GGS-Chapter 128 Spiritual Soul Suppression

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Seeing Su Jing make a phone call and calling a special police unit. Wang Zhuo, Liu Hong narrowed their eyes, Zhao Min, Zhao Yao, and others were shocked and numb. What the hell did Su Jing did in these last two months?

“Brother Jing, what’s happened?” Shao Le greeted him and showed great courtesy. This picture of him treating Su Jing like a younger brother shocked passers-by even more. In fact, Shao Le is quite proud and even if the other party is a noble, he will not flatter him, but he admires the strong and Su Jing is someone who is strong. Another important thing is that Su Jing’s cigarettes are so delicious that he became addicted after one smoke and it is also not the kind of drug addiction that causes physical discomfort, smoking other cigarettes is not a taste at all. He begged for them but Su Jing refused to give them.

“My friend’s car hit a dog, and the two wanted them to pay 300,000,” Su Jing said.

“Isn’t this blackmail?” Shao Le has an erect eyebrow.

“You two, you should know that raising large dogs in the city is banned.” Zhao Ming asked in a calm voice.

However, this sentence immediately blocked the leopard skin wearing woman and the chicken haired man. This is a management regulation that has already been issued. The city has banned strong and large dogs. The Tibetan mastiff is on that banned list. But for a variety of reasons, there is no strict management of this regulation and there are still people in private who raised them. However, after all, this is a management regulation. Now that the police has come, they have to act in accordance with the regulations.

“Is it?”

“Let’s forget about the compensation.”

Actually, the leopard fur women and the chicken haired man were already defeated when they saw such a group of special police officers because they know that they could not take care of this issue even if the Tibetan mastiff was allowed to be raised in the city. It was also their Tibetan mastiff who rushed out of the road and was hit. If they really checked it up, they might not get much compensation, or they will even be punished if the police found out that they deliberately planned this.

The key to their success in this kind of fraud is that the owners don’t want to cause trouble. If they want to settle it quickly, it’s hard for the general police to come. Of course, generally speaking, the police will not come so quickly for such a trivial matter. For the special police to come here for this small of a matter, aren’t they bullying them?

So they immediately backed out and planned to make peace. Although keeping large dogs violates the regulations, it is not the dog that hurt people, but the dog that was hit, so it is not a matter. The police should not make much of a fuss.

“Brother Zhao. I suspect that this wasn’t an accident, but that these two deliberately let the dog run out and be hit by the car and then blackmailed the car owners. Su Jing looked at the leopard skin wearing woman and the chicken haired man. Suddenly the bodies of the two were shaken and panic appeared in their heart. They couldn’t figure it out. How did Su Jing know? They looked at each other and quickly adjusted their mood. So what if you slander us. There’s no evidence anyway.

“Oh?” Zhao Ming is stunned, but he did not think about it, but since Su Jing said so, he must have his reason.

“Officer, that’s wrong. We just walked the dog and in a twinkling of an eye we found that the dog had been hit.” The woman in leopard fur quickly explained.

“Be honest and confess. Otherwise, you will be found guilty of extortion.” Zhao Ming said calmly.

“We are really wronged. How could we intentionally let our dog be hit by a car? The Tibetan mastiff is very valuable.” The chicken haired man cried, looking more unjust.

“Be honest.” Su Jing said that and as he was too lazy to waste time with the two small characters, he immediately released his spiritual force. In a flash, his spiritual force drilled into their brains and he used the spiritual attack, Soul Suppression. The Old Mister from Swallowed Star was good at spiritual attacks, so the most recorded method in his notebook is the spiritual attack method. Illusionary Eye and Soul Suppression are just two of them.

“This…” The chicken haired man and the leopard skin wearing woman has a low and weak spiritual force and they are suddenly invaded by a higher and stronger spiritual force. Their eyes become sluggish, and then the leopard skin wearing woman said, “Okay, we confess.”

The reaction of the leopard fur lady was a little strange to everyone, but they were quickly distracted by her words. Listening to the leopard fur lady speak out their activities, everybody listened with fascination, this can simply write a Book.

Originally, the leopard fur lady used to own a small business. Later, she heard from her friends that raising Tibetan mastiff is a good way to earn hundreds of thousands of yuan. After learning about it, she found that this is true. After several months of preparation, she invested in the industry of raising Tibetan mastiff. By that time, she has also raised some other pets and opened the pet shop. Of course, they mainly sold the Tibetan mastiff.

Who knew, soon after the anti-corruption policy was issued, the price of Tibetan mastiff fell sharply. In some places, Tibetan mastiff was even stewed into dog meat. There is no doubt that the women in leopard skin clothes lost her money and became very miserable. Nearly half of the funds she borrowed couldn’t be repaid and they were in huge depth.

As for the chicken haired man, he was originally a paparazzi, specializing in photographing celebrity stars. He knows a lot about the trends of many stars in the circle. He is the best in the paparazzi business. However, because of the huge amount of money he owed because of gambling, his salary as a paparazzi is not enough.

The two of them could be considered as good friends. Once they talked about making money while drinking together and they both got an idea. Then they hit it off and thought of a way to make even more. The chicken haired man could find out the celebrity’ movements, and even know which ones were unwilling to cause trouble. The leopard fur lady mostly used unsold dogs. Their cooperation is a perfect match. They have succeeded twice and made half a million dollars.

In addition, the leopard fur women also said that her precise skill of getting the dog hit was to train them well first and the dog would rush forward as soon as she whistled, which was not difficult. Then, the chicken haired man understands clearly the celebrity trend, ambushes to the approximate position, the chicken haired man watches the car, and the leopard leather woman is responsible for commanding the dog, as long as cooperates well, this is not difficult. Of course, there are also unsuccessful times, but it doesn’t matter, unsuccessful times will not attract people’s attention, and they can find another opportunity to continue.

“Get them up.” At Zhao Ming’s command, two special police officers came forward and captured the two men, handed in their mobile phones and other items. With the words just said and the phone records inside, it is not difficult to convict them.

“Police officer…we…” The chicken haired man and the leopard-fur woman just woke up and remembered what they had just said. They couldn’t help but look pale. They didn’t know why they suddenly became so stupid, they honestly said everything. just what in the fuck’s name is going on here?

Zhao Ming and Shao Le also looked at Su Jing with amazement. They could see that these two were very cunning and should not have confessed easily. When Zhao Ming asked questions just now, they were also arguing and answering fluently. Why did they honestly reply when Su Jing asked the question? (to be continued ^)

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