GGS-Chapter 136 Garbage Station Model

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The light column poured down and the whole ground shook violently.

When the light pillar disappeared, Su Jing noticed that the whirlpool also disappeared and that there was an Eight-Diagrams array of stones on the ground. It was about three meters in diameter. There were many mysterious lines on it, which seemed to give people an old and mysterious feeling.

“What the hell? Is that Garbage Station? Even the model is too crude, isn’t it? What about garbage?” Su Jing is depressed. With so much talk, he won’t throw a stone down. Although it looks very high-grade, what’s the use of bringing it himself?

Su Jing stepped forward cautiously and was surprised to find that the stone was inlaid on the ground, but there was no burst around the floor as if the stone should have been there from the beginning.

Su Jing didn’t dare to go and search, he threw a small piece of wood gently towards the formation.

Then he saw a shocking scene. When the wooden block fell freely and fell on the stone, it suddenly disappeared. After a while, it appeared in the sky and continued to fall. When it fell on the stone, it disappeared again. , fall again from the sky, and so on.

After a while, with a click, the wood finally fell on the stone.

Su Jing threw a few more things in, and they all fell directly on the rocks, without the strange phenomenon that just happened.

“What’s going on? If I jumped up, could I enter Coiling Dragon, One Piece, and another world?”

Su Jing was very curious about his sudden fantasy, but even if he was given a chance to enter those world, he would not dare to do so. When he entered those time and space world, he will be weak and he will die quite easily there. It was hard to say whether he could save his life or not.

Su Jing reached out and touched the stone. He found it smooth and cold. He walked around and touched it, but couldn’t find any organs or anything like that. But in the center of the Eight Diagrams Array, there was a palm print.

Su Jing has an impulse to reach out and press down. But he doesn’t know what will happen. He can’t help pacing left and right, hesitating, biting his nails, and about to bite them off. Su Jing is always a decisive person, but the situation is so special now.

“I have to explore boldly. If I choose to escape now and the opposite research on Garbage Station continues, then I will lag behind them, and when the problem suddenly erupts, I wouldn’t be able to cope with it at all. And. Just as the opposite person said, this is just a Garbage Station model, it does not have a cleaning function, garbage will spill over when it’s full. I still have to clean it manually.”

Su Jing summoned up his courage and went up. Then he pressed his palm on the top of the palm print, and then with a click, a Rubik’s Cube pattern emerged on the top of the structure, stretching out section by section. Su Jing’s hand was quickly fixed. Next came an electronic voice: “Finding the host, starting the gene scan… After scanning, the host is selected and the hyperspace Garbage Station is turned on.

The next moment, Su Jing suddenly disappeared from the place, and the Cats and Dogs who were looking at him immediately revealed doubts.

However, Su Jing did not feel that he had moved, but he felt that there was an empty space around him, there was a spherical space with a radius of several hundred meters. From the spherical space barrier, he can directly see the outside yard.

This feeling is very strange, because this spherical space of hundreds of meters in diameter, is much larger than the yard, but it is in the yard, covering only three meters in a circle, as seen from the barrier, everything in the courtyard is so big that it has a distorted feeling of space and time.

“The original garbage is here.”

Su Jing was pleasantly surprised to find that there was a lot of garbage in the center of this spherical space.

If this pile of garbage is piled up in the backyard, he estimated that it will be almost full, and it will have to pile up to five or six meters high, and there is even the danger of overflowing. However, in this Garbage Station, it feels less and only takes up a small amount of space.

However, Su Jing did not completely relax as a result, and the idea of ​​building a building did not change. As soon as this piece of stone arrays is hidden, the better it  as it will have less of a chance to be seen by others. Secondly, this space is still limited. If it is full, it will overflow. It is not a bad thing to have extra space on the first floor. Third, some of the things that have been treated usefully have to be taken out of the building collection.

“What kind of space-time garbage is this?”

Su Jing looked around and found that there were costumes, broken shoes, dust, and broken porcelain in the garbage dump. Although he couldn’t see which world this garbage is from, he can tell that this should come from an ancient background.

Su Jing releases his spiritual force and is about to make a preliminary survey of all the garbage when he suddenly hears a collision sound on the back of the rubbish dump, followed by a sound of breaking the void, followed by the barking of a dog in the yard.

“What happened?”

Su Jing rushed to the back of the garbage heap and saw that the things on the garbage were rolling down. However, the release of spiritual force detection did not detect anything and the barking of dogs in the yard remained.

“No, did anything get out of here?”

Su Jing’s face changed dramatically and he ran to the edge of the space barrier. He reached out and touched it, and found that it could be extended directly. This made him understand what people on the opposite side of the whirlpool called “spillover”. It seems that the Garbage Station model needs authentication for someone to enter, but they can go out at will. Su Jing jumped out without hesitation. The scenery changed and he was back in the backyard, that stone array is behind his feet.

Su Jing quickly scanned the yard and saw no abnormalities.

“Did you see anything?” Su Jing asked the Cats and Dogs.

“Saw a black shadow and smell something strange.” The Cats and Dogs collectively shouted.

“Chase it.” Su Jing ordered, the Battle Wolf and Dogs followed the scent, but soon they reached the backyard seaside. Both the Battle Wolf and Dogs said that the scent was too weak to trace.

“Little Jin, what did you see?” Su Jing whistled and waited for the golden eagle to fly down.

The Golden Eagle shouted a few times. He saw more but did not see clearly. According to Golden eagle’s description, it seemed to be a big Python that disappeared into the sea.

“This is bad.” Su Jing smiled bitterly, this is the invasion of an unknown species and the animal itself is too fast for them to respond. The Dogs and Golden eagle do not know how strong it is and what kind of disaster will it caused when it entered the sea?

“Now is not the time to worry about this, I have to deal with the rest of the garbage as soon as possible.” Instead of continuing to tangle, Su Jing sent the Golden Eagle and A’Er to continue searching and flew back to the backyard and ordered the Battle Wolf, Cats and Dogs, Red Fox and Man-eating vine all around the Eight Diagrams Stone so that no other creatures could escape.

Su Jing pressed his hand on the palm print and re-entered the Garbage Station and quickly confirmed whether there were other creatures inside. There is no way for any creature to escape for the time being, but at least the sheep must be mended.

At the same time, dozens of miles away on a deserted beach, a dark shadow swam up from the bottom of the sea, went directly to shore, and then stood upright, the tail can be seen as a snake tail, but the upper body is a perfect woman. She is dressed in black, with long hair like a waterfall and a beautiful face.

She glanced around with her eyes full of enchantment and murmured to herself in surprise, “What’s going on? What is this place?”

She didn’t understand what happened, she was hunting a Magical Beast. Why did a whirlpool suddenly appeared in the sky, suck herself in, and then she appears in this strange place, where the buildings, ships, and human clothes are strange.

She did not stay here for a long time. She dived into the water again and swam along the seaside. She was going to find a remote place to heal her wounds. After she had healed her wounds, she would check where she was and how to get back. (to be continued ^)

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