GGS-Chapter 132 Admitting Defeat

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The strong fragrance made people swallow saliva collectively. Even his opponent Wang Peng is no exception.

Qian Shufeng, Zhao Zhi, Lin Cai’er and Ma Teng, almost at the same speed, picked up chopsticks and put meat into their mouths. Then they were shocked and intoxicated.

“How is it, is it more delicious than mine?” Wang Peng asked, but no one answered him. They snatched food as fast as four hungry wolves. There was no such thing as manners. As for Wang Peng’s two dishes of fish, no one has paid attention to them, so they are placed there and become two dishes of leftovers.

“Hmm?” Zhou Xian also tasted a sip, and his face immediately burst into full of surprises.

“Is there a need for such exaggeration?” Wang Peng expressed his doubts. Although everyone did not say anything, they knew that they recognized Su Jing’s dishes, so he picked up the chopsticks, clipped a piece into the mouth, and then couldn’t speak. He turned to look at Su Jing, his eyes were full of disbelief, full of envy and hatred, his face was cloudy and uncertain.

Then, Wang Peng did something that made everyone stunned, that is, he also joined the rush to eat, putting aside his own two dishes, he actually rushing to eat the dishes prepared by his opponent, isn’t this a way to directly admit defeat? Where is his pride as an Executive Chef?

The other guests around them shook their heads seeing the appearance of people snatching food here and there and they are lamenting the fact that these guys get to eat the dishes prepared by Su Jing. They have deep sympathy for everyone’s craziness. If they haven’t eaten Su Jing’s dishes before, they would have thought everyone crazy. As for the restaurant and hotel owners, why are you snatching the two plates of fish like this? Is it so delicious? Isn’t it advertising?

“Ah,” Lin Cai’er suddenly screamed and grabbed her throat.

“What’s wrong?” The others stopped and chewed uncontrollably.

“A Fishbone is stuck in my throat.” Lin Cai’er said with a bitter face and tried to cough out the bone in her throat. It’s a pity that she can’t do it, but if she can still talk, it should be no problem. Of course, it would be painful enough for her not to get that fishbone.

“Drink some sour vinegar.” Zhao Mengxiang came out of the kitchen with sour vinegar, crying and laughing. They are the apprentice of a gourmet. In order to grab a dish of fish, you don’t even shave the bones, you are too disdainful of the image.

“Sister, drinks some vinegar. When you drink vinegar, the fish bones will become soft and then you can swallow it.” Su Yan runs to Lin Cai’er and explained things like an expert. Because she also had fishbones stuck in her throat more than once and her memory is still fresh. That’s why Zhao Mengxiang has to shave the fish first every time she ate fish.

Lin Cai’er took the vinegar and took a sip. Suddenly, her teeth were trembling, her tongue was vomiting and her expression was distorted. However, the fishbone is still stuck in her throat. She had to drink two more times and then did a few swallowing exercises. It felt like the fishbone was gone. Of course, at this time, her teeth are also soft, she estimated that it will take at least a day or two to recover.

But what makes Zhao Mengxiang stunned is that Lin Cai’er who has just gotten rid of the fishbone had actually started to raise her chopsticks to eat fish. Unfortunately, it was already too late. During this period, the two plates of fish had been robbed by others. Lin Cai’er looked depressed and hated it.

“Wang Peng, how can you grab the fish made by your opponent? Isn’t this just a direct admittance of defeat?” Lin Cai’er didn’t say anything to other people, but she was very dissatisfied with Wang Peng. How can this man even grab the fish made by his opponent?

“I don’t want to lose tasting this dish even if I admit defeat.” Wang Peng recognized it very simply and let Lin Cai’er punch it out and say nothing to her. Wang Peng is a proud man, but he can’t afford to lose. He believes in his tongue. Just after he tasted Su Jing’s fish, he knew that he had lost, and he had lost it thoroughly. Why not enjoy a good meal first, since he had lost anyway?

At this moment, Wang Peng couldn’t help but see Su Jing’s eyes again, thinking that this guy started cooking from a very young age. He is also too talented, right? This fish is so delicious, how is it made? This is definitely a cooking skill at the kitchen god level. Wang Peng even had some thoughts about learning from Su Jing, but the other party was a little younger than himself, and he couldn’t pull his face.

“Su Jing, you must come to my restaurant as a chef, I will give you the best treatment.” Chen Shufeng said excitedly.

“Why would he go to your broken restaurant, he should come to my hotel. I will divide the profit directly with you.” Zhao Zhi is also excited.

“I said I won’t go. Last time I said I would consider it if you give me a million dollars a month. Now I won’t even consider three million dollars a month. If I split it, maybe more than fifty percent of it will be considered.” Su Jing laughed.

“…” Chen Shufeng and Zhao Zhi were speechless, Su Jing is too greedy.

“Don’t forget the business. I’m talking to you about business. How much would you like to buy this kind of fish?” Su Jing asked.

“This…” Chen Shufeng and Zhao Zhi were silent at the same time. They didn’t offer any price. It was not that they didn’t want the fish, but that the price was really bad. They cannot sell this for a low price and they cannot buy it at a high price for risk of possibly losing money. After all, rabbitfish could not sell at a high price before they became famous.

“You don’t have to sell it directly to me. We will work in a cooperative way, you are responsible for providing fish. I am responsible for the sale. After deducting the tax, we will share fifty-fifty.” Chen Shufeng suggested.

“Count me in.” When Zhao Zhi heard about the plan, he immediately agreed.

“All right.” Su Jing thought about it and agreed immediately. In fact, he didn’t know how to fix the price. Fifty-fifty is a better way. Of course, this is only a preliminary cooperation plan. If everything went alright, it can be further improved in the future.

“By the way, it’s not over yet, Mr. Zhou. You might as well comment on these two dishes. Who won?” Chen Shufeng has just gotten a business. He’s obviously very happy. He knows Wang Peng lost, but he teases the truth on purpose.

“Is it necessary to ask, the difference between clouds and mud should not be mentioned in the same breath?” Zhou Xian is very direct. Even though Wang Peng admits defeat in his heart, he can’t help smoking at the corner of his mouth when he hears this.

“As I said before, Su Jing’s seafood is one of the most delicious seafood in the world I’ve ever eaten. Now…” Zhou Xian paused a little, glanced at Su Jing, and then said, “I’m going to get rid of the ‘one’ in that sentence.”

Chen Shufeng, Zhao Zhi, Wang Peng, Lin Cai’er and Ma Teng all took a breath of cool air at once. This evaluation is very high and quite high. The removal of “one” means that in Zhou Xian’s eyes, Su Jing’s seafood is superior to all seafood in the world. (to be continued ^)

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