GGS-Chapter 69 The Worry Of Dolphin

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“A’Jing, Why did this Mr. Xue asks you to look at the dolphin?” Shi Qing asked, whispering near Su Jing’s ear.

“There is a dolphin who refuse to eat and refuse to obey. He asked me to see what’s wrong with it.” Su Jing laughed.

“Don’t they have veterinarians and trainers for that? Why do they want to let you see it?” Shi Qing felt a little strange, but she suddenly realized that Su Jing had somehow become a high-level Beast Tamer and curiously glanced at Su Jing.

“Here we are.” Xue Zhonghong opened a door and took Su Jing and Shi Qing into a huge swimming pool. There were a few trainers on the shore that were directing a few dolphins in the swimming pool so that they do various movements, various training. However, a dolphin hides in a corner and refuses to move at the command of the trainer.

“Brother Xue.”

“Brother Xue, you are here.”

The trainers apparently respected Xue Zhonghong and greeted him one after another.

Seeing Su Jing and Shi Qing, there is a little doubt on their faces, because this is the place where dolphins are trained. Generally, no outsiders are allowed to come in, let alone disturb them while they are training.

“Brother Xue, come take a look, Little Chong is still not willing to eat and refuse to obey.” The melon face trainer said bitterly.

“Let this Mr. Su see.” Xue Zhonghong said.

“Him?” The melon-faced female trainer glimpsed and the other trainers also looked at Su Jing with surprise and thought they had got it wrong.

“Brother Xue, you said you want to ask a skilled trainer, that’s him?” The melon face trainer was shocked. Yesterday, she heard Xue Zhonghong say that he had met a very skilled trainer, they all admired him. After all, Xue Zhonghong is respected in this department. Can it be simple for him to admire such a person? But is he really admire this young man?

“Little Mei, please step aside.” Xue Zhonghong did not explain much.

“Oh.” Gu Mei, doubtful as she was, resigned obediently.

“Little guy, what’s wrong with you?” Su Jing walked up and down and saw a dolphin more than three meters long hiding in the corner of the pool, a sullen look on its face and did not respond to Su Jing’s words.

“Can you help stabilize it?” Su Jing turned to Gu Mei.

“All right.” When Gu Mei heard Su Jing’s request for help, instead of belittling Su Jing’s level, she appreciated him a little more. No matter how skilled a trainer, he had to have a process of familiarizing himself with animals. It would be extremely unwise to ignore the cooperation of the former trainer. Gu Mei reached out to hold the dolphin’s head and stroked it gently.

Su Jing slowly approached and reached out to touch the dolphin. The dolphin looked weak and did not resist. Su Jing put his hand under the water and secretly put a needle on it and let a drop of blood drip on the Thousand Beasts Tablet.

“I’m in pain. I want to die.” A tender voice came into Su Jing’s ear.

“What’s wrong with you? Are there any discomforts?” Su Jing was shocked by the tender voice. It seemed that the dolphin was not so reluctant to not simply eat, but it had the tendency to commit suicide.

“Every time we perform, everyone is too noisy.” The dolphin looked around and wondered why he could talk to Su Jing.

“Too noisy?” Su Jing was stunned. After thinking about it, he realized that, in fact, he had heard before that the dolphins had far more hearing sense than humans, so applause and cheers were loud noises for them. Some dolphins could bear them, but others could not. Xue Zhonghong once said that this dolphin was particularly smart and popular and that he was the most enthusiastic to cheer. The audience was welcoming but they did not know that it was a torture for dolphins.

In fact, there has been a lot of controversy about whether dolphins should be kept in captivity. Many people think that dolphins have high IQs second only to human beings. They have human-like emotions and should not be kept in captivity. Humans do not fully understand dolphins. Many self-righteous behaviors of human beings actually cause various kinds of harm to dolphins. Dolphin suicides in captivity have occurred more than once.

This reminds Su Jing of a legendary figure, Richard O’Barry. Since 1960, Richard O’Barry has been a world-renowned dolphin trainer. He is well known for his movies and TV productions such as “Dolphin Tale” and “Flipper”. He can be said to be the synonym of dolphin training and dolphin performance. His dolphin performance program has enabled a whole generation of American children. When asked what they wanted to do when they grow up, They did not hesitate to answer “marine biologist”.

However, just as he became famous, the Water Clan Pavilion and dolphin show around the world flourished, he chose to destroy the entertainment industry he had built himself. The reason is that one day after O’Barry traveled back from India, one of the dolphins in Flipper, Casey and O’Barry’s favorite dolphin swam into O’Barry’s arms, took a breath, automatically closed his nostrils and committed suicide in his arms.

It shocked O’Barry, who suddenly felt that capturing dolphins and training were so foolish and absurd that he vowed to devote all his life to preserving the dolphin’s right to life. He founded the Dolphin Project and launched the Release of Artificially Raised Dolphins Campaign. He spent 10 years as a dolphin trainer, but 40 years in the conservation against dolphin training. To this end, O’Barry has been arrested all over the world for infringing on other people’s private property to release dolphins.

“Your name is Little Chong, right?” Su Jing stroked the dolphin’s head and said that he would not be as extreme as O’Barry. In fact, dolphins still enjoy contact with humans. Moreover, the understanding and protection of dolphins in captivity also play a very important role, which has both advantages and disadvantages as they can’t be hunted in captivity.

“Yes.” The dolphins nodded.

“I’ll keep everyone quiet in the future. Would that make you happy?” Su Jing said.

“You really can keep everyone quiet?” The dolphin’s voice is full of surprises. Perhaps the biggest pain before it is that humans do not understand it.

“I promise you, if they make any more noise, I’ll take you to the sea.”

“Thank you.” The dolphin cried and crowned his hand with his head. Although the dolphin is intelligent, it is also relative to animals and human beings. It can only be regarded as a child. Naturally, he didn’t even think whether Su Jing is deceiving him or not.

Xue Zhonghong’s eyes brightened and Gu Mei’s eyes widened as they saw the dolphin reacted this way. Other trainers gathered around him and looked surprised. Shi Qing also opened her eyes and looked curiously.

“I heard you swim very fast, shall we compete?” Su Jing shifted the subject.

“You can’t compete with me.” The dolphins looked a little disdainful.

“Oh? Are you afraid you can’t swim faster than me? Su Jing smiled.

“I am not afraid.” The dolphins screamed, it was like a child and it was easy to provoke.

“One, two, three, start.” Su Jing jumped into the pool and swam forward quickly. The dolphin started a little later, but its galloping system generally surpassed Su Jing and then it swam back and forth quickly to catch up with Su Jing, who had not yet been able to swim a third of the length of the pool. It was inevitable to lose to dolphins.

“You swim so slowly.” This time, the dolphins did not leave Su Jing far behind, intentionally keeping in front of Su Jing, and there was a joke in their eyes. He also intentionally flicked his tail and spilled water on Su Jing’s face.

“Stop it.” Su Jing suddenly jumped on the dolphin, and the dolphin, like a child, played with Su Jing.

Looking at this scene, Xue Zhonghong, Gu Mei, Shi Qing and other trainers on the shore were completely dumbfounded.

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