GGS-Chapter 301 Chaotic Scene

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Flying over the lake, Su Jing found that the entire lake was not as clear as before, but was slightly reddish, he frowned as he looked at the bloody lake. After exploring the lake with his spiritual force, Su Jing was relieved. Although he had lost a lot of Jade Fang Fishes, there are still more than 90% left and that is about 19 thousand, he had lost about 1,000. It was a big loss but it seems that other birds have not changed much. They should not have eaten much. The most Jade Fang Fishes were eaten by the frigatebird and red-crowned crane.

In addition to the loss, it seems that it is not without benefits. These Jade Fang Fish may have become extremely united due to the attack, which put an end to the phenomenon of mutual feeding. Moreover, they are more fierce and active and grow much faster than before.

“Jade Fang Fishes are in the water, how can the red-crowned crane and the frigatebird eat them?” Su Jing suddenly wondered. When he first arrived, he saw the red-crowned crane and other birds all around the lake. What bird attacked the Jade Fang Fishes.

Su Jing did not go to drive out the birds around the lake and he even completely released his control of the red-crowned crane. He had to figure out the situation first before he could apply anorexia to solve the problem. As for the frigatebird, he doesn’t need to look at it. The robber bird must be caught by other birds.

Su Jing sat on Golden Eagle and fell down on the top of the mountain. He looked down from high altitude and waited for a long time. At dusk, the situation finally changed. Many jade Fang fish attached their sleep, their heads poked out and breathed oxygen. All kinds of birds around flew up and rushed to the lake. The tension between the two armies was intense.

“So that’s how it is.” Su Jing finally understood. He saw the Red-Crowned Crane which was close to the lake suddenly dropped its mouth, its long neck was as fast as lightning, and it quickly picked up a fish, although the Jade Fang fish was fierce but the crane was too fast for the Jade Fang fish to attack. The Red-Crowned Crane landed by the lake and put the Jade Fang fish on the ground and pecked him to death three or two times, and then ate it quickly.

At the same time, other seagulls and birds launched their attacks. However, the seagulls and other birds did not have the long necks of a red-crowned crane, so they naturally flew close to the lake to catch fish, but just after they got close, they were bitten on their legs and beaks by Jade Fang Fishes and dragged into the water. At the same time, many seagulls rushed to attack, and Jade Fang Fishes came to attack. The scene suddenly became chaotic and confused.

Most of the time, it was the Jade Fang Fishes who won. The Jade Fang Fishes has an absolute advantage. One bird after another is dragged into the water and becomes food. It is only occasionally that a seagull successfully reaches to the Jade Fang Fishes and flies up to the sky. It is no wonder that even if the Jade Fang Fishes are eaten, they still choose to surface. It turns out that they are also preying, even if there are many other fish in the lake, they still can’t satisfy their appetite.

Occasionally, the seagulls that came up to the Jade Fang Fishes could not eat them, because a large group of seagulls rushed to grab them and the red-crowned crane chased them out. Its wings fluttered suddenly, blowing the seagull upside down, and then chasing up to grab the Jade Fang Fish and eat it. Instead, they usually have frigatebirds around here and these seagulls have a lower probability of eating.

About half an hour later, this chaotic scene finally came to an end, because Jade Fang Fish seemed to be full and sank to the bottom of the lake and the birds around the lake also dispersed. At this moment, the surface of the lake still looks bloody.

Su Jing roughly estimated that there were about 6,000 birds in total, about 500 were eaten by Jade Fang Fishes, 30 Jade Fang Fishes were eaten, of which 24 were eaten by the red-crowned crane, and six are eaten by many seagulls and birds.

“These seagulls and birds are just moths trying to catch a flame.” Su Jing shook his head, he was originally thinking about finding the cause and then solving the problem. After seeing this situation, he planned not to bother with it. Because on the whole, Jade Fang Fishes are the hunter and birds are their food, but the bait of these hunters is themselves. They are like a combination of Tang Monk, Sun Wukong, and Pig Bajie, with Tang Monk’s meat, Sun Wukong’s power, and Zhu Bajie’s greed. Although this will cause a certain loss of Jade Fang Fishes, it will save him the trouble of feeding themselves and it can also stimulate the wild instinct of Jade Fang Fishes itself, it can stimulate their growth and make them reproduce faster. Moreover, Jade Fang Fishes are getting bigger and bigger and are becoming more fierce and powerful and the chance of them being killed in the future is getting lower and lower.

As for those seagulls and birds who have eaten Jade Fang Fishes and become more powerful, they can be domesticated and brought to supplement the seagull umbrella. Anyway, he really have nothing to lose and everything to gain here.

“These Jade Fang Fishes are really fierce. I don’t need to worry about them in the future. From now on, even I won’t be able to go down this lake easily. After all, I can’t tame tens of thousands of Jade Fang Fishes at once. If they suddenly surround me all at once, I will be killed.” Su Jing thought of the scene of him surrounded by many Jade Fang Fishes and shivered.

Su Jing observed for a while and felt nothing abnormal, so he tamed three hundred Jade Fang Fishes and put them into the Spirit Beast bags, and prepared to leave with frigatebird and the red-crowned crane. But suddenly, he found that a turtle crawled out of the bush on the east side of the lake. It was more than two meters long and uncommonly huge. The turtle’s shell was brownish yellow and its belly was lemon yellow, and there were various scars on its limbs, neck, and head. It climbed to the lake and fell into the lake with a thump and then began to eat the small pieces of meat left by Jade Fang Fishes. This group of Jade Fang Fishes ate very cruelly. Generally, there is no leftover, but after all, there are too many birds in the water, and they also have time to eat while leaving leftovers.

The turtle only ate for a while, then a group of Jade Fang Fishes swam over and began to attack the turtle. The turtle immediately shrank its limbs in and attacked at the same time. Its mouth was very big and one bite from its mouth was enough to eat a Jade Fang fish. However, as a turtle, its limbs could not completely shrink in and the Jade Fang Fishes can still bite its neck and its head will also be bitten.

Within ten seconds, the turtle ate three Jade Fang Fishes and at the same time, it could no longer bear the pain. It desperately climbed up to the shore and had many more wounds on its limbs and head and neck. It looked miserable. However, after a while, it climbed into the lake again, ate a moment of minced meat and a few pieces of Jade Fang Fishes and then climbed up again. This cycle was repeated three times and the injuries were too severe. Finally, it stopped going down the lake and got back into the bushes, and lay on the sand to rest.

“I don’t know what this turtle is. I didn’t know if it was originally in this lake or climbed up from the sea. It tried to eat Jade Fang Fishes.” Su Jing didn’t know what this turtle was, so he went online to check its information. (To be continued ~ ^ ~)

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