GGS-Chapter 109 Sperm Whale

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The killer whale took Su Jing and swam for more than an hour before stopping.

Su Jing didn’t know how far away from the shore they were but he couldn’t see the shore at all. There was a sense of helplessness and insignificance in the vast sea. If he hadn’t been accompanied by the killer whale, he would be having a panic attack right about now.

“Little Hu, is it near here?” Su Jing asked.

“Yes.” The Killer whale screamed.

“But there are no sperm whale and no Ambergris here.” Su Jing said and commanded the killer whale to continue to swim forward and circled a few kilometers in a circle but he still did not see the traces of sperm whale.

“Oh, that’s…”  Su Jing’s eyes suddenly lit up and he directed the killer whale to swim past the location he has seen. Then he saw clearly that there were several large pieces of black thing suspended on the sea, which were undoubtedly sperm whale excrement. Su Jing thought about it and did not collect them. It was evident that they had just been excreted and had little value. Only after soaking for at least ten years could they have some value. Only after soaking for at least several decades could they really be regarded as treasures. But who would wait that long? These black things at least have to immerse in the sea for ten years before they can be collected.

“The Sperm whale must be nearby.”  Su Jing thought about it and suddenly heard a “beep” sound, the killer whale cried happily. Su Jing also had a bright eye. He knew about sperm whales when he read nature magazines. The “beep” should have come from the sperm whale.

“Little Hu, lets dive down and have a look.” Su Jing put on his diving goggles, grabbed the dorsal fin of the killer whale, and then he went into the sea head to head and dived slowly. When Su Jing awakened as a Spirit Reader Master, his physical fitness was improved and natural diving became easier. Su Jing just felt a little uncomfortable until he reached 100 meters depth, so he continued to dive, 110 meters, 120 meters… Until about two hundred meters later, Su Jing finally felt terrible and hurried to let killer whale stop and slow down.

However, he still couldn’t see the sperm whale. The Sperm whale dive into the sea and are used to hunting at depths of up to 800 meters. This depth is far from enough to see a picture of sperm whale hunting for prey.

“Let’s take a deeper look.” Su Jing hesitated between giving up and continuing to dive, and finally decided to dive again, but he knew that he would not be able to support himself for a long time and he has to swim back up to the sea to breathe.

At Su Jing’s command, the killer whale continued to dive, two hundred and ten meters, two hundred and twenty meters… Su Jing felt his whole body crushed by the seawater and his lungs were almost choked.

Su Jing had to let the killer whale swim back up to the sea to catch his breath.

However, Su Jing didn’t give up, changed his position and let killer whale dive again. He tossed about three times. On the fourth dive, more than 300 meters deep, Su Jing finally saw a sperm whale with a head that was disproportionately large. It looked like a giant tadpole. The whale is racing toward a squid. The squid is actually very big. It is estimated to be six or seven meters long. It’s a huge animal for Su Jing, but it looks very small compared with the large sperm whale.

Su Jing quickly let killer whale catch up and took out his camera to take pictures, feeling a little excited.

Because sperm whales are accustomed to deep-sea predation, the hunting process is difficult to photograph.

On October 15, 2009, a photographer found a female sperm whale and its cubs preying on the sea in the waters near Bonin Island, Japan, and photographed the squid in the mouth of the sperm whale floating above the water. In this photo taken by the photographer, the sperm whale mother’s mouth contains a giant squid about 9 meters long. This photo was posted on National Geographic and became one of the most popular atlases.

However, the photographer only photographed the squid in the mouth of the sperm whale on the sea and did not photograph the whole predation process.

So if Su Jing took a picture of the whole process, it would undoubtedly be of great significance.

“Crack.” The Sperm whale emits a sound pulse attack while chasing the squid which almost makes the squid dizzy. Then the whale quickly catches up and bit the giant squid in its mouth, and swallow it. The squid has no resistance at all. Then the sperm whale began to look for other prey and even made sound waves towards Su Jing, who quickly called killer whale to evacuate upstream.

“Ah” Su Jing greedily breathed fresh air as soon as he was on the surface of the water and continue to suck in the air until his breathing was stable. “The whole predation process was photographed. I don’t know what Wu Min reaction would be if I show him these photographs.”

Su Jing thought about how Wu Min mentioned last time that Nature Magazine was about to open a column on marine life. If he takes this photo, it should not be difficult to get it in the magazine. But Su Jing only needs to sell photos for money, so he can give Wu Min the right of signature and help him.

Not far away, a sperm whale suddenly floated up and spewed out a column of water. Then, one sperm whale after another came up. They liked to move in groups, often forming small groups of 5-10 heads, sometimes forming large groups of several hundred heads, this group consists of just over twenty sperm whales.

“Back away.” Su Jing let the killer whale retreat and shoot photos and videos frantically. This opportunity to see so many sperm whales with one’s own eyes is not always possible. It’s natural to take a souvenir. While watching, Su Jing lamented the magic of the Creator and the value of this trip to the sea.

Su Jing didn’t let killer whale leave until he had seen enough, but instead of going straight home, Su Jing asked killer whale to continue searching nearby to see if any Ambergris could be found.

In fact, Su Jing knows that the probability of finding Ambergris is very low. After all, there are storms and the killer whale took a lot of time in going back and forth. Even if the killer whale found the previous Ambergris and if there were others Ambergris, they would have drifted away to god knows where.

However, if you do look for it, there’s always a glimmer of hope, isn’t there?

Su Jing directed the killer whale and swam in the direction of the wind and waves. After swimming for more than ten kilometers, he saw a small island far away. What makes Su Jing’s eyes shine is that the island has a sea bay, like a funnel. The seawater is pouring in there. Continue to approach, he can see that the sea bay is under the sand and the shore is also the beach, the coast has a few coconut trees, if not for being a deserted island, it must be a good place to play.

When Su Jing looks at the beach, his pupils suddenly shrink. From a distance, there are a small amount of wood, coconut shells and other things on the beach. This is not the point. The point is that there are scattered seven or eight “stones”. Some are brown and some are gray. They all look like Ambergris.

“So many Ambergris?” Su Jing’s heart beat faster and because the water near the shore was too shallow for the killer whale to swim, Su Jing jumped out of the sea and went up to the shore quickly. In his eyes, the seven or eight stones were just as tempting as the seven or eight swimsuit beauties.

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