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“I asked you if you remember your high school schoolmate called Su Jing?” Xia Chong was very dissatisfied with Yang Tong, thinking that Yang Tong did not remember such a high school classmate. After all, it is not surprising that he forgot his high school classmates.

“I remember, I have seen him today.” Yang Tong nodded.

“Oh? How is your relationship with him? Xia Chong’s eyes glistened slightly.

“This…it’s normal.” Yang Tong could not understand Xia Chong’s intentions.

“If I ask you to persuade him to come to the oceanarium as a trainer with a salary of 15,000 yuan per month, can you do it?” Xia Chong asked, “It’s really about persuasion. He must be much better than Yang Tong, but not as good as his high school classmates.”

“15000 per months salary?” Yang Tong was completely stunned and couldn’t believe his ears.

“He has a high vision? If 15,000 does not work, what about 20,000? Xia Chong raised his price but did not say the top price.

Yang Tong thought he had heard something wrong, but he didn’t expect the price to rise. He stared at him and felt his head spinning. Su Jing was supposed to be unemployed, inexpensively dressed and inexpensively broke, but in a twinkling of an eye, his monthly salary was three times that of himself, which he could not accept.

“Why aren’t you saying something?.” Xia Chong scolded.

“That… that… I don’t really have a good relationship with him.”  How could Yang Tong lower his status and persuade Su Jing to come to work with twice his salary? He would hate to talk about it. If he wasn’t worried about his job, he would have yelled at his boss.

“Is your relationship bad?” Xia Chong frowned and glanced at Yang Tong, silent for a moment. “Since you can’t help, then there’s nothing you can do here, but don’t do anything stupid about it because you don’t have a good relationship with Su Jing. Otherwise, you’ll just wait for yourself to be fired.

After Xia Chong finished, he ignored Yang Tong and knocked on the door of Xue Zhonghong’s office and was taken in. Yang Tong stood there startled, unable to digest all this. In the distance, a few students who saw something wrong came up quickly.

“Yang Tong, what’s wrong?” asked a boy.

“Nothing.” Yang Tong shook his head, but his face was not very good.

“Don’t be unhappy. Isn’t it normal to be scolded by your supervisor? Who hasn’t been scolded by his superiors? The students thought that he was unhappy because he was scolded by his superiors and consoled one after another.

After a while, Shi Qing and Xue Zhonghong walked out of the office and seemed to leave room for Xia Chong and Su Jing to talk. Yang Tong was stuck as he didn’t understand the situation. He went up and asked, “Mr. Xue, do you know why Director Xia wants to hire Su Jing?”

“Don’t you know?” Xue Zhonghong didn’t know about Yang Tong’s relationship with Su Jing but thought he was a good classmate. So he answered, “I guess it was decided by the curator himself. Su Jing provided Nautilus, hammerhead shark, two-meter-long Humphead Wrasse for oceanarium. He also cured the dolphin that I could not do anything about. The curator naturally wants to hire him.”

“Nautilus? Two meters long Humphead Wrasse? Isn’t that just introduced by Yang Tong? Su Jing doesn’t seem to know…” A petite girl was puzzled, but she figured it out, It’s not that Su Jing doesn’t know, but he was too lazy to care about Yang Tong.

Yang Tong’s face suddenly turned red. Nautilus, hammerhead shark and Humphead Wrasse were offered to oceanarium by Su Jing and they all sold at a high price. How could he possibly not know them personally? That is to say, Su Jing is just ignoring Yang Tong as a fool.

“How much monthly salary is the curator going to pay Su Jing?” asked the petite girl.

“I don’t know about that, but it should be 20,000 to 30,000. You can rest assured that our curator is generous to talented people.” Xue Zhonghong laughed and said that as he knew Fan Weishen very well and guessed that he could offer this price.

“20,000 to 30,000?” Wu Min and others are completely dumbfounded. Where is this poorly mixed, who in the class is better than him? What’s more, Nautilus, hammerhead shark, Humphead Wrasse, he must have earned more than 200,000.

At this time, the office door opened, Su Jing came out quickly, Xia Chong followed closely and asked, “Mr. Su, don’t you want to think about it anymore? With a salary of 30,000 monthly, a generous year-end bonus and five insurance, can Mr. Su find a better job than that?

Yang Tong, Wu Min, and others were dumbfounded again, Su Jing still refused a job with a salary of 30,000 yuan per month?

 “Director Xia, I said it several times, It’s not about the monthly salary and welfare issues.” Su Jing said helplessly, this Director Xia can be really entangled.

“What’s the problem then?” Xia Chong asked with a tired and disbelieving voice. There was some helplessness in his heart. He originally wanted to lower the price, but he soon found out that Su Jing didn’t want to work at all. He didn’t even blink when he mentioned 30,000 yuan per month salary.

“I have my own business and I don’t want to work anywhere else,” Su Jing said.

“Then I won’t insist. If Mr. Su changes his mind later, he can come to me again.” Xia Chong helplessly held out his right hand.

“Okay.” Su Jing shook hands with Xia Chong.

“Old Xue, I am leaving.” Su Jing stopped and said to Xue Zhonghong. After a period of communication, the terms by which he addresses him has changed.

“Remember to pay more visits and keep these newly hatched fishes in good health, They will look good when they reached their maturity.” Xue Zhonghong laughed.

“Okay.” Su Jing smiled and left with a fish tank and Shi Qing.

Several of his classmates immediately gathered around him and were much more enthusiastic than when they first met.

“What business are you doing, Su Jing? Even 30,000 monthly salary is not appreciated by you.”

“Is your business really doing that well.”

The so-called “things gather in groups by their kind”, these students usually do not see anyone, but in fact, they are similar to Yang Tong, very powerful, because of this, Su Jing and their relationship are not close. Several high school students who have a good relationship with Su Jing heard rumors about Su Jing’s bad condition some time ago and called to say hello. They learned that Su Jing had a good business and congratulated him one after another, but they didn’t come together to take advantage of him. That’s the difference.

“I’m just fishing. It’s not really a business. You go on playing. I will leave first.” Su Jing was not used to them and did not intend to stay here any longer, but made a phone contact gesture to Wu Min.

“Did you drive, or I’ll give you a ride?” A tall boy said.

“No need, I drove here.”  Su Jing said and that although he said so, several students followed Su Jing all the way out of oceanarium and kept approaching him, which made Yang Tong feel very uncomfortable and his face became more ugly.

“I’ll go first and get together another day.” Su Jing said politely. He got in with Shi Qing and drove away.

“I am not dreaming right, is that Porsche 911?” said a boy.

“How much does Porsche 911 cost?” A younger girl’s eyes shine.

“I don’t know the exact price but at least one million,” said the tall boy.

Yang Tong said nothing but envy and jealousy filled his heart. He wanted to rush up and smash Su Jing’s Porsche.

“Su Jing is not in a bad position but is in a very good position. He has a Porsche to prove that.” One of the students, in the high school group, made such a statement and it immediately set off a great disturbance in the group.

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