GGS-Chapter 167 Divine Musician Mage

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Su Jing plans to check all the garbage again.

The first thing to check is the broken zither because at least there are some patterns on the zither and there may be some other clues.

Su Jing simply released his spiritual force and checked the broken zither, and did a 360-degree test, without leaving any details.


Su Jing suddenly exclaimed, because his spirit power detected another layer inside of the broken zither. Although the zither is broken, there are still good parts on both sides, and the zither is very well done. It looks like there is no gap. If it was not for his spiritual force detection, he would not have found the compartment.

Su Jing took out a dagger and pried it along the edge of the instrument. Then an ancient book, about ten centimeters thick, was squashed flat, with an ancient symbol surrounded by a silver six-pointed star on the cover.

Su Jing roughly turned it over and found that it was a book for learning to play the zither. The first half was basic work and the second half were some zither chords. However, when he looked at the content carefully, he could not help but widen his eyes.

“Wait a minute, this is not an ordinary zither chord, but a spiritual elementary Mage – Divine Musician Mage zither chord.” Su Jing’s heart rate suddenly began to accelerate. Looking at the ancient symbols surrounded by the silver six-pointed stars on the cover again and searching his memory for a similar symbol, his eyes gradually narrowed. Is this not the symbol of the phantom tower in the seven pagodas of Falan? Does this come from the Zither Emperor Universe?

“If I’m right, then this is from the Zither Emperor Universe.” Su Jing is very excited. Zither Emperor World is a Western fantasy world with giant dragons, behemoth beasts, elves, and many other magical creatures.

People in the Zither Emperor Universe can learn magic, including Divine Musician Mage, a branch of spiritual elementary Mage, which releases magic through instrumental performance, arguably the noblest and most ribbed type of magic in that universe. Mage are graded from low to high, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. It is difficult for a Divine Musician Mage to cultivate to yellow level or above. It can only inspire morale on the battlefield at most. Generally speaking, only the princesses and noble daughters of all countries have leisure and time to learn this noble and boring magic.

“Divine Musician Mage, it seems interesting.” Now that there’s a chance for him to be a Mage. How can Su Jing let it go? In fact, whether it’s Divine Musician Mage or other types of magic, he can’t help but learn them all.

Of course, if it’s other magic, Su Jing doesn’t even have the confidence to get started, but Su Jing has some confidence in learning the spiritual elementary magic because he is a real Spirit Reader Master.

Su Jing does not want to be like the protagonist of Zither Emperor Ye Yinzhu, who can play the zither to create invisible blades that can kill people without any sound. As long as he plays a song, the morale of troops will be boosted. Or he can play a song that makes people sleep, or makes people happy.

Su Jing doesn’t want to be a big musician or a big star, he just wants to learn it because it will be useful when chasing girls. Later, it will be useful to coax children to sleep and to cultivate their sentiments. That’s enough.

Moreover, the career of Divine Musician Mage is helpful to the promotion of spiritual force.

Just in case. If he can really attack with a zither sound in the future. Wouldn’t he be able to deal with any and all kinds of living organisms that will be dumped down on the Garbage Station in the future?

“Should I go and buy a zither right away?”

Su Jing once again checked that there were no other living things in the garbage dump, and there were no dangerous things left in the garbage dump. Besides, Meng Mei’er and man-eating vine were on guard, so there was nothing to worry about.

Therefore, he is not in the mood to manage other garbage for the time being.

Su Jing took out his mobile phone and looked at it. It’s half past six, he looked up again because the barrier of Garbage Station was transparent. He can directly see the outside and the sky on the outside is getting brighter.

Su Jing then walked out of the Garbage Station Space and drove to the city, he went to the music store and picked an ancient zither. By the way, he also picked out a few basic zither basic books with pictures and took them home. Then, holding ancient zither and zither chord, he hid in the tent and began to practice.

The reason why he doesn’t practice in the Garbage Station Space is that Li Guanglei and others will come to work soon. At that time, It would be very difficult to get out. If he is seen then it would create unnecessary trouble, so he might as well play it in the tent. As for the sound of the zither or something, it is extremely normal for someone to play zither and it would mean nothing if it’s heard.

“A True Divine Musician Mage can comprehend the mystery of ‘zither heart’, but it’s a bit far for me, let’s just learn the basic skills first…” Su Jing didn’t go too far on his first try and began to learn from the basics. With the improvement of his body and spiritual force, his intelligence is also improving, so his speed of reading, comprehension, and memory have leaped, he can read faster and remember.

Two hours later, he finished reading the basic skills of three ancient zither books that he bought and the first half of the zither chord from Zither Emperor Universe. He found that the basic skills of ancient zither in the two worlds are basically the same, but there are more mysteries in Zither Emperor Universe.

Su Jing sat crosslegged on the covers and put the ancient zither on his legs, and then began to try. Ancient zither has three tones: sang, overtone, and pressing. Sang is the sound of playing empty strings with the right hand, which is thick and broad and symbolizes the earth. Overtone is the sound of lightly clicking on the strings with the left hand, while the strings with the right hand are played, and the sound is loud and bright. The sound of Buddha and stone symbolizes the sound of the sounds of heaven; the sound of pressing is played with the left hand according to the strings and the right hand. The biggest instrumental feature of ancient zither is the change in sound caused by the movement of the left hand up and down. It is Euphemistic and graceful and feels like a human voice.

All the sounds of the zither are played in these three ways. It seems easy to say, but Su Jing found it difficult to play them.

“Zheng, Zheng, Zheng…”

Su Jing plays on and off in a simple zither chord.

He played very seriously and thought he was making rapid progress, but he seemed to forget one thing, that is, his music cells are not many.

“Who is playing the zither?”

“Oh, it seems to be Su Jing.”

“This guy is really free-spirited.”

On the other side, the construction team talked a few times about the sounds and at the beginning it was a kind of ridiculous melody with no rhythm and they ignored it.

However, after a while, they couldn’t stand it anymore. The sound of the zither was not only unsatisfactory, but it was hard to hear. The construction was already noisy. However, it seemed that all the noise could not match the sound of the zither. It seemed that there was a needle inside their ear, it is very uncomfortable.

“Mr. Su, can you stop playing?” Two young men came to the side of the tent and pleaded bitterly.

What’s wrong, not good?” Su Jing put his head out of the tent and asked.

“That… can you not hear it yourself?” The two young men are speechless. This is not a good question, but it is difficult to hear a certain degree. It is also a kind of skill to play so hard.

“I can hear it. Does it feel all right?” Su Jing said.

“That… We don’t have any music cells. We are used to the sound of cutters and grinders. We are not used to working with the sound of the zither.” Faced with the big employer who paid for them, the two young people dared not speak ill. They pondered over the wording for a while but did not notice that it was even more harmful.

“I’ll…” Su Jing’s face is dark, are they telling me that my zither sound is worse than the sound of fucking cutters and grinders?

“Forget it, I won’t play.” Su Jing was frustrated. It seems that it is not such a simple thing to become a Divine Musician Mage. (To be continued ~^~)

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