GGS-Chapter 165 New Trash

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After handing over things to Su Liang and others, Su Jing went to buy a big tank of spirits.

Adding deer antler, wolfberry and other ingredients in the wine jar, and then putting the whole Magical Beast tiger whip into it. Eating this tiger whip directly will probably make up for the excess. Soaking wine can not only keep for a long time but also increase the supplement. At the same time, he can control the supplement by mixing wine. Although Su Jing’s physical fitness may not be used, it should be kept in case it’s always right, and even if we don’t drink it, it can also be used for sale. Few men in the world don’t care about male function. Aphrodisiac Wine is sure to sell as long as it works well. Aphrodisiac Pill is the best example.

That night, after the construction team left, Su Jing entered the first floor of the building with a large vat of spirits and a laptop computer. He came to the original backyard position, lifted the black cloth on the ground, put his hand on the handprint of eight trigrams stone, then disappeared from the air, and appeared in the hyperspace Garbage Station the next moment.

As soon as he entered, the man-eating vine in a huge pot called him out.

The Battle Wolf immediately ran over and rubbed Su Jing’s leg with his head, whining and grieving, apparently panicking inside. He is now half a meter tall, as big as an adult dog, and would scare people when he went out, so Su Jing hid him in.

“May I go out?” The Snake Woman Meng Mei’er, sitting on the floor, suddenly opened her eyes.

“Not yet. Please bear with it. Stay here for a few more days.” Su Jing shook his head.

“It’s too boring.” Meng Mei’er is dissatisfied.

“I expected you to be bored and brought something for you to play.” Su Jing smiled and handed the laptop over. The Battle Wolf and man-eating vine were very obedient and would stay here even if they were bored. Meng Mei’er’s condition has basically recovered. She doesn’t have to meditate all day. If she’s bored here, she can’t help going out to see it. If she’s seen, it’s troublesome, so she needs to be comforted.

“What is this?” Meng Mei’er took the laptop and looked at it from left and right.

“This is called a computer. Let me teach you how to play. This is a switch. Press this button to turn on the computer. This is the mouse, this is the keyboard, through which to control the computer.” Su Jing teaches Meng Mei’er by hand and she initially acts a little chilly. Irrational look, but gradually showed an interesting look. Meng Mei’er’s memory and comprehension are obviously good. Although this is the first time she came in contact with a computer, she quickly learned the basic operation.

“This is the game controller. It can also operate a computer. Let me teach you some games.” Su Jing opens an old game, Boxing King, and then teaches Meng Mei’er the button function. At first, Su Jing naturally abuses Meng Mei’er, but Meng Mei’er is familiar with the button function. Her level rose sharply, after three innings. The manipulator is just like a master of martial arts, who kills Su Jing without consuming much blood.

“Not fun. You are too weak.” Meng Mei’er dropped the handle.

Su Jing almost spouted out blood. You’re too good. Nine Star Dou Practitioner is really good at even playing games.

“Change to this one, this is definitely fun.” Su Jing opened the League of Legends, but Meng Mei’er was not interested.

“Well, this is fun.” Su Jing opened Super Marie. Meng Mei’er was interested at first, but after a little familiarity with the button, she connected. The operation was so flawless that she soon lost interest again.

“Another one.” Su Jing opened up Plant vs. Zombies, which was very simple at first. For Meng Mei’er, it was naturally easy to pass, but maybe because the game was not mainly about hand flexibility, but about the ability of thinking and organization, so Meng Mei’er did not behave superhuman, so she still had to play it seriously, plus the latter. Meng Mei’er kept playing with new botnets and zombies. In the end, she became more and more attentive. She forgot Su Jing’s existence, stared at the computer screen, and wagged her tail slightly from time to time.

“Unexpectedly, a Snake Woman likes to play Plant vs. Zombies.” Su Jing simply retreated and watched the Snake Woman play Plant vs. Zombies, feeling incredible. There’s a joke hidden in there somewhere.

“This plant vs. Zombies should be enough for her to play for a while, even if she is tired of it, and there are a lot of games, TV games, movies for her recreation, so she should not be too bored to panic and go out.” Su Jing was relieved and went out of the Garbage Station and went back to sleep in a tent in the yard.

Su Jing was woken up by a sudden bark at 3 or 4 a.m. Su Jing opens the tent and sees Battle Wolf running out and yelling outside the tent, followed by other Dogs.

“What’s wrong?” Su Jing wondered.

“Something falls down.” The Battle Wolf barked.

“Really!” Su Jing, with a happy face, rushed to the building because there was no door, so he ran directly into the building. There was no whirlpool over the eight trigrams stone as if nothing had happened, but Battle Wolf would not lie. Since it said so, there must have been garbage dumped into Garbage Station, but maybe after the establishment of Garbage Station, it was different from the previous way of whirlpool dumping.

“Guard around here.” Su Jing instructed the Battle Wolf and Cats and Dogs to stay around the eight trigrams stone, then put his hands on the palm print of the eight trigrams stone and entered the hyperspace Garbage Station. A whirlpool appeared over the center of the Garbage Station. A large amount of garbage was dumped downward.

Meng Mei’er has stopped playing games and came to the bottom of the garbage heap and squinted at the garbage. Apparently, she realized that she was sent here like this, but she did not act rashly. It was the whirlpool that gave her a fearful feeling. The rubbish was falling down, and it was not necessary to rush to go through the whirlpool. On the other side; secondly, according to the dumped garbage, this vortex does not seem to be the world of Battle Through the Heavens.

“Help me guard this side and don’t let anything escape.” Su Jing shouted at Meng Mei’er and ran to the other side of the dump.

“Good.” Meng Mei’er is now on board with Su Jing and nods her head in perfect harmony.

After a while, no more garbage was dumped, and the whirlpool disappeared. This pile of garbage is twice as much as the last one. If there is no Garbage Station beyond time and space, if it is still in the original backyard, it will not be able to hold it.

“Let’s check for live animals first.” Su Jing doesn’t care from which world this garbage is from. He just wants to confirm whether there are any dangerous living things. He releases his spiritual force to detect and concentrate on his preparedness. The last time he let Meng Mei’er run away, he almost made a big mistake. He is never allowing this to happen again. (to be continued ^)

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