GGS-Chapter 127 Deliberately

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Su Jing hurried into the crowd and squatted down to touch the head of the Tibetan mastiff.

The chicken haired man suddenly pushed Su Jing: “What are you doing?” However, instead of pushing Su Jing, he almost fell backward, feeling that Su Jing’s body was as solid as a wall.

Su Jing said: “This Tibetan mastiff is not dead yet.”

The chicken-haired man was stunned, and then shouted, “Even if he’s not dead, I’m afraid he won’t survive.”

“It’s none of your business,” said the leopard-skin wearing woman, pointing to Su Jing. “Get the hell away from here.”

Su Jing swept the man and the woman, thinking that they didn’t seem to want their dog to be saved. Compared to this dog, they want money more.

When he saw Su Jing, the middle-aged man who was driving was stunned because Su Jing had been to the theatre several times. He knew Su Jing, but he was a nobody. Su Jing didn’t pay attention to him. Inside the car, there was a short-haired woman and a beautiful woman with long hair. It was Guo Biting and her agent who saw Su Jing outside through the window, and they were surprised.

Su Jing, regardless of whether the leopard skin wearing lady and the chicken hair styled man wanted to save Tibetan mastiff, reached into his pocket, which contained three sealed bags, one containing Magical Beast jerky, one containing man-eating vine flowers, and one containing Magical Beast meat cooked with Spirit Grass and then dried.

Although with Su Jing’s current ability, it is generally impossible for him to get hurt, even if a group of people pointed a gun at his head, it may not hurt him as he can easily escape or dodge, but there is a good saying, being prepared for every case never hurts. There is nothing wrong with carrying some life-saving things with you. You can sail a ship for thousands of years if you are careful.

Su Jing saw that the Tibetan mastiff was so badly injured that the Magical Beast meat alone would not be able to save him. So his hand tore open the mixture of the Magical Beast meat and Spirit Grass jerky and he took out a small piece, with the small piece in his hand, he reached down and put the piece into the mouth of the Tibetan mastiff. He also released his spiritual force and forced the meat piece to go down the Tibetan mastiff throat and into its stomach.

After a while, the wound on the Tibetan mastiff quickly stopped bleeding, and he slowly opened his eyes and regained a trace of spirit.


There were many people around, exclaiming. It was amazing that the dog who was so badly injured that it looked like he had died got revived by a young man who came out of nowhere, the young man just touched the head of the Tibetan mastiff and it got resurrected.

“Your dog is alive,” Su Jing said.

“Just… Even if it’s alive, it’s been badly injured. I’m sure his health is worse than before. It’s worthless now.” The leopard fur lady was stunned and then argued.

“That’s right. This severely injured dog is worthless now. You can take him if you want but first, pay me the 300,000 yuan..” The chicken haired man also shouted.

“They are really taking a foot given an inch.” Su Jing was afraid that they would suddenly shout out Guo Biting’s name. This situation is wrong and he feels something strange about it. He steals a drop of Tibetan mastiff’s blood and drips it on Ten Thousand Beasts Tablet. Then he asks, “Doggy, are these two really your masters?”

All around, Wang Zhuo, Liu Hong, Zhao Min, and Zhao Yao were stunned. You just ask a question to a Dog, How can a Dog answer you? Liu Qing was very attentive to see how Su Jing trained animals. He had seen Su Jing’s Dogs and Golden eagle. He knew that Su Jing trained animals.

Guo Biting and the agent in the car are also curious. If it was their own dogs, they may be familiar with each other so they may be able to convey some simple meanings to each other. They have also seen Su Jing’s ability to train animals. The hero of Divine Dog is still Su Jing’s dog. But that dog is familiar to Su Jing and is trained by him. However, this is just a strange dog, would you even be able to understand him?

“Woof Woof.” The Tibetan mastiff barked weakly at Su Jing.

“Eh?” Su Jing squinted and then looked coldly at the leopard-skin wearing woman and the chicken haired man.

“What are you looking at? This is our dog, look, we have a dog card.” The Leopard skin wearing women and chicken haired man did not understand why Su Jing is suddenly looking at them with such a cold face and they were shocked by Su Jing’s cold eyes and they immediately explained.

Su Jing didn’t talk, his eyes were still cold. The dog indeed belonged to these two. However, it was not by accident that the dog was hit. Instead, the leopard skin wearing lady suddenly ordered the Tibetan mastiff to jump out and was hit by the car. Although this Tibetan mastiff is not particularly clever but also has understood that its owner wanted him to die by hitting a car, so it is in a very sad mood.

That is to say, this is not an accident, but the two in front of him deliberately did this and they planned this in advance. This is simply blackmailing. This year is really filled with blackmails of all kinds and patterns ah.. As for why they chose this bridge with a car that does not look luxurious, he estimated that it was an early investigation. They must have known that this is a special car of Guo Biting. This year, the celebrity stars have more money and many of them are obviously afraid of negative news and they become good blackmail targets.

Instead of arguing with the leopard skin wearing women and the chicken haired man, Su Jing took out his cell phone and made a phone call.

“Didn’t you hear us talking, we have a dog card, who are you calling? What do you want to do?” The women and the man were first scared by Su Jing’s actions the second they saw it. They also saw Wang Zhuo and Liu Hong behind Su Jing. Although they don’t know who these two guys are but they can tell that these two guys have high status seeing the famous brand clothes that they are wearing and the high-ranking temperament.

“Hey, big brother.” Su Jing said to the phone.

“A’Jing, is something wrong?” The voice of Wang Xiao sounded on the phone.

“My friend’s car hit a dog, can you send someone to deal with it.” Su Jing asked.

“I can’t walk away at will. I’ll send Old Zhao and Shao Le over.” Wang Xiao said that as it was only a trivial matter for a car to hit a dog, but since Su Jing rarely calls, as long as it was not something illegal, he had to help with whatever he said. In fact, he wants Su Jing to ask him for help even more, otherwise, he would be embarrassed to keep bothering Su Jing in the future.

“Sorry for the trouble, just send one or two people over.” In fact, Su Jing is a little embarrassed to call for special police for such a small incident. It’s a little overkill. But he didn’t do it just because he could. He just didn’t want any unknown police to come over. If the unknown police believed their story, they will surely ask Guo Biting and others to get off the car for questioning, which may cause unnecessary trouble. Getting involved in this kind of news is not a good thing for celebrities.

After a while, Zhao Ming and Shao Le came with a team of six people. The momentum of such special police force is completely different from the ordinary policemen. When they appeared, they immediately shocked the whole audience. The leopard-skin wearing woman and the chicken haired were immediately shaken.

Su Jing was speechless for a while, didn’t he asked for one or two people, why are there so many of them? (to be continued ^)

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