GGS-Chapter 176 Wang Family

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The Origin Cultivation Meditation Song is becoming more and more popular day by day, spreading rapidly across the river from north to south.

This song can be heard from time to time in the streets and in the salon and even in Karaoke halls.

Moreover, some interested people found that after listening to this song for a long time, there will be a feeling of removing impetuosity and relaxing in meditation.

“I will introduce you to a super nice song.” Zhongyun High School, high school second-year class one, after class, a boy with earplugs in the back row suddenly said with some excitement.

“Tune?  Song? His deskmate asked him that the word “tune” is a little far away these days.

“Origin Cultivation Meditation Song, an ancient zither solo, no lyrics, no singing.”

“No, Old Zhao, when did you get so elegant?”

“Do you even understand it? You don’t have to pretend if you don’t understand it.”

“I heard that this song has been very hot on the Internet recently, but I have not heard it.”

“Let it play out and listen to it.” Tang Xiaoyu said back, Su Ya at the same table also curiously turned back.

“Listen quietly.” The boy pulled out the earplug of his mobile phone and put it on the table. The melodious music of the zither sounded up. Almost all the students were gradually absorbed. All the other playful students around stopped one after another and put up their ears to listen. After waiting for the whole five-minute song to be played, and for a few seconds, the students were refreshed.

“Wow, it’s really super nice!” Tang Xiaoyu’s eyes brightened.

“The original ancient zither is so nice, I found it for the first time.”

“It’s really nice, let’s play it again.”

“Which master played this?” Su Ya couldn’t help but ask.

“I don’t know. It’s said that it came from the forum of Ancient Zither’s Home. Its put on by someone called Ten Steps to Scenery, but no one knows his real name. Nowadays, many people are looking for him, even some music companies seem to be looking for him.” The boy said.

“Ten Steps to Scenery?” Su Ya feels that the screen name is a bit familiar. But she can’t remember where she heard it.

In Beijing, In a solemn old house, an Audi drove into the courtyard. A tall, burly, middle-aged man of about fifty years old opened the door and a lady of thirty or forty years old got out. If Su Jing were to see her, he would surely recognize her. She is the Siya Cosmetic Company’s boss, Wang Siya, who works with himself.

“Big brother, what happened to Dad?” Wang Siya asked.

“He listened to a song and fell asleep.” The middle-aged man said.

“That Origin Cultivation Meditation Song, is it really so useful?” Wang Siya was surprised to learn that the song was able to make her father, who had been suffering from insomnia, sleep soundly and wake up energetic.

“Yes, according to experts, this song contains a certain mood, like Zen sound, it can calm the mind. Unfortunately, there is some static sound in the recording. If it can be played live, it should be much better. Didn’t you buy the Cloud Sound Entertainment Company? Can anyone restore this song?

“Cloud Sound Entertainment Company. The main theme of this company is pop music. There are only one or two people who can play the ancient zither. I asked them to try it, but no matter how they played it, they couldn’t put the charm in the song.” Wang Siya shook her head.

“I also asked some ancient zither masters to try it and they also had the same problem, their tines weren’t the same. It seems that we can only find the original master.” The burly middle-aged said.

“What about Second Brother, Third Brother? Third brother has a lot of powers. Maybe there is a way. ” Wang Siya asked.

“You Second Brother just can’t come back from abroad. You Third Brother has got off the plane and is coming…” Just as he was talking, an extended version of the Infiniti Bridge came around the corner, and the burly middle-aged man laughed, “Calling the devil and the Devil is here.”

The extended version of the bridge car drove directly into the yard and stopped next to Audi. A slightly fat middle-aged man, a middle-aged beauty, and a little boy got off together. If Su Jing was here, he would be surprised. This is Wang Zhuo’s family of three.

“Uncle, aunt.” Wang Rui screamed sweetly and ran over to hold Wang Siya’s leg.

“Little Rui, you grew up a lot.” Wang Siya smiled and touched Wang Rui’s head.

“Ha-ha, he’s getting heavier too.” The burly middle-aged man held Wang Rui directly.

“Siya, you have developed your business well in Zhongyun City, but you haven’t come to visit me.” Wang Zhuo smiled and scolded.

“Compared with Third Brother, I’m just making a little fuss.” Wang Siya laughed, Wang Siya and her Third Brother are the close with each other since childhood, because their eldest brother and Second Brother are too old to play with them, so she would stick close to her third brother. In primary school, she also threatened to marry her Third Brother, which caused their family to not know whether to laugh or cry.

“Your cosmetics company has developed very well, and you have also acquired the Cloud Sound Entertainment Company. And you call that a small fuss! What a bold spirit!!” Wang Zhuo laughed.

“Third Brother, you are making fun of me again.” Wang Siya gave Wang Zhuo a white look.

“Right, about your new cosmetic product, I will talk to you later,” Wang Zhuo said.

“What’s the point of waiting? Dad’s asleep and not awake.” Wang Siya said.

“Well, it’s nothing. There’s a partner in your new cosmetics product called Su Jing, isn’t it?” Wang Zhuo asked.

“How do you know?” Wang Siya blinked and her eyes flashed with a murderous temper. She knew the skills of her Third Brother and didn’t want her Third Brother to help herself develop as she wouldn’t be able to show her ability.

“Don’t be nervous. I didn’t help you in secret.” Wang Zhuo smiled and waved his hand, saying, “I didn’t tell you this, but something happened recently. I was surprised to find that Su Jing has partnered with you. It’s so coincidental. You know, I’m planning to develop tourism recently. Su Jing is my partner. He’s my little friend and also my benefactor. Little Rui anorexia was treated by him, so if there is any conflict of interest, give him some more, I can always give you more.

“He was the benefactor who cured Little Rui?” Wang Siya was stunned for a few seconds and then said, “What did Third Brother say? Since he’s the benefactor of Little Rui, you don’t need to say anything, I’m going to make it happen.”

“Who is this Su Jing, when you have time, invite him to our house.” The burly middle-aged man was surprised. He not only cured his little nephew but also cooperated with his third brother and Fourth Sister.

“Oh, he’s an interesting fellow. Even I can’t see through him. I’ll introduce him to you some time. But don’t talk about him for the time being. Tell me about Dad.” Wang Zhuo said.

“Let’s go inside and talk about this…” The burly middle-aged man said, when everyone entered the house, the burly middle-aged man told them the situation again, Wang Zhuo said after listening, “So, only after finding the original can we determine the scope?”

“I have checked the Ten Steps to Scenery ID and he should be located in Zhongyun City.” The burly middle-aged said.

“Give it to me. Now that I’m in Zhongyun City, I’ll turn it upside down to find him.” Wang Zhuo said.

“Third Brother, I’m afraid Dad wouldn’t like it if you’re too big-minded. Why don’t you give it to me? I’ll hold an ancient zither competition in two days and offer a big reward to see if I can get him out.” Wang Siya said.

“Little Zhou, this matter should not be publicized.” Said the middle-aged man.

“Fourth Sister will try it first.” Wang Zhuo saw his eldest brother’s look and felt very anxious. He thought that it should not be publicized too much. Otherwise, if this news is known by Wang Family’s enemy, the Ancient Zither Master would be in danger. Fourth Sister has an entertainment company that recruits people from music and it can hide him from people’s eyes. (to be continued ^)

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