GGS-Chapter 135 *Hidden*

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Su Jing sent a text message to Shi Qing, wishing her a happy birthday, and immediately received a text message from Shi Qing, inviting him to a birthday party.

Su Jing secretly remembered this matter, and quickly returned to the yard, looking around the yard, wondering if it was time to strengthen the defense.

The invasion of two Shi Family Villagers made Su Jing realize that he had developed so fast that more and more people must have noticed it and now two amateurs had come in this time. What if professional spies had come? Would dogs be enough at that time to guard?

“Should I raise some killer bee or bullet ant?” Ideas flashed through Su Jing’s mind one after another, but he shook his head quickly. It was too dangerous to raise those things, and their intelligence was too low to be domesticated. When he was away, he would be unable to control them and they could easily hurt others. Su Jing thought about it for a while, but he didn’t think of a good way to do it. He had to put it out of his mind for the time being.

A few days later, Su Jing got good news from He Jingdong. The Architectural design and pre-arrangement have been finalized and he has also invited someone to start building the building modules in the factory. Su Jing did not hesitate to pay him five million dollars directly.

Su Jing has had a very leisurely time these days.

The Battle Wolf grew bigger and bigger and began to dominate other animals. Besides the golden eagle, killer whale and man-eating vine, other pets had to bow to him.

The three little foxes eat some Magical Beast meat cooked with Spirit Grass every day and recover quickly. Now they are jumping around, but some of them are naughty. Several times before Su Jing gets up, they run to the bed and jump on Su Jing’s face. Their hairy tails fall on Su Jing’s face and nose and the itch wakes him up. But they are so cute that Su Jing is reluctant to scold them.

The mother fox is very sensible. When the little fox is naughty, she controls them. She would occasionally go out to pick fruit and bring them back for the little foxes and she will also give Su Jing some of it.

“Hey, Camellia euphlebia is budding so quickly?”

Su Jing looked at the three Camellia euphlebia and was surprised.

The three Camellia euphlebia grow fast and are half a meter tall. And without any trimming, it’s very luxuriant and beautiful. It’s like three pieces of art. Su Jing doesn’t want to trim them as he feels that a scissor anywhere near their vicinity is insulting its beauty.

To Su Jing’s surprise, he did not see it overnight. All three Camellia euphlebians have yellow buds.

It is important to know that Camellia euphlebia usually blossoms after 3 to 5 years of planting, and yellow buds usually appear in July to August every year. Although the season is right now, these three Camellia euphlebia have only been planted for less than a month.

“Sure enough, it is the camellia euphlebia of the outside world. It can’t be determined by the earth’s camellia euphlebia.” Su Jing sniffed the flowers. The fragrance was pleasant. It’s not clear what grade these three trees belong to, but he is not going to sell them for the time being. It’s more valuable to grow them up.

“Hey, what about worms?” Su Jing took a look at the glass jar. He was shocked. The black bugs that crawled all over the glass jar were now numbered only a dozen. The others seemed to have disappeared.

“Did they run away.” Su Jing immediately released his spiritual force probe. First, he swept around the glass jar and found that there were no holes except for the large air outlet of the pinhole. Then he plunged his spiritual force into the grass in the glass jar, which made him suddenly realize.

Looking closely, we found that there were many silt cocoon chambers on the grassland with a black insect inside. According to Su Jing’s understanding of insects, guess it’s time for the black bug to change into another stage.

“Please be a cool species.” Su Jing’s heart is very much looking forward to it. Just as insects turn cocoons into butterflies, many insect larvae look bad, even nauseous, but their adult form is very beautiful and cool.

“In my arms, in your eyes, where the spring breeze is intoxicated, there are green grasses…” The ringing of the mobile phone suddenly rang. Su Jing saw it was Zhu Jianhua and answered, “Jianhua, is there anything wrong?”

“You haven’t been to the Divine Dog crew for many days. A’Da seems to be a little angry.” Zhu Jianhua said, in fact, Guo Biting and the crew were very good at A’Da. It was very happy most of the time, but sometimes it got angry when he missed Su Jing.

“I’ll come when I’m free.” Su Jing is helpless. His dog sometimes acts like a child.

“Also, there is going to be an auction after some time, different from the ordinary auction, which mainly auctioned some pets. I was invited to take pets with me. Are you interested in making a scene, or would you rather be at home all day? I heard that Guo Biting will go there.”

“No way, Really?”

“It seems that the owner of the auction invited her to the show. It is a commercial performance. However, Guo Biting should only show her face, mainly to promote her TV play early. I heard that there are several media reports in this auction.”

“Well, remember to call me again that day and remind me.” Su Jing soon realized that the pet auction was related to Divine Dog, a TV play. It was also a good way to show up and publicize TV play in the past.

After hanging up, Su Jing prepares to cook dinner, opens the refrigerator, and is stunned.

This refrigerator is empty. The Magical Beast meat has been consumed. He opens another refrigerator next to it. It contains Magical Beast jerky. If it is not dried, it is about 1200 jin. After drying, there is only 600 jin, thanks to Magical Beast meat. Otherwise, it will shrink even more.

“I seldom feed the pets with the Magical Beast meat and try to save it. They are usually fed with ordinary fish. But my appetite is getting bigger and bigger and I eat more and more. If I eat this way, I will soon run out. Quickly dump the next garbage. Quickly dump some Magical Beast, Vicious Beast and so on for me.”

Su Jing prayed again, The Magical Beast meat had brought him too much benefit, he really does not want to lose it.

He doesn’t know if prayer worked. At three or four o’clock in the morning, a loud noise woke him up.

Su Jing was almost conditioned, he turned up and ran to the backyard, but to his surprise, the sky whirlpool appeared, but there was no garbage dumped. The rumbling sound came from the whirlpool, like thunder.

“What happened, did it fail again?” Su Jing looked up, and just then he heard the voice from the whirlpool.

“At last, it succeeded again, but it’s still too much chance.”

“As I said before, teleporting the garbage through the Galactic Garbage Station work on chance, right? Maybe the garbage is thrown out because the opposite time is not stable. In this case, we will set a time spatial point for it.”

“Setting the Galactic Garbage Station on the opposite side, how does the administrator work?”

“We don’t need to operate, or even clean up. All we need is a stable temporal-spatial point, so we only need a primary Garbage Station model, and the garbage will spill over naturally when it’s full.”

“I think it’s feasible, let’s try it.”


The voice of the argument stopped, and then a great light poured down from the whirlpool.

Su Jing felt that the entire yard was distorted like a piece of glass. (To be continued ~^~)

Chapter 135 Garbage Station Change

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