intend to throw away some difficult living things in the future.

“Who are you?” Su Jing asked, looking at the old man’s tragic situation, he had the heart to help him at first but he recalled the old man’s horrible eyes just now and he had to be cautious. Those Space-Time Controllers may be cold-blooded, but the old man is not necessarily a good person. It would be foolish to get killed if he saved him with good intentions.

“It doesn’t matter who I am. I am just a person who is about to die.” The old man’s face was as grey as death and his breath was dying. He coughed and bled a lot, but his eyes were still sharp.

“You don’t know how you came here?” Su Jing continued.

“I also want to ask you, in order to avoid the pursuit, I fled to a forest and collapsed in a faint on the grass. Didn’t you bring me here?” The old man doesn’t seem to know that he had been thrown into the other world as garbage.

“No, I found you here,” Su Jing said.

“Forget it, it doesn’t matter.” The old man didn’t care how he got here anymore. He stared at Su Jing and said, “Boy, it’s lucky to see you before he dies. I want to ask you something. Do you want to be Spirit Reader Master?”

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