GGS-Chapter 131 Fish

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Qian Shufeng and Zhao Zhi originally thought that the fish would be terrible. Would it be delicious after being roasted like that?

However, to their surprise, although the fish inside is tasteless, it is very tender and smooth, not only not bad to eat, but also very delicious, with a sense of original taste.

They were shocked, what is going on?

“What’s wrong?” Seeing their different looks, Lin Cai’er couldn’t help asking.

“You taste it.” Qian Shufeng handed the fish over, and everyone caught a piece of meat inside to eat.

“It’s incredible… Not bad.” Ma Teng’s face was unbelievable after eating a piece.

“It’s really good.” Lin Cai’er ate a piece, not believing her taste, she ate another piece. After eating it, she was frustrated. They all said that if she wanted to catch a man’s heart, she had to grasp his stomach first. So Lin Cai’er also learned cooking. Although she was not talented, she was not discouraged because she wanted to learn slowly. Nevertheless, She never imagined that a little girl who made such a mess would be better than herself. What up with this situation?

“Su Yan, that’s good.” Zhou Xian also showed a smile on his face and gave a thumbs up to Su Yan. Although his tongue is poisonous, he only targets real chefs and not others, he especially would not say anything to a little girl. Of course, he also can see that the little girl’s technique is very… very young, and the reason why the fish can barely get into the mouth is presumably because of Su Jing.

“Hee-hee.” Su Yan was praised and laughed happily, but shyly hid behind Su Jing and Zhao Mengxiang.

“Su Jing, what is going on here?” Qian Shufeng and Zhao Zhi couldn’t help but ask.

“Look at the fish carefully.” Su Jing pointed to the two rabbitfish left in the bucket.

“Isn’t this rabbitfish?” Qian Shufeng and Zhao Zhi both walked over. One man picked up a fish and everyone saw that they clearly understood and wore a rubber sheath beforehand because the poisonous glands in the dorsal fin, hip fin and pelvic fin on spine base of rabbitfish caused severe pain after being stabbed. Su Jing didn’t grab it with gloves. It was a technical pass.

After holding rabbitfish for a while, Qian Shufeng suddenly surprised: “This rabbitfish has no algae taste.”

Zhao Zhi was also surprised to say, “Moreover, it seems to be much more powerful than ordinary rabbitfish, and the grasp is unstable.”

“I raised these rabbitfish.” Su Jing said frankly as the fish had been fed with the Perfect World’s grass for several days. Su Jing has experimented that the Perfect World’s grass is a great temptation to many fish. It is certain that many who eat plants and omnivores will not be able to resist it. Even a few who eat meat will eat two bites. Rabbitfish itself eat algae, but after eating Perfect World’s grass, it doesn’t even eat algae.

“Raised?” Qian Shufeng and Zhao Zhi were both surprised. Generally speaking, the wild fish is more expensive, because wild fish are more delicious, how come Su Jing raised a fish that is even better than wild fish.

“Is this the business you talked about?” Qian Shufeng asked.

“That’s right.” Su Jing nodded and asked, “How much are you willing to pay for this kind of fish?”

“This…” Qian Shufeng and Zhao Zhi both hesitated. Su Jing came to them specifically for business, apparently intending to sell it at a high price. Otherwise, as before, they sent someone directly to trade with Su Liang Su Xiaolin and others, but they never heard that any foster fish was more expensive than the wild one.

“I want my chef to try it, oh right. I forgot to introduce him, this is Wang Peng, the head chef of our Jinyu Restaurant.” Zhao Zhi pointed to the obese middle-aged man.

“Nice to meet you,” Su Jing said.

“I heard that Qingyun Town Young God of Cooking is very skillful. I am a bit dissatisfied. Should we compare our skills now?” Wang Peng stood up and looked aggressive. Zhao Zhi didn’t stop it. Qian Shufeng, Zhou Xian, Lin Cai’er and Ma Teng also had an optimistic look.

As the chief chef of Jinyu Restaurant, Wang Peng is not recognized by Zhou Xian for his cooking skills. He really doesn’t want to believe that such a young man has been praised by Zhou Xian and even named Qingyun Town Young God of Cooking. He felt in his heart that it must be because the other side was young, so the customer lowered the standard. The young man’s cooking skills may be really good, but not comparable to his own.

In fact, although his idea is somewhat self-centered, it is understandable. After all, cooking is not so easy to practice. Su Jing is so young, how many years has he practiced?

“Yes, but I have to go home, I only use my own kitchen utensils.” Su Jing said quietly.

“No problem.” Wang Peng didn’t care.  As the chief chef, he knows that there is nothing to cheat in cooking. As long as you can bring out a delicious dish, it’s your skills.

“Let’s get started.” After Su Jing finished, he turned and went home.

Wang Peng took these two rabbitfish, which had been watched but still alive and kicking, into the seafood kitchen, and then began to cook. His Knife skill was extremely powerful. It was like the kind of skills used as special effects in the movies, Su Zhenhong, Liu Shu and Zhao Mengxiang all looked at it. Su Zhenhong thought that his own Knife skills were good. However, compared with Wang Peng, it was a hundred thousand miles behind. A professional chef is something else. They couldn’t help but worry about Su Jing as they didn’t know if Su Jing could win. If he lost, the name of Qingyun Town Young God of Cooking would be ruined.

When Su Jing returned home, he went to the backyard seaside farm and fished up two rabbitfish and went into the kitchen. He knows that his cooking skills are still different from those of the chef. He dares not to boil it. He still uses the hot shell to cook.

When they were ready, he returned to the Great Seafood Restaurant with two plates of fish. Wang Peng was found to have served two dishes of fish a step earlier. They were bright in color, fragrant in smell and appetite-provoking. Wang Peng was obviously prepared for this.

“Wang Peng, did you change the recipe, or did your cooking skills rise?” Zhao Zhi looked surprised.

“No, it’s the same.” Wang Peng took a piece of his own dish and stared slightly at it.

“It seems that the fish itself is delicious enough,” Qian Shufeng said.

Zhao Zhi and Qian Shufeng, both of whom recognize the value of such fish at the moment, have decided to cooperate with Su Jing. Whether the rabbitfish is wild or farmed, that’s not the point. The point is that the rabbitfish is delicious enough to attract customers.

Ma Teng and Lin Cai’er also tasted a bit and nodded their heads in appreciation.

Zhou Xian tasted it but did not speak.

“How about Mr. Zhou?” Wang Peng couldn’t help asking, although this dish is so delicious, thanks to fish, anyway, it’s delicious enough, isn’t it? Should this be recognized by Zhou Xian?

“Not bad, compared with Su Yan.” Zhou Xian nodded. Wang Peng almost spouted old blood, while Zhao Zhi, Qian Shufeng and others wept and laughed. Zhou Xian’s poisonous tongue did not diminish at all, but it was not wrong to say that even a little girl could roast casually and eat top-grade food. If the real cooking reached the top level, the taste would be more than that.

“Su Jing, did you finish.” Zhou Xian turned to Su Jing.

“Yes.” Su Jing put two plates of fish on the table, lifted the lid, and the rich fragrance came out. (to be continued ^)

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