GGS-Chapter 70 Xue Zhonghong’s Collection

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Shi Qing was so dumbfounded as she did not expect taming dolphins as simple as that.

Xue Zhonghong, Gu Mei, and others fully admire Su Jing from a professional perspective. Xue Zhonghong admits that he has acquired certain accomplishments in training dolphins. He used to be quite proud but now he feels weak at this moment.

Su Jing rode on the dolphin and swam back under the startled eyes of the crowd. The dolphin’s head came out of the water and arched Gu Mei’s feet lovingly. It apparently liked Gu Mei very much. It was just depressed before.

“Little Chong, hehe.” Gu Mei held the dolphin in his arms and wept with joy.

“Mr. Su, can you talk to the dolphins?” Xue Zhonghong himself is an expert, but at the moment he asked a very amateur and strange question because he didn’t see Su Jing do anything, he just talked to the dolphin and the dolphin came out of his depression, he could not understand it at all.

“Oh, how can I talk to dolphins? In fact, I just guessed the reason why Little Chong was depressed and won Little Chong’s favor. Maybe that’s the intuition that animals have.” Su Jing’s explanation is ambiguous.

“What is the cause of Little Chong depression?” Gu Mei asked.

“Because the applause and cheers of the audience are too noisy,” Su Jing said and Little Chong nodded in agreement and screamed.

“That’s what happened.” Xue Zhonghong and Gu Mei were stunned, and Xue Zhonghong thought, “I also know that dolphins are sensitive to sound, but I didn’t expect cheers and applause to make them depressed.”

“Mr. Xue, Little Chong is not as simple as depressed. If you put it off for a while, it’s likely to commit suicide.” Su Jing said and Xue Zhonghong and Gu Mei face changed and they were almost frightened into a cold sweat. For them, Little Chong was like a child.

“I will advise the curator and ask the audience to not make noises. If it is not, the performance can only be carried out behind the soundproofing glass.”  Xue Zhonghong said that but in fact, it is impossible to perform behind a soundproof glass because the pool of dolphin performance is very large and it will be very expensive to cover the pool with soundproof glass and the audience also likes to listen to the sound that dolphins make. If the dolphins are separated from the audience by a soundproof glass cover, it will lose its efficiency. Where would be the fun in that? The best way is to strengthen the audience’s awareness and keep the audience quiet.

“I promised Little Chong, so if you can’t do it, I’ll do everything I can to take it and give it back its freedom.” Su Jing voice is light and authentic.

“Do not worry, I promise you this on my career.” Xue Zhonghong nodded. Both of them spoke in a very weak tone, but it was not difficult to hear the same attitude.

At this time, Gu Mei went to fetch fresh fish for feeding Little Chong. Little Chong no longer refused to eat. He ate it happily and threw it out. He even jumped out of the water to catch it with his mouth. When they saw Little Chong regain its vitality, everyone was completely relieved.

“Mr. Su, are you interested in visiting the fishes I have raised?” Xue Zhonghong suddenly said.

“You raised? Not the oceanarium?” Su Jing wondered if there could be private fish farming in oceanarium.

“Ha-ha, I personally raised them.” Xue Zhonghong smiled as he was the only one who could raise fish privately in the oceanarium. There are two main reasons why the curator gave him so much freedom. One is that Xue Zhonghong, as a trainer and veterinarian, has to do research on his own. Raising fish by himself is the best way. The other is that Xue Zhonghong’s fish, many of which are extremely precious, are occasionally put in the exhibition VAT to attract tourists.

Xue Zhonghong invited Su Jing. In addition to feeling that Su Jing was also a fish friend and like-minded, he actually had a little selfishness. He wanted Su Jing to see if his fish had any problems. Watching the scene where Su Jing has just cured dolphin, he has taken Su Jing at a level above himself.

“Oh, let’s see.”  Su Jing is not clear about Xue Zhonghong’s mind, but interested in Xue Zhonghong’s collection.

Hearing that Su Jing was leaving, Little Chong got out of the water and shouted at Su Jing, this reluctant look made all trainers envious and moved, wondering when they would be treated like that by dolphins.

“Little Chong, eat well and obey well. I’ll come back to see you.” Su Jing touched the dolphin’s head. The dolphin arched Su Jing’s hand with its head but still hesitated. After all, Su Jing is the only human who can understand it.

Xue Zhonghong left the dolphin pool with Su Jing and Shi Qing, went to his personal office and opened the door.

“Isn’t that Su Jing and Shi Qing? We happened to see them again.” Not far away, a girl said.

“They went into a place that didn’t look like a dolphin pool.” Wu Min said something strange.

“That’s Mr. Xue’s private office.” Yang Tong frowned and felt more uneasy. He knew that Xue Zhonghong’s office was generally closed to outsiders. Besides assistants, Xue Zhonghong did not allow anyone in his office. Why did Su Jing receive such treatment?

“Yang Tong, Didn’t you say that Su Jing is living a bad life?” A tall boy wondered and Yang Tong was silent.

Su Jing, Shi Qing, Xue Zhonghong entered a very spacious office, not so much an office as a small Water Clan Hall and a small clinic. Half of it was filled with fish tanks and the other half were medical equipment. Several assistants were examining the fish.

“Mr. Su, these are the fish I have raised.” Xue Zhonghong laughed.

“It’s almost possible to open an exhibition hall in here.” Su Jing was amazed. At first glance, he saw that there were not only many kinds of fishes, but also many kinds of precious fish with excellent quality. The total value of these fishes would be very high.

“Ha-ha, some are from my friends, some are from everywhere, you see if there is anything to see.”

“Let me see.” Su Jing said, and suddenly stopped looking at a small fish tank and laughed, “Shi Qing, look here.”

“Where?” Shi Qing looked in the direction Su Jing pointed out, blushed and spat softly. “Hooligans.”

In the exhibition vat, the two fish were kissing each other. They kissed without a care in the world. It was more lingering than French kissing.

“This is called the kissing gourami.” Su Jing laughed.

“Should be called the unscrupulous fish.” Shi Qing gave Su Jing a white look and blushed.

“This is the habits of other people. This kind of fish is famous for kissing each other, but interestingly, they kiss not only between the opposite sex but also between the same sex. Kissing is not a sign of friendship and love, but also a fight. Of course, there are still a lot of people who don’t care about that and buy it because it means that their love will last for a long time. Su Jing said funnily.

“Mr. Su really knows a lot.” Xue Zhonghong praised.

“I just read about it in the magazine.” ​​Su Jing said modestly.

Su Jing continues to watch, Su Jing cannot help but look more and more frightened, there are Asian Arowana, flower horn, tancho Kohaku… Although Su Jing is not very knowledgeable, he also knows something. He estimates the total value of these fishes to be in millions.

“Mr. Su, do you see any problems with my fishes?” Xue Zhonghong asked.

“I don’t see any problems, You have raised them very well.” Listening to Xue Zhonghong’s question, Su Jing probably guessed his intention. It’s funny. If he only depends on his eyesight, he doesn’t even know how many grades he is worse than him.

“That’s good.” Xue Zhonghong laughed and relaxed.

“Ohh, this tank is full of newly hatched fishes, is it a flower horn?” Su Jing saw a dense newly hatched fishes in a water tank and his eyes lit up.

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