GGS-Chapter 949 Monster

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The Chinese team was at a crossroads, torn between fighting and submitting. The Japanese captain’s impatient demand only added fuel to the fire. 

“Follow what I said, put your hands on your head, and squat down, do you want to die?” The Japanese captain shouted. 

Some members of the Chinese team were ready to fight, but others were hesitant. 

“Why not fight with them?” One said. 

“But, seeing how many weapons they have, we can’t beat them,” Another warned. 

“The key is that there is nothing in the ship, so it’s too worthless to fight like this,” A third person said. 

Despite the logical argument, one member was determined as he spoke, “I can’t swallow this insult. I will fight with them even if it’s the last thing I do.”

The Chinese team felt the weight of their situation heavily. It wasn’t just about the small amount they had recovered, but it was a matter of their pride and dignity. 

The thought of being bullied by the Japanese, just as they were when they were weak, was unacceptable. They wished they had taken a different approach and brought a larger, more powerful force with them.

Despite the regret, it was too late to turn back now. Some members of the team wanted to fight, but others feared the consequences of impulsive action. 

Many of them were the primary breadwinners for their families and the thought of leaving their loved ones behind was devastating.

However, the Japanese captain’s patience was wearing thin. He issued his warning once again, shouting “I’ll say it again, all of you put your hands on your head and squat down, or I won’t show any mercy.” He fired several warning shots into the air, but little did he know that a dark figure was rising rapidly from the depths of the water.

Just as the Japanese captain was urging his team to attack the Chinese squad, a sudden, dark shadow appeared below and made contact with the Japanese ship. 

The impact was so intense that the entire vessel shook violently, causing everyone on board to lose their balance and stumble. Some members of the crew even fell to the deck as they struggled to maintain their footing. 

As the crew tried to make sense of what had just occurred, someone posed the question, “What’s wrong? Did we hit some rocks?”

But the captain quickly dismissed this possibility, stating, “This is the deep sea, there’s no reef or rocks around here. Plus, we’ve been stationary and haven’t moved. If we had hit something, we would have felt it by now.”

Another member of the crew jokingly suggested, “Could it be the ghosts of the Chinese?”

Everyone on board was left pondering this strange event as they tried to figure out what could have caused such a disturbance.

Suddenly, two massive red tentacles emerged from the left and right sides of the ship, like two giant whips, and began lashing at the ships. 

The first to be hit were two Japanese ships, which were instantly pulled into a murky pool. The entire ship continued to shake violently, and it was as if it were under attack from bombs.

The Japanese team was stunned by the sudden and unexpected turn of events, with some of them screaming in terror and others standing in shock and disbelief. The pride they had felt just moments earlier was replaced by fear and confusion. 

The Chinese team and the approaching American teams were equally stunned by the sight, and everyone was left in disbelief at the shocking scene that had just unfolded.

“My God, what is this?” Cried one of the crew members.

“It’s an octopus! A giant octopus!” Shouted another.

“Don’t just stand there, kill it!” The captain ordered.

The Japanese team was in disarray, but the captain quickly regained his composure and armed himself with a machine gun, ready to attack the tentacles. The rest of the crew followed suit, grabbing their weapons and preparing to fight. 

But before they could act, the hull of the ship was jolted by another violent shake, and, accompanied by a loud noise, the ship broke apart at the point where the two tentacles were attached. 

The two halves of the hull tilted inward, making it impossible for the crew to stand or shoot. The ship was pulled down into the depths by the octopus and quickly sank before everyone’s eyes.

“Run away! Get out of here!” One of the crew members shouted in panic.

“It’s a monster!” Another screamed.

The Japanese team fell into the water and finally saw the full size of the huge red octopus. The sight of it left them nearly paralyzed with fear. They tried to swim away as quickly as possible, but the octopus was relentless in its pursuit. 

Its tentacles lashed out, striking several sailors and killing them instantly. The rest of the tentacles continued to attack, wiping out more than half of the crew in just a matter of moments. The octopus was like a ruthless killing machine, devoid of any emotion.

Several Japanese sailors, including the Japanese captain, swam toward the Chinese team’s boat and begged for help: “Help, help us.”

The Chinese team’s captain was initially frightened but quickly regained his composure. He shouted, “Start the engines, we need to get out of here!” However, he realized that there was nothing he could do to save the Japanese sailors. 

The octopus was too powerful and there was no way he could risk the safety of his own crew by trying to save them. So, he ordered his team to quickly start the engines and evacuate the area.

The Chinese team launched their ships to evacuate as quickly as possible.

However, the distance between the Chinese and Japanese ships was too short, and the boat was not a car and it could not start in an instant, so it was still a step slower. Several Japanese sailors swam to the side of the Chinese Ships, trying to grab this life-saving straw, but the huge octopus chased after them. 

The tentacles pulled out quickly, even if they didn’t save these Japanese now, they would probably be implicated by these Japanese. The Chinese team was pale with fright, and their minds went blank for a moment.

However, the expected picture of the ship being whipped did not appear. The tentacles merely brushed against the side of the boat, knocking two of the Japanese sailors into the water. 

The Japanese captain dived into the water and swam along the edge of the boat, trying to escape the octopus. The Chinese team was relieved but still shaken from the close call.

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