GGS-Chapter 177 Li Guanglei’s Daughter

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Su Jing didn’t expect Origin Cultivation Meditation Song to become so popular online.

He also heard that there is an entertainment company that is holding an ancient zither competition. The winner will get one million as a reward and several of the contestants are selected by Origin Cultivation Meditation Song. This makes Su Jing a little less calm. Even at Su Jing’s present value, he will not ignore a million yuan, let alone watch others take his own tune and take this million. Wouldn’t it be a great loss for him if someone else wore the wedding dress at his wedding?

“Should I go to the competition or not?”

Su Jing hesitated for a moment and decided to wait and see.

Now what he wants most is to continue practicing, and strive to release the attacking zither magic as soon as possible. Su Jing feels that releasing the spiritual force through the zither sound, as long as it is used properly, is much better than the direct spiritual attack. His Spiritual control is good and he is very talented in Spiritual Beast Taming, but his spiritual attack has always been a weakness of him, and this zither magic can just make up for it.

Early in the morning, after brushing his teeth and eating the Magical Beast meat, Su Jing went to the beach to play the zither. Because he’s going to practice how to attack using the zither cords, it can’t be practiced in the yard, otherwise, the construction team may suffer.

Near noon, an Audi A6 stopped at the door of Su Jing’s home, a tall and thin young man and two women in their early twenties got off. One of the women had a melon-seed face, which was exquisite and delicate, while the other had a baby’s fat face and small stature.

“Is your father working here?” Asked the melon-faced woman.

“Yes, the address is correct, but I didn’t expect someone to build such a high building in this small rural area.” The baby fat lady looked up and was surprised that the fourth floor of Su Jing’s building was almost ready. So it’s more than twenty meters high. She suddenly remembered something, smiled and said, “Tell you a funny thing. The other day my dad said that there was a master of ancient zither in his early twenties. He also asked me to come and learn from him.”

“The ancient zither master in his early twenties? How is it possible? But he may be better than you, or your dad would nait have told you to come.” The woman with melon seed face laughed.

“Where does my dad appreciate music?” The baby fat woman laughed. Sister Yun, you’ve come with me anyway. You can’t just accompany me to see my dad and not participate. So, you’re competing too. You can easily pass the online election.

“Yes, Sister Yun. If you are also participating, please stay with us.” The tall and thin youth also said.

“You two cowards, you’re so fruitless. Aren’t you sorry for my father’s teaching?” The melon-faced woman turned her eyes white and said. “I’m not an ancient zither major. I haven’t played the zither for many years. What competitions do I take part in? You deceived me to accompany you in online auditions and send you here. Now you want to trick me into accompanying you in the competition. No way.”

“While you are not a professional. But you were trained by the teacher since you were a child, and you’ve got the teacher’s true biography. It is much more powerful than us.” The baby fat woman whispered a little but she seemed a bit afraid of the other woman and did not dare to say it out loud.

“I’m not going to compete anyway, so let’s go and see your father soon.” The woman with melon seed face said.

“Okay.” The baby fat woman was helpless, but she did not give up, thinking that she must find a way to persuade Sister Yun to participate.

The gate is not closed because it is under construction and various things often have to be moved in and out, the three people went directly into the courtyard. However, as soon as they enter, they are stopped by more than a dozen dogs. These dozen dogs do not bark viciously, but their eyes are very sharp, like dozens of lions, which are very deterrent and frighten three people to a halt their step.

Helpless, the baby fat woman just took out her phone and called her father.

A moment later, Li Guanglei came quickly from the building and said with surprise, “Xiaoxuan, why are you here?”

“I came to Zhongyun City to participate in the ancient zither competition and meet you by the way.”  Li Xuan was said sweetly and when she saw her father’s dusty appearance, her thoughts about the competition disappeared in an instant, if she could win the championship award, she could at least help her father relieve a lot of pressure. She knows that her father, as a foreman, actually earns a lot of money and he saves some money at home. The reason why he dares not retire is that he wants to make more money to pave the way for her future. If she achieves something earlier, her father can retire earlier.

“These two are?” Li Guanglei looked at the other two.

“This is the teacher’s daughter Gu Yun, this is my classmate Jiang Shao.” Li Xuan said.

“Uncle Li, hello.” Gu Yun and Jiang Shao said at the same time.

“Hello, Xiaoxuan, this girl has a lot of minor faults. I owe it to you to take care of her.” Li Guanglei is simple and honest.

“Where and where, Xiaoxuan is smart and sensible.” Gu Yun laughed.

At this time, several people on the other side of the construction team shouted:

“Old Li, who is that? Your daughter?”

“She looks so good, will you introduce her to my son?”

“Didn’t your son have a girlfriend? It’s better to be introduced to my son.”

“You guys, get out off here.” Li Guanglei smiled and shouted.

“Giggle.” Li Xuan was amused. It seemed that her father’s construction team was in good harmony. She said, “Dad, I’m going to compete later. Would you like me to play a song for you first? I’ve made great progress recently.

“This is of course good.” Li Guanglei’s eyes lit up, no parents did not like to show off their children and he immediately shouted, “My daughter is going to play the zither, come here”

“Of course.”

“Xiaoxuan is a music school major, how can you not listen to it?”

“Go ahead.”

All the members of the construction team have put down the tools in their hands and rushed over.

Although it is said during the construction process, it is definitely necessary to rest so stopping and listening to the zither is nothing as this will be counted as rest. Moreover, they also know that their employer Mr. Su is a very easy-going person and will not say anything to them because of such a small matter.

“Little Shao, go and help bring the ancient zither in the car.” Gu Yun laughed and said, although the construction team might not understand the mystery of ancient zither, being praised by them would also increase Li Xuan’s confidence.

“Good.” Jiang Shao hurried to the car and took out a mini version of the ancient zither.

Li Xuan put the ancient zither on the table and sat in her chair. She was the one who had proposed to play the zither. But at this moment, when she saw her father and the people looking at her, she couldn’t help feeling nervous and comforted herself. If she was so nervous now, how could she participate in the performance?

Li Xuan took a deep breath, put her hands on the ancient zither and began to play, the music was melodious, so much that Gu Yun could not help nodding, while Jiang Shao showed a trace of admiration.

“Not bad.”

“It’s really good.”

“Good to hear.”

The construction teams applauded one after another.

However, they are not very good actors, their smiles and praises are all fakes.

Because they couldn’t help comparing Li Xuan’s zither tone with Su Jing’s and they found that it was like a difference between heaven and earth, they could not help wondering whether there was a problem in their appreciation ability, or that Li Xuan, who had been studying ancient zither music for more than ten years, could not compare to zither art of Su Jing, who had only learned for many days. Even Li Guanglei was embarrassed. He used to think that his daughter played well, but now compared with Su Jing’s, he felt that he could not listen to her.

“Is it not good?” Li Xuan, who could see the faces of people, can’t help crying. According to reason, her father and her father’s good brother are their elders, but they are not proficient in music. If they show themselves casually, they will be amazed. The reason why Li Xuan offered to play is that she wanted to find some self-confidence from her elders but the reaction she got was completely different than the one she had been expecting (to be continued ^)

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