GGS-Chapter 105 Difficult To Distinguish

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Su Jing controls his spiritual force and first probes the first bronze tripod on the left.

This tripod is about ten centimeters high, with copper rust stains on it. It looks old and well preserved. But when his spiritual force sweeps to the bottom and drills along with the copper rust, it detects a crack and drills along the crack. His spiritual force finds that the crack runs through the root of one foot and the foot is broken again. The bond is just covered up by copper rust. Even if Su Jing did not understand it, he guessed that the bronze tripod had been repaired, maybe even faked, and he did not pay any attention to it.

Su Jing continues to probe the next one, Jade of the Goddess of Mercy. This Jade of the Goddess of Mercy is different from the ordinary goddess of mercy. It is not standing or holding a bottle, but lying on its side with a pile of books beside it. It looks like the decoration of an ancient private school. Su Jing used his Spiritual Force to probe it carefully and found that Jade of the Goddess of Mercy was in good condition, with no trace of fracture anywhere, but he doesn’t know whether it was a genuine item or not.

Su Jing’s exploration of the third piece, can not help but be immediately stunned, this is a landscape painting signed by Wu Daozi, in Su Jing’s non-professional perspective, the painting is very good, but the paper is not very ancient. But what Su Jing cares about is not here, his spiritual force penetrates along the edge and finds that there is a layer in the painting. Judging from the uneven traces inside, it should be a painting brush strokes, but his spiritual force detection is not so intuitive, he can probably feel that it is also a landscape painting. He doesn’t know if it’s real or not.

Su Jing went on to explore the remaining seven pieces and found many defects that he could not see with the naked eye, but as he expected, most of them were hard for him to tell where they were real items or not. The key was his lack of expertise. After all, many genuine products have various defects. He can’t deny an antique because of one defect, while some of them without defects may be antique crafts. In order to distinguish authenticity from falsity, besides a keen eye, he needs a huge amount of professional knowledge as backing. Antique appreciation is not something that everyone can play around with.

“Or shall we buy one in a partnership?” A classmate said.

“One-tenth of the probability, what’s the difference between this and real gambling?” Peng Ming shook his head.

“You have to believe my eyes. I think that porcelain bowl is very good. Look at it, It is thin like a paper and bright like a mirror. It should be Jingdezhen porcelain. Look at the model on the base, it should be official kiln. If it is genuine, we can earn 200,000 yuan in one go.”

“Look carefully at the edge of the base.” Su Jing laughed and said that as he had just detected the bowl. The whole base was glued together, and it felt that it was not the same thing at all. That is to say, it didn’t make sense to look at the model on the base. Even if the base was real, the bowl was false, but the gluing method was brilliant. Most people couldn’t see it. It was probably due to some reasons, maybe it is Intentionally fraudulent.

“There’s nothing wrong with the edge of the base.” His classmates still can’t see it.

“Look here, and here, if I guess right, the base is glued together.” Su Jing pointed to the tiny marks on both sides.

“What?” Peng Ming, Yang Wei, and others looked closely, and the marks on both sides were not obvious at first. Looking separately, they might think that they were just a crack. This kind of minor damage was within the scope of acceptance, but it was really like the whole base was glued together.

“It seems like I don’t want to join in the fun after all.” The classmate gave up.

Shen Hong on the side couldn’t help but look at Su Jing, thinking that this guy is really careful. This bowl was counterfeited very skillfully by machine technology. He had seen it for a long time before he could see the clues. He didn’t expect Su Jing to see the problem at a glance.

Su Jing and others did not buy, and eventually, several businessmen began to buy one, two, a total of five, including porcelain bowls, Jade of the Goddess of Mercy, blue and white cans, Laozi wood carvings, mandarin duck drops.

“Mr. Shen, tell me which one is genuine.” Several businessmen can’t wait.

“Are you sure you want to reveal it on the spot?” Shen Hong asked.

“Of course, let’s talk about these.” Several businessmen said.

“Well, I will tell you clearly.” Shen Hong nodded, and Su Jing and others could not help but raise their ears. Shen Hong pointed to the ceramic bowl and said, “This ceramic bowl, the base is genuine, but only the base, the bowl body is a modern imitation and then glued together.”

Undoubtedly, this bowl is worthless, which makes the businessman who bought the porcelain bowl depressed. Peng Ming, Yang Wei, and others looked at Su Jing and thought that Su Jing was right.

“This Jade of the Goddess of Mercy is indeed Hetian jade, and the image is quite vivid. Jade of the Goddess of Mercy appeared in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Ming Dynasty was relatively rare and the Qing Dynasty was relatively large. However, the audiovisual images we saw were basically standing like this. There was no lateral reclining like this. In addition, there was a pile of books beside the Jade of the Goddess, which had not been seen. Moreover, this Jade of the Goddess is for closing purpose, and there is no closing purpose in the Qing Dynasty. In conclusion, this work is not a work of Ming and Qing Dynasty, but a modern antique handicraft.” Shen Hong said so that everyone could hear clearly. Shen Hong introduced Laozi’s wood carvings and mandarin ducks and inkstone drops, which were not genuine, which made many people happy that they had not bought them.

“Look at this blue-and-white jar, it is very straight up straight down, the mouth is closed, the bottom is closed, the top is jewelry button, this is the official example of the Yongxuan period, the Yongxuan period official kiln has this classic style which later spread to the Ming and Qing Dynasties. It has never changed, and it is clearly recorded in the Qianlong Qing file. Therefore, this is a standard Qianlong blue and white brocade cans,” Shen Hong said.

“That is to say, this one is genuine?” The middle-aged man who bought the blue and white jar was surprised to say the least, although it was him who bought Jade of the Goddess of Mercy, it cost 200,000 yuan to buy two pieces, but the real one is worth 300,000 yuan, so it is equal to him making 100,000 yuan.

“Yes, congratulations.” Shen Hong nodded and smiled. Although the real product was bought, he made nearly 200,000 yuan by selling five pieces.

“But why is there no money under the jar?” Another man did not understand.

“This kind of pot will never be declared unloaded, and the emperors of later generations will learn to declare it unloaded. This feature is in line with the records of the archives.” Shen Hong explained and many of them suddenly understood. The event finished with a few happy and several sad people, but even though they lost money on the fake purchases, they have enough financial resources that this loss will not affect them much.

“Old Mister Shen, you have nine fake things, this blue and white jar is the real thing, which means that the remaining five are fake.” Su Jing pointed to the remaining five items.

“You can say that.” Shen Hong nodded.

“What’s the price of this painting? Can you sell it to me?” Su Jing asked and Shen Hong, He Ruixiang, Su Zhenyue, Peng Ming and others were surprised, why would you want to buy it after knowing that it is fake?

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