GGS-Chapter 133 Intruder

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Chen Shufeng, Zhao Zhi and Su Jing discussed some details and left.

Zhou Xian, Lin Cai’er and Ma Teng also left and went on to enjoy the world’s delicacies. Sometimes Su Jing envied them as gourmets. They could make money by eating and making food reviews. They have one of the best careers in the world. Of course, every industry has its own difficulties. Gourmets also have painful times to eat, but Su Jing does not understand that.

In addition, Zhou Xian’s high praise of Su Jing’s cooking skills has also been posted on Weibo, which has undoubtedly caused another sensation. For a while, Su Jing’s fame expanded beyond Qingyun Town and Zhongyun City.

But Su Jing didn’t care about it or even paid no attention to it at all. After seeing off the crowd, he went home and frowned as soon as he reached the gate of the yard because he heard the barks of Dogs – there were intruders.

Su Jing was too lazy to open the gate of the courtyard. He rushed forward a few steps, stepped on the wall, rose in the air, patted the wall with one hand, and flew directly over. If this scene is seen by anyone, they will be tongue-tied again. He is like a master of martial arts.

After landing, he saw two young people huddled in the corner of the courtyard. The Battle Wolf and all Dogs barked around them, barking fiercely and hoarsely. If they dared to move, there is no doubt that the dogs would bite them. In fact, if Su Jing hadn’t ordered them not to bite freely, the two invaders would have been killed by now.

“Help! Help!” The two men saw Su Jing and immediately called for help.

“Who are you?” Su Jing walked over and asked.

“We…we are parkour. We accidentally climbed into the fence.”

“Right, we are parkour. Excuse us for the offense. Can you please make these dogs go away?”

“Parkour?” Su Jing sneered. They lied without passing through their brains. What’s OK? Two parkour ran into the village and climbed into the wall of someone else’s house. Parkour was a group of sportsmen, not a group of madmen, he suddenly said. “Tear off their clothes.”

As soon as his voice fell, the dogs attacked, surrounded and tore the clothes of the two-man, looking at a group of Dogs that opened their mouths and bit them with their sharp teeth. Both young people were going crazy and cried out in horror: “Stop. Please tell them to stop. We’re not parkour. We’ll be honest.

Su Jing waved and the Dogs stopped.

The two young men sweated all over and glanced at the dogs that were still staring at them as if saying ‘How ugly is your face?’ They realized that breaking into this courtyard was the greatest mistake of their life, and their intestines were almost green with regret. Give them another chance and they won’t break in here even if someone pointed a gun to their head.

Actually, before they came in. They knew that there are dogs in the yard, many dogs.

So they first threw in a lot of roast meat stained with a drug. Generally speaking, dogs faced with delicious barbecues. There are two choices for them. One is to eat directly. Most Dogs will choose this one. The other is to ignore it. Only well-trained dogs or some proud dogs can choose this one. For example, Tibetan mastiff, which has a good variety, eats only the food fed by its owner.

When they threw the barbecue in, they leaned over the fence to observe. If the Dogs did not eat, they could only give up or try something else. But they found that the dogs, like ordinary dogs, rushed to grab food, and then they all fainted. Only then did they sneak up and climb over the wall.

However, a scene that stunned them happened. All of a sudden, the group of Dogs, who had obviously been fainted, got up and all the barbecues they thought had been eaten, were lying on the ground by Dogs.

They were stunned for several seconds before they recovered. Did the Dogs really just cheated them?

They quickly turned around and fled, trying to climb over the fence, but it was too late and they were dragged back by the Dogs, who were biting their pants, and then they were forced into the corner.

The two of them still can’t believe the situation until now. This group of dogs is too smart. They even know how to pretend to eat and faint. This is not the Divine Dog that only appears in a TV play, but also a group of Divine Dog.

“Tell me the truth, and don’t you dare talk nonsense or I will order them to tear your skin apart.” Su Jing said coldly.

“Actually, we heard that somebody in the neighborhood made a lot of money and became a millionaire in about two months, so we wanted to come and pick up something. We didn’t steal anything. Please let us go.”

“We were just confused for a while, spare us this time, you can have all the money I have right now.”

“You are thieves.” Su Jing thought, it seems that he is developing too fast and people are beginning to talk and he is being watched. But it is impossible for him to develop rapidly without earning the jealousy of others.

Su Jing was thinking about how to deal with them when he suddenly frowned, he just released his spiritual force and invaded the minds of the two young men, he found that their spiritual force fluctuations are abnormal, it usually happened only when there is panic, anxiety or someone is lying.

“You two bastards are still lying.” Su Jing directly used his spiritual force to try to perform Soul Suppression on the two people. Soul Suppression is profound. In fact, the principle is very simple, that is, the spirit of the other party is paralyzed and they enter a special calm state. In this unconscious state, there are questions and their answers, the effect of this technique is similar to the truth serum, but it is much stronger than the truth serum.

Su Jing’s spiritual force began to attack and the two men were stunned and resisted. Obviously, their willpower is stronger than the leopard-skin wearing women and the chicken haired man who tried to blackmail Guo Biting.

“Torture them.” Su Jing waved his hand and the dogs rushed up and tore their clothes and hair. Sometimes, of course, it was inevitable that the dogs would scratch their skin and make them scream. This time, however, Su Jing did not stop the dog no matter how much they sought for help. Since they were strong-willed, they need to be weakened.

Su Jing suddenly whistled, and the Dogs stopped. The two young men just breathed a sigh of relief. Suddenly a golden eagle flew down and grabbed the shoulders of one of the young men and then rose to the sky, the young man screamed repeatedly: “Ah, let me go, spare my life!” Big Brother, spare my life!”

The took the young man and flew several kilometers off the coast to a height of hundreds of meters. Then he threw the man down. At that moment, the young man’s heart almost jumped out and he gave a shriek. After he fell fifty meters straight, the Golden Eagle took him back and threw him back into the backyard. The same torture happened to another person.

“Please let us go. We’ll say everything.” They were pale and crying.

“Say it.” Su Jing did not let them directly say and he once again released his spiritual force, this time the two could not resist, and soon Soul Suppression was done and they began to talk about their purpose. (To be continued ~^~)

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