GGS-Chapter 71 Flower Horn Hatched Fishes

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“Yes, these are Newly hatched flower horn fished,” said Xue Zhonghong.

“What are the male fish and the female fish respectively?” Su Jing asked.

“The male fish is Kamfa Flowerhorn and the female fish is almost the same, ordinary Pearl Flowerhorn.” Xue Zhonghong said, pointing to a fish tank not far away. There were two fish in it. One of them had a large forehead with a high raised bulge, red forebody, light white back body and a little pearl on it. It was kamfa flower horn; the smaller forehead had no bulge and Pearl Flower horn had a lot of Pearl dots on it.

Xue Zhonghong reached out and put his hand in the fish tank. Two flower horns swam up and kissed Xue Zhonghong’s hand intimately. Among them, the mother’s Pearl Flower horn swam to Xue Zhonghong’s palm and thrilled happily.

“This fish is really interesting, like a puppy.” Shi Qing was so fond of it that she couldn’t help holding out her hand.

“Don’t.” Su Jing quickly grabbed Shi Qing’s hand.

“What’s wrong?” Seeing Su Jing so nervous, Shi-Qing could not help wondering, but did not break away from Su Jing’s hand.

“Flower horn, apart from their majestic and magnificent, gorgeous and touching color and the lovely appearance which appeals to humanity, it is the most intoxicating thing for the majority of fans, which creates the complex between them and the feeder. They look quite tamed to people. As long as the owner comes to the fish tank, They will swim up and play with the owner intimately. Or swim back, or turn over, or lie in the hands of the owner, enjoy the caress of the owner. As tame and cute as Cats and Dogs. But if strangers want to be so close to them and play with him, they will be attacked mercilessly by them, leaving light scratches at the slightest and heavy bleeding at the heaviest. Su Jing explains.

“That’s..!” Shi Qing licked her mouth in fright but she still wants to touch the cute fish.

“If you want to touch them, you can raise a few of them. I have a lot of newly hatched fish here. How about I send you ten?” Xue Zhonghong laughed.

“Really?” Shi Qing’s eyes lit up and she turned to Su Jing and asked, “A’Jing, Is this fish good enough to raise?” Although she wanted to keep it, it was obvious that Xue Zhonghong is sending the fishes to give Su Jing some face, so she had to ask Su Jing first. After all, she didn’t know the price. It was too expensive to accept it casually.

“Take it if you like. It’s not difficult to raise.” Su Jing laughs, Flower Horn seedlings are not very valuable. Ordinary pearl new hatched fishes cost up to a few yuan to a dozen yuan. Even if it is a new-hatched fish produced by good luck, whether it will grow into adulthood depends on the gene, the condition, and the environment in the feeding process. One hundred pearls are not likely to grow into a new-hatched fish, so the luck component is very large. What’s more, Xue Zhonghong’s own newly hatched fish is not much of a good seedling.

The so-called Hongyun Miao in the market is all deceptive because Hongyun does not exist newly hatched fish. Hongyun is an individual in Pearl seedlings. The key to dividing Hongyun is not related to the genetics of the strain, but to the grade. Hongyun is actually a big classification in pearls, which can not be distinguished when it comes to hatched fish, at least. It takes fish to grow about four centimeters to distinguish.

“Mr. Xue, can you give me some, too?” Su Jing asked as it would take a lot of luck for the average person to raise a newly hatched fish till its adulthood, which would eliminate most of them, but Su Jing wanted to see what would happen if he fed them Magical Beast meat. In recent years, flower horn with excellent quality can be said to be priceless and well-nourished is a wealth.

“Of course, there are thousands of them. I can raise a few hundred at most. I am thinking about giving them away to people.” Xue Zhonghong laughed.

“Can I have about three hundred or so? How much is it?” Su Jing asked.

“Let’s not talk about money, I will just give them to you.” Xue Zhonghong waved his hand generously.


Meanwhile, in an office, Fan Weishen was sitting in an office chair, in front of which stood a handsome middle-aged man in a stiff suit. He looked puzzled and did not know what Fan Weishen suddenly called him to do.

“Look at this surveillance video.” Fan Weishen turned on a surveillance video, which was the whole process of Su Jing’s healing the dolphin.

“Isn’t that dolphin Little Chong? Old Xue couldn’t help it. This young man is so capable.” The handsome middle-aged man was amazed.

“He provided the Nautilus, hammerhead shark and the giant Humphead Wrasse in the new exhibition area. When we went to buy the Humphead Wrasse, we saw the Humphead Wrasse playing with him. Humphead Wrasse was like his pet.” Fan Weishen said.

“The curator, you mean…” The handsome middle-aged man had probably guessed what Fan Weishen meant.

“Hire him at a high salary, pay him 30,000 monthly, persuade him to join us, this matter is left to you. He’s in Old Xue’s office now. You can just go straight to him.” Fan Weishen said.

“Good.” The handsome middle-aged man nodded and hurried out of the office. As the general manager personnel, he knows that 30,000 monthly salary represents how much the curator attaches to this young man and this type of salary can only be achieved by a few people in the oceanarium as a whole. However, Su Jing’s ability that he just demonstrate just now is worth the price.

“He just surpassed my salary.” Xia Chong, the general manager personnel, sighed slightly. He didn’t go to Su Jing immediately. Instead, he briefly investigated Su Jing’s information so he would be able to successfully hire him. The salary of 30,000 yuan is the highest price in Fan Weishen’s mind. If he talked about less then 30,000 yuan, he could only finish the task reluctantly, but not finish it well.

“Ohh? He graduated from Zhongyun and he is an old classmate of Yang Tong” Xia Chong found that Su Jing and Yang Tong were old classmates. His eyes lit up. He called Yang Tong immediately. “Where are you, Yang Tong?”

“I am with my classmates. Isn’t it my holiday today?” Yang Tong said in a polite tone.

“There are important things on the spot that will not take a lot of time. In which exhibition area are you? how far away are you from the Xue Zhonghong office?”

“I’m near the office of Mr. Xue.”

“Then wait for me at the door of his office.” After Xia Chong’s commanding tone was finished, he hung up the phone.

Yang Tong took a look at his phone and frowned. He didn’t know why his supervisor suddenly rushed to find him, but since Xia Chong was so anxious, he couldn’t refuse it. After all, he was his boss.

“I’m sorry, everybody. My supervisor has something to do with me. You guys go and enjoy yourselves.” Yang Tong apologized.

“Will it take long?” A tall boy asked.

“The boss said he had something for me to do and he is coming here.” Yang Tong pointed to the office of Xue Zhonghong not far away.

“Let’s wait here.” The tall boy said and others agreed.

“Alright.” Yang Tong walked over and stood at the door of Xue Zhonghong’s office and Xia Chong rushed in a short while.

“You have a high school classmate named Su Jing, right?” Xia Chong asked directly.

“What?” Yang Tong was stunned. Why did the general manager ask about Su Jing?

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