GGS-Chapter 178 Is He?

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“That sounds good, who said it is not good?” When Li Guanglei saw his daughter’s grievance, he quickly comforted her. She was going to participate in the competition later. How could she lose confidence before the competition?

“Yes, it’s really nice.” The construction teams nodded and thumbed up.

“Would you like to practice your acting skills first?” Li Xuan saw the elders trying to pretend to admire him. She couldn’t help but laugh and be convinced. “Dad, isn’t the young expert zither you said, really so powerful? Compare him. I played very badly?”

“Maybe we have a problem with appreciation ability. We prefer to listen to apples, Jiangnan dulls and so on. Ancient zither is so elegant that we can’t appreciate it.” Li Guanglei smiled.

It made Li Xuan look better and made Gu Yun and Jiang Shao nod in secret. Li Xuan had just played a good tune. It was better than a young man who had studied for a few days. They couldn’t believe it. The only explanation was the appreciation ability of the construction team. In their opinion, maybe some catchy pop music is best to listen to.

At this time, Su Jing came back, and he walked in from the courtyard with an ancient zither.

“Mr. Su, you come back.”

“Mr. Su, let me introduce you to my daughter Li Xuan. Xiaoxuan, this is your dad’s big employer, the owner of this tall building, Su Jing.” Li Guanglei introduced.

“Hello.” Su Jing glanced at Li Xuan and nodded.

“Mr. Su hello.” Li Xuan looked quite polite. After all, it was her dad’s big employer, but she was surprised in her heart. She didn’t expect her dad’s employer to be so young, he seemed only a little older than herself. Where did he get the money to see such a tall building? Build buildings in the countryside. He doesn’t seem to be a second-generation rich person.

At the same time, Li Xuan, Gu Yun, and Jiang Shao all noticed something on Su Jing’s back and because Su Jing just wrapped it at random, they can see the beginning and the end that it is an ancient zither. If the instrument is replaced by a guitar, then carrying the guitar on your back can not explain anything, because there may be many people who carry a guitar around to look cool in their head, but someone carrying an ancient zither is very rare.

“Mr. Su, you originally learned ancient zither. How long have you been studying?” Li Xuan asked tentatively.

“Ten days or so, I’m not as good as you professional.” Su Jing replied truthfully.

“It’s him.” Li Xuan squinted and because she was not convinced, so her tone was somewhat blunt, “Mr. Su. Do you want to play a tune to listen to? Let’s learn from each other?”

“Not in the mood.” Su Jing heard Li Xuan’s provocative tone, but for the sake of being Li Guanglei’s daughter, he was too lazy to argue with her. If it was a few days ago, he may want to talk to Li Xuan, who is a professional after all. But since he met Gu Yue, he didn’t think it’s necessary.

Since he last sent the Origin Cultivation Meditation Song, Gu Yue has become more patient with him and has taken the initiative to ask for his QQ id. The tone of the chat is not to point out but to ask for advice. Most of the time, of course, it’s Su Jing who asks questions. Gu Yue answers. After all, in terms of professionalism, Su Jing is far from perfect. Gu Yue, as a master of ancient zither, teaches him now. Why would he need to ask Li Xuan?

Su Jing had just practiced for a few hours at the seaside. He was feeling confused and wanted to talk to Gu Yue. He didn’t even care about Li Xuan. He went straight into the tent, put down the ancient zither, turned on the computer, and went on QQ to contact Gu Yue.

“You…” Li Xuan saw Su Jing ignoring herself as if she was too ugly, and she could not help but breathe out in anger. However, Su Jing is her father’s big employer after all, and she has to endure it.

“Let’s all go back to work.” Li Guanglei said.

“It’s over, go back to work.”

“Xiaoxuan cheers, you can definitely win the championship.”

“Thank you for your encouragement.” Li Xuan laughed and said, “Dad, I won’t disturb your work, so I’m going to the city to compete, so I won’t miss the time.”

“Well, go ahead and make me proud.” Li Guanglei patted his daughter on the shoulder and went back to work.

Li Xuan, Gu Yun, and Jiang Shao went to the courtyard gate together, and they had to leave by car. However, they couldn’t help but hear the sound from the tent. They only listened to Su Jing. “Why do I often feel powerless? I feel that the mood is integrated, but the effect of playing it often weakens the three points and does not achieve the desired effect.”

Another voice sounded: “I heard the piece you just sent out, you now have two problems. First, the quality of ancient zither is too poor. A good zither should have five advantages: first, the high-pitched area should be clear and crisp with golden stone, the middle-bass should be full and plump; second, the pronunciation should be loose, bright, mellow and charming; Thirdly, the strings should not be too high from the surface of the zither, the surface should be smooth and not have bad (noise) sounds; fourthly, the emblem should be arranged correctly, otherwise it will affect the accuracy of the sound and overtone pronunciation; fifthly, the ancient zither, which has long historical value, often has “broken lines” on its body, and this kind of zither often pronounced loosely, roundly and beautiful sounds. If you look carefully, you will find that your zither is not up to the standard in many places.

“Really, this is the only zither that I played with. At that time, I didn’t understand it very well. It seemed that I had to change it sometime. This is the first, what is my second problem?”

“You are basically proficient in all fingers to string techniques, but you have not mastered them. Every time you use them, you have to think about them. Although the thinking time is very short and the general situation is unaffected, at a critical moment, it will be exposed. You have to practice and practice more to get it done with ease. Do you remember the sixteen methods I told you last time: light, loose, crisp, slippery, tall, clean, clear, empty, quiet, strange, ancient, dan, neutral, sick, Xu. These, you have to practice without recalling, as if walking at will, in order to be worthy of your unique artistic conception.

At first, Li Xuan, Gu Yun, and Jiang Shao listened with some curiosity, but when they listened, they all showed a little surprise and looked at each other, because they were familiar with the sound, tone and content of the instruction. Just because of the computer, some noise, and a little far away, they do not dare to confirm.

The three quietly walked over and looked through the door of the tent that had not been pulled up. There Su Jing sat in the tent and chatted with the computer using QQ voice. The name of the chat object was Gu Yue.

“It’s really a dad (teacher)!” All three of them stared at each other. They all knew that their Dad/teacher had been talking to the master who played Origin Cultivation Meditation Song recently, and he had forgotten to eat and sleep.

The three men looked at Su Jing in the tent incredulously and wondered if it was him, the mysterious master whose real identity was unknown, who made a great sensation in the north and south. (to be continued ^)

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