GGS-Chapter 134 Come To My Home To Play Again

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The two young men rushed to say their purpose.

Originally, they did come because they were jealous of Su Jing’s earnings, but not for stealing things, but for stealing technology. They wanted to see how Su Jing actually made money, what secrets or recipes there were.

“It turns out that you are from Shi Family.” Su Jing squinted.

“Yes, we are from Shi Family village, please spare us seeing that we are from a neighboring village.” The two youths cried.

Su Jing looked at the two young people carefully and found that they were quite familiar. But Su Jing seldom came back before and he doesn’t know many people from any nearby villages. They may be someone whom he doesn’t know.

“Get up and let’s go to Shi Family Village.” Su Jing thought about it and then said that as he wanted to see if they were really from the Shi Family Village, they would be sent to the police station if they aren’t and if they are, they would be settled peacefully.

“Big Brother Xie, thank you for forgiving us.”  When the two young men heard Shi Family Village, their eyes lit up. In fact, they dared not go home when they made mistakes. But now the situation is different. It’s important for them to keep themselves alive.

Su Jing took them out of the yard and headed for Shi Family Village.

The villagers of Su Family Village, Zhu Family Village, and Zhang Family Village who met on the road couldn’t help but ask strangely.

“Aren’t these two from the Shi Family Village? Why are you all in rags?”

“It looks so bad!”

“A’Jing, what’s wrong with them?” Some asked Su Jing.

“These two guys sneaked into my yard and were attacked and bitten by my dogs. If I hadn’t arrived in time, they would have died. Oh, two poor guys.” Su Jing said in a compassionate manner, which made smoke appeared at the corner of the two young man’s mouth. But they didn’t dare to say anything.

The crowd shook their heads. The two guys were silly. Knowing that Su Jing had a group of fierce dogs, they still break-in. Did they want to die?

Shortly afterward, they arrived at Shi Family Village. Shi Family Village was surrounded by people at home. Shi Qing and Shi Yun were drying scallops at home. When they heard the movement, they ran over and asked in surprise, “A’Jing, what’s the matter?”

“These two guys sneaked into my yard…” Su Jing repeated what he had just said, and then looked pitiful. “If they wanted to come to my house to play, just tell me, why did they sneak around, it would have been very bad if they were bitten by my dogs.”

The two young men were instantly angry, the dogs had no intention of biting. Didn’t you tell them to bite? Didn’t you tell the Golden Eagle to throw us out of the air? Didn’t you make us look like this with your own hands? However, they were afraid that the terrible experience they had just experienced would be repeated. They dared not say a word and swallowed the anger bitterly in their stomach. Who asked them to break into someone else’s yard?

“The two little rabbits don’t learn anything.”

“Get out of here and don’t look so disgraceful.”

Two middle-aged men squeezed into the crowd almost at the same time, one twisting a young man’s ear. He shouted angrily. They also know that their son has not been doing anything right all day, and has done a lot of sneaking things. Of course, they usually steal worthless things such as cucumbers, peaches, and chickens. They just relieve their hunger, but they don’t commit any serious crimes.

If they just stole a few chickens from Su Jing’s family and did not enter the fence, Su Jing would not even be angry, but there is a Garbage Station in the backyard, which can never be exposed. Their entry touches Su Jing’s bottom line.

“I’m sorry, A’Jing. I’ll teach him a good lesson.”

“Forgive them this time for the trouble they caused you.”

The two middle-aged men apologized, but they blamed themselves for not teaching their sons, or this wouldn’t have happened. Even if they didn’t steal anything, they would be sent to the police station for a few days if Su Jing reports them and it would not be good.

“It’s just a small matter.” Su Jing saw that the elders had such a good attitude and believed that they would really teach the two boys a lesson, so he said nothing more.

“Get out of here, don’t go out for three days.” The two middle-aged men, pulling the ears of two young people, dragged them away.

“You two, if you want to play at my house again, remember to ring the doorbell.” Su Jing shouted, the two young men stumbled at their feet and almost fell to the ground. They hurried up and flew away. In their mind, even their ghosts wouldn’t go to your house again.

The rest of the Shi Family Villagers dispersed when nothing happened, but a wake-up call came to their mind.

In fact, Su Jing’s super-fast earnings these days have aroused the envy of many people in nearby villages. They dare not take the idea of the robbery, but they want to find an opportunity to come and see if they can steal something and learn some technology.

However, after seeing the tragedy that befalls the two guys, they could not help panicking, secretly congratulating themselves that they did not go and gave up on that idea one after another. Otherwise, it would not be worthwhile to go, they would not learn any technology and instead, they would get bitten by dogs.

“Your home is terrible, I dare not go to your house.” Shi Qing wrinkled her nose.

“My dogs ​​remember your smell and won’t bite you,” Su Jing said.

“Is there even such a thing?” Shi Qing did not believe it.

“Wanna come to my house to try it.” Su Jing smiled.

“My ghost will come to your house.” Shi Qing blushed and gave Su Jing a white look. She turned around and ran home to dry scallops.

“Your sister seems to be a little angry with me, what happened?” Su Jing asked Shi Yun.

“Let me ride the golden eagle and I will tell you.” Shi Yun’s eyes were filled with excitement.

“My Golden Eagle won’t let strangers ride it. I saved your life. Can’t you reveal such little news?” Su Jing complained.

“I don’t care, if I don’t ride the golden eagle, I won’t say it.” Shi Yun is determined to blackmail.

“Well, I promise you.” Su Jing glanced at Shi Yun and said.

“Great, but you really don’t know why my sister is angry with you?” Shi Yun gave Su Jing an odd look.

“Of Course I don’t, If I knew, why would I ask you?” Su Jing said.

“My sister’s birthday is coming soon. The high school students are preparing to give her a birthday party. They are already enrolled in the group. But it seems that you have no intention of attending at all. You even seem to have forgotten my sister’s birthday?” Shi Yun said.

“Er…” Su Jing put his hand on his forehead, he really forgot this as his thoughts were on the garbage during this period.

“Now, let me ride the golden eagle.” Shi Yun looked up at the sky, eager to try, he heard that as soon as Su Jing whistled the golden eagle would fly down from the sky. However, he looked up for a while without finding Golden Eagle or hearing Su Jing whistle.

Looking down, he saw Su Jing drawing something on the ground with a stick. It looked like a bird, like a golden eagle. Su Jing pointed to the ‘golden eagle’ on the ground and said, “Well, ride it.”

After that, regardless of Shi Yun’s look, he turned and walked away.

“I #%¥……” Shi Yun was so angry that he almost burst out, but thinking that Su Jing had saved him after all, he had to swallow back his rudeness, thinking that he would never disclose information to Su Jing again. (To be continued ~^~)

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