GGS-Chapter 129 Seed Germination

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Although Zhao Ming and Shao Le were doubtful, they could not see what Su Jing had done, nor could they ask in detail.

This led to the removal of the leopard-furred woman and the chicken haired man and the injured Tibetan mastiff, and most of the onlookers dispersed.

Guo Biting popped half her head out of the window and waved at Su Jing. Su Jing smiled and walked into the car.

“Thank you, if it wasn’t for you then I don’t know what to do this time.”  Guo Biting closed her hands and bowed half with an appreciated look.

“How would you repay me?” Su Jing squeezed his eyes.

“What do you want?” Guo Biting shrank back.

“One photo, no, three,” Su Jing said.

“Okay.” Guo Biting laughed and knew that Su Jing was joking. Su Jing had been to the set several times. She also asked Su Jing several times about the knowledge of pet domestication and she even ate Su Jing’s dishes, she had a good time with Su Jing. It’s very simple to take a picture together. She doesn’t think that this is even a “reward”.

After three photos, Su Jing got out of the car and the driver drove away.

Then a message came from Guo Biting’s agent: “Mr. Su, are you interested in being a driver and bodyguard of Biting? I’m much more comfortable with you protecting Biting.

Su Jing was stunned for a moment and did not think about it. He answered directly, “Sorry, I have my own job.” Although Guo Biting is a goddess, he has his own business and life, and he can’t be a follower.

“Which celebrity is in it? Must be a beautiful woman?” Zhao Min looked through Su Jing and thought it was no wonder that Su Jing was so attentive.

“That’s confidential.” Su Jing smiled, causing Zhao Min to turn a white eye.

“Hero, how did you save the Tibetan mastiff, how did you tamed it in such a short time?” Liu Qing looked thoughtful. He did not know what kind of skill Su Jing has used just now saw it very seriously, but I couldn’t see what skill Su Jing used. It seemed that I just now.

“Take your time.” Su Jing’s deep and mysterious voice plunged Liu Qing into his trap.

“Let’s go home. A’Jing remembers to keep in touch by phone.” Wang Zhuo laughed. He didn’t like to make fun of people. He was just worried about Su Jing, so he came along. When he saw the way Su Jing had just handled things, he could not help thinking that he still underestimated him. Su Jing’s future will be quite good.

Everybody just broke up. Wang Zhuo, Liu Hong, and others went back to their companies, while Su Jing went home.

When Su Jing got home, the first thing he did was to feed the pets. Fortunately, all pets became smart because they ate the Magical Beast meat and they could understand him because of the Ten Thousand Beasts Tablet. After being lectured by Su Jing several times, they would go to the bottom of the tree to dig a hole to bury their shit in it. Su Jing was tired and went to take a bath. 

“These insects have molted again.” Su Jing noticed. The black flatworms began to molt again. Some of them had completely molted, but their bodies had only grown a little. There are still no other changes. There is no trend of “breaking cocoons into butterflies”.

“Ohh, the seeds are sprouting.” When Su Jing fed Tengteng, he found that some seeds are beginning to germinate under Tengteng. Maybe because the soil under Tengteng was fertile, they grew into seedlings overnight. This surprised Su Jing. Although some of the seeds were completely rotten, it didn’t matter. These seeds came from the Perfect World. It is already a huge surprise seeing them getting germinated when they were so rotten.

“I don’t know what kind of plant it is.” Su Jing looked carefully and found a total of seven plants that had sprouted, three of which were of one type and four of which were of the other, but what kind of plants Su Jing could not recognize. Moreover, it may not be plants of Earth at all.

Su Jing didn’t send the pictures directly to the Internet to find the answers from the senior people, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble because they were not a species of the earth. He went online and searched for a long time, and finally found a plant very similar to three of them.

“This… Is it Camellia euphlebia?” Su Jing’s eyes are slightly shiny. Camellia euphlebia is called magic tea in the East because of its preciousness and efficacy. It is also known as “the giant panda in the botanical world” and “Tea Race Empress”.

When Camellia euphlebia blossoms, it has cup-shaped, pot-shaped or bowl-shaped figure, it is beautiful and elegant. In that year, once Camellia euphlebia was discovered, it stirred up the world horticultural circles and attracted great attention from horticulturists at home and abroad.

Camellia euphlebia can be used not only as an ornamental but also as a medicine to treat hematochezia and menorrhagia in women, as well as as as as a food dye; besides making tea as a beverage, it also has medicinal value to cure dysentery and to wash out ulcers; its wood is hard, compact and can be carved with exquisite crafts and other utensils. In addition, its seeds can also be used as raw materials for oil, edible or industrial lubricants, and other solvents.

In short, Camellia euphlebia is a rare plant that combines ornamental and medicinal functions.

“It looks like Camellia euphlebia, but it’s a little different.” Su Jing found that although the stem was roughly the same as that of Camellia euphlebia, the stem was obviously thicker, the leaf was thicker, and it looked more transparent and delicate. Of course, this is Camellia euphlebia from Perfect World, and some differences are understandable.

Su Jing continued to check online, after searching for a while, he found another plant that matched another seedling and was surprised again: “It’s nothing but… Ginseng.” This kind of plant has a lot in common with ginseng. The only difference is that ginseng usually has five compound leaves in one leaf, while these four seedlings are obviously seedlings, but they are all seven compound leaves in one leaf.

“Camellia euphlebia, ginseng, this is really worthy of Perfect World, ordinary people there grow this kind of treasure.” Su Jing lamented, according to the ruins and garbage from Perfect World, it should be from a relatively backward tribe, equivalent to a small village on earth. However, Camellia euphlebia and ginseng which are rare and sparse are common farm dishes in the Perfect World.

“I don’t know if there are any seeds that can germinate. What kind of plants are they?” Su Jing looks forward to it.

Three days later, the seven buds grew a lot, and naturally, they were better recognized, some of them were definitely Camellia euphlebia and ginseng. In addition, twenty-four more seeds have sprouted one after another, and the rest have completely rotted, and it is impossible to germinate any more. These twenty-four buds are obviously not all Camellia euphlebia or ginseng, he divided them into three types, but no matter how Su Jing checks on the Internet, no corresponding plants can be found. He even went to the library specially and look for all kinds of plant books, he can’t find the corresponding one.

In the end, Su Jing basically determined that the third type of these twenty-four plants should be species not found on Earth. (To be continued ~^~)

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