GGS-Chapter 73 New Trash

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When Su Jing returned home, the first thing he did was to pour the flower horn newly hatched fishes from a small fish tank into a large one.

And strictly control the bottom sand, water quality, lighting and so on. The growth of flower horn is highly demanding on the environment. If the environment is not good then even if it can survive, it will not be easy for it to develop its head bulge and its appearance will not be good. Such a flower horn is of little value.

After controlling the environment, Su Jing got a small piece of Magical Beast meat and used the machine to make meatballs to mash it into meat sauce and throw it into the fish tank. Needless to say, the flower horn seedlings rushed up and ate it all in a minute. They apparently didn’t eat enough, they were still searching around quickly, some of them came out of the water and looked like they were waiting to be fed, but Su Jing did not continue to feed them with Magical Beast meat, but made some shrimp mashed to feed them.

Su Jing also got a lot of fish and meat and went to the backyard to feed the Cats and Dogs, birds such as the golden eagle and the man-eating vine.

The man-eating vine has grown a lot and now it is more than three meters tall and has a lot of vines, but it still does not climb anything. It still occasionally toss the kittens and puppies, but since the last time Su Jing taught it, It has never used kittens and puppies as food.

“Ayaya.” The Man-eating vine happily rolls many fish into the roots and then rolls them into the soil. It now buries nearly five Jin of fish every day. Su Jing doesn’t know whether it’s digested or just hidden in the roots for reserve, but he doesn’t care if it doesn’t stink.

“Ayaya.” The Man-eating vine suddenly stretched out two canes and put them in front of Su Jing. Its voice was full of ostentation.

“Well? Are you going to blossom? Su Jing stared and saw a bud on the top of the two canes, but it was small, green, delicate and fragrant.

“Ayaya.” The Man-eating vine is excited.

“You are amazing, it hasn’t been long and you are already blossoming so soon.” Su Jing smiled, thinking that after the man-eating vine had blossomed, the next step should be the result and he doesn’t know whether the fruit was good or not. However, no matter how delicious it is, he must take good care of the core. Otherwise, if he grows another man-eating vine in a place he doesn’t know, the problem will be great.

Su Jing took some deciduous leaves and fed them to crickets in the jar. He found that they grew up a little more, but the change was greater. The color of the whole body was black, but now it was black and purple. The two beards were thick and long, moving flexibly, and the sound of the upright wings was several times louder than before. Once Su Jing grabbed several crickets and wanted to let them fight with them to see their fighting power. As a result, several crickets fled when they heard their cries.

one of which contained many insects, because they ate leaves of Pipa and Plumtree, which had hardly changed. The other had insects in the plastic box, which were almost an hour-long circle. Each had big toes. To Su Jing’s surprise, four of them turned into a cocoon, and the other six did not eat much of the leaves and began to spin silk.

“In my arms, in your eyes, there is a spring breeze, where the green grass is…” The phone ringtone suddenly sounded and Su Jing looked at it and saw Zhu Jianhua number and immediately answered.

“A’Jing, there is some trouble here.”

“What happened?”

“There will be a big pet exhibition in Zhongyun City in a few days. Little Li was supposed to attend, but the crew just filmed Little Li’s play there. It’s not easy to adjust the time, but it’s a pity to give up the pet exhibition. So if you can speak to the director, maybe he will listen to you.”

“No, don’t bother the crew. Just bring another Dragon Li Cat to the pet show.”

“Another one? Oh, yeah, there’s another one of the same liter in your house. Two of them are so similar to others that they can’t be distinguished at all. I’ll take them with me when I send Cats and Dogs to your place in a few days.

“I’ll go with you then.” Su Jing thought about it, and suddenly he moved another thought.

“Hey hey, it’s great that you can go and then let Dragon Li Cat perform acrobatics and send flowers, absolutely blinding those judges.” Zhu Jianhua is happy to say that he has seen Su Jing’s means. He knows that Cats and Dogs can only play the most human side in Su Jing’s hands. He wonders how Su Jing did it, but Su Jing’s answer is so vague that he can’t understand it.

“This Dragon Li Cat is not just for acrobatics and flower delivery.” Su Jing smiled and didn’t say it.

After hanging up, Su Jing went to the soy sauce bucket to get Magical Beast meat for dinner. But he found that the soy sauce barrel was empty and all the Magical Beast meat was eaten. Su Jing had made about 1,300 Jin meat into dried meat, 400 Jin was frozen in the refrigerator, and 200 Jin was left in the soy sauce barrel, that is to say, about 300 Jin had been consumed.

“Although it is being used sparingly, it will be used up sooner or later.” Su Jing was somewhat depressed and an idea flashed through his mind that he should stop eating himself and try to save it for an important time, but she quickly shook his head and ruled it out.

First of all, Magical Beast meat is very good for him. During this period, his physical fitness has made great progress. His Height has grown from 1.73 to 1.76 meters. His Myopia of more than 500 degrees has become 5.3 vision. His Body has become extremely symmetrical and healthy. His Strength, speed, agility and so on have been greatly improved. His body is the capital of the revolution. Magical Beast meat can make his body stronger and stronger, which is the best use.

Secondly, even if it is made into jerky and stored in vacuum packaging and freezing, it is still not permanent and will deteriorate sooner or later. If he doesn’t eat it and it went bad then he would have to cry.

“Only in the future can he save a little more on animals. It’s better for the whirlpool to reappear and pour down a few Magical Beasts. It’s been ten days. Why hasn’t the whirlpool appeared yet?” Su Jing’s heart is extremely anxious as he looks forward to the time and space garbage dumping down again.

He wonders if his expectations helped. At about 3 a.m. that night, the whirlpool appeared over the backyard.

Su Jing was woken up by the loud noise. He got up with a murmur, completely free from the dissatisfaction and excitement of waking up in the middle of the night. He practically flew to the backyard, only to see a large amount of garbage dumped down in the whirlpool above, the wall above the whirlpool built a shed, without any damage. This shed was built by Su Jing for experiments. First, to try to see if it will stop the whirlpool. As he expected, it did not interfere at all.

At the same time, there were several long-lost comments in the air, but they were somewhat inaudible in the sound of garbage dumping.

Su Jing listened but still heard only intermittent sounds. He was anxious. Su Jing suddenly whistled and the Golden Eagle flew down from the roof nest. Meanwhile, Su Jing rushed to the wall and leaped suddenly and stepped on the wall for more than four meters. At this time, The Golden Eagle just arrived and took Su Jing with his paws and rose again and landed steadily on the fence. The Golden Eagle grew very fast and had a wingspan of 1.5 meters. It had barely been able to take Su Jing with it, but unfortunately, it did not fly very high.

Standing on the fence, Su Jing was so absorbed that he could finally hear a few comments from the whirlpool.

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