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In the evening, Su Jing received a call from Myriad Treasures Auction House. The red sandalwood root, the Bamboo and Stone Painting, and Ambergris were all auctioned out. The auction price was slightly different from the estimated one. The price of sandalwood root was 7 million, which was much higher than expected. The auction price of the Bamboo and Stone Painting was 1.5 million, lower than expected. The total auction price of Ambergris was 5.5 million, which exceeded expectations.

Subtracting the commission of Myriad Treasures Auction House then the taxes and some fees, he got a total of 11.54 million. In addition, these days he earned more than one million from the Perfect Pet Paradise, fishing grounds, online seafood store, cricket, Morpho Helena, flower horn, etc.

In addition to the original two million in his card, there are currently a total of 15.45 million yuan in his card. At this point, Su Jing is also a multi-millionaire. Of course, the building will soon be built, and more than ten million yuan will be needed in it.

“It seems that the luxury yacht I’ve been longing for a long time can be bought now.” Su Jing fantasized for a while, but even if he had scraped up enough money, he didn’t plan to spend it so fast. He still had to keep some of it for a rainy day.

The next morning, Su Jing came to the Great Seafood Restaurant, and he saw two people today.

When he first arrived at the seafood store, Su Yan and a group of children ran over: “Uncle Uncle, why don’t you go fishing in the sea?”

Su Yan spends most of her time in kindergarten. Even at home, she usually stays in the village. She is not allowed to come to the beach, for fear that she will run into the sea or be abducted by tourists.

But today, Su Yan had a bad cold and didn’t go to kindergarten, and she cried and wanted to come to the beach to play. Zhao Mengxiang had to indulge her once and they just had to watch her more.

Su Jing bent over and picked up Su Yan and said, “Uncle will not fish.”

Su Yan laughed happily and said, “Uncle, you lie. You are the best fisherman. No one else can match you.”

Su Jing smiled. Being praised by children has a different taste. Su Jing took a piece of cooked Magical Beast meat and Spirit Grass and stuffed it into Su Yan’s mouth. With only a small bite, she would be cured of cold.

After a while, a burly man and a big-bellied man arrived at the same time, it was the restaurant owner Qian Shufeng and the hotel owner Zhao Zhi. But what surprised Su Jing was that they followed four people, three of whom were Venomous Tongue Gourmand Zhou Xian and his apprentices Ma Teng, Lin Cai’er, and a fat middle-aged man.

Su Jing can’t help but smile and ask: “Boss Chen, Boss Zhao, how come you bring the team over?”

Qian Shufeng shrugged. “No way, they were there when you answered the phone so they followed. If you don’t welcome them, don’t cook for them, but I called you so my food must be served.”

Zhao Zhi also said: “I also called by you, please serve me my food. Others have nothing to do with me.”

Ma Teng and Lin Cai’er were speechless for a while. They thought that they were familiar with each other for good or ill. Besides, you are also the owners of restaurants and hotels. Don’t you feel a little bad turning your face from your friends for a seafood meal?

Lin Cai’er hurriedly offered her diligence: “Su Jing, If you give us a good meal, we will give you a good review.”

Su Jing thought. They’re all here and he can’t really get rid of them. He said, “Come in and sit down.”

After they sat down, Su Jing and Zhao Mengxiang quickly came out of the kitchen with seafood dishes. Zhao Zhi, Qian Shufeng and others said: “It was ready in the morning, Su Jing, you are very interesting.” While eager to move the chopsticks, they ate.

“Yes, Not Bad.”

“Really tasty.”

They ate quickly one by one.

Only Zhou Xian, who took the first bite and chewed, frowned.

Gradually, others have found something wrong.

These seafood dishes are delicious, but compared to what Su Jing cooked before, it is obviously worse.

“Qingyun Town Young God of Cooking, Is this it?” The obese middle-aged man was slightly provocative.

“Su Jing, your cooking has gone backward.” Qian Shufeng said.

“It’s still good, but it’s really going backward. How long has it been since you cooked?” Zhao Zhi also said.

“This is not the dish I made, it was made by my uncle.” Su Jing glanced at the obese middle-aged man with a faint look.

“That’s a lot of progress.” Qian Shufeng said.

“I say, Su Jing, you invite us to come, it wouldn’t be just to taste the cooking skills of your uncle?” Zhao Zhi is stunned, he received a call from Su Jing and heard that there is a big business and he has to come to him, but how come he feels that something is wrong here?

“Of course not. In fact, my uncle’s cooking has not made much progress. He’s in his older age now, it will not be easy for him to make much progress.” Su Jing said that and this made Su Zhenhong, who heard him from not far away, scold a “stinky boy”, while Zhao Mengxiang and Liu Shu secretly laughed.

“What do you mean by that?” Qian Shufeng and Zhao Zhi were puzzled for a while. They had tasted Su Zhenhong’s dishes before. Although it was good, there was still a gap between him and the chefs in their restaurants and hotels. However, these seafood dishes are similar to those dishes cooked by chefs in their restaurants and hotels. How is this not progress?

“I’m going to put it bluntly. Maybe you don’t believe it. Let me show you.” Su Jing said, waving to Su Yan, who was playing in the distance, and said, “Yanyan, come here.”

Su Yan dropped a handful of sand and patted her clothes. She immediately ran over and the other children also came over.

“Yanyan, Do you know how to cook barbecue?” Su Jing asked.

“Yes.” Su Yan said with an eager smile.

“Give me a hand.” Su Jing laughed.

“Okay.” When Su Yan finished, he blushed with shyness when he saw so many people staring at him.

Qian Shufeng, Zhao Zhi and others are stunned. To let them taste the seafood made by Su Zhenhong is reasonable, but what about having a little girl barbecue for them? Is he playing with them? Qian Shufeng and Zhao Zhi stopped talking at all. They just looked at Su Jing’s tricks.

Su Jing took the barbecue tool out of the beach. When everything was ready, he took a basket of dotted fish. The basket fish ate seaweed, so the basket fish usually had a taste. However, this one did not, but this little detail was not noticed by Qian Shufeng, Zhao Zhi and others.

Su Jing took a knife, sliced the fish belly lightly and neatly, removed the scales, removed the viscera, and made a few cuts on the surface for convenient taste. He applied ingredients, inserted a long iron stick, and handed Su Yan the end of the wooden handle of the iron stick.

“Oh.” Su Yan had long been eager to try it. She baked the fish directly on top of the most heated charcoal and pressed it down hard. It took a long time to turn it over. The side was dark, which made Qian Shufeng, Zhao Zhi and others stare out. Su Yan said that she was good at baking, but what is this?

However, looking at Su Yan’s sweat on her forehead and nose, with a serious look in her eyes as she looked at the grilled fish, they can only swallow back their dissatisfaction and look at Su Jing with irritation.

“You let Yanyan cook for them. You’re too evil.” Zhao Mengxiang came over and approached Su Jing and said that as he suddenly felt pity for the group. They couldn’t even eat the seafood made by Su Jing and he had them eat Yanyan’s cooked food.

“It’s all right.” Su Jing smiled.

“Finished.” After a while, Su Yan picked up the blackened fish.

“Let them have a taste.” Su Jing pointed to Qian Shufeng and Zhao Zhi.

“Uncle, uncle, try it.” Su Yan courteously handed over the cooked fish.

“Thank you, Su Yan.” Qian Shufeng and Zhao Zhi looked at the dark fish and their mouth couldn’t help but twitch, but no matter how unhappy they are, they couldn’t get angry with the little girl. Moreover, seeing Su Yan look at them with such an innocent face, shyly squinting at the corner of her clothes, they couldn’t do anything but eat the fish.

They had to use chopsticks to open the black surface, each took a piece of white meat inside, and stuffed it into their mouths. Then they both stared at each other almost at the same time and cried out in surprise, “Hey!” (to be continued ^)

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