GGS-Chapter 103 Second Gift

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Such a root is worth three million yuan?

Su Zhenyue, Ye Qin, Peng Ming, Yang Wei, He Jingdong, etc.

All were dumbfounded and couldn’t believe their ears.

Su Jing was also surprised, He knew that this tree root is worth more than ordinary leaflet purple Sandalwood, but unexpectedly it is worth at least three million yuan. This tree root is from the Coiling Dragon world garbage. When he had seen it the first time, he liked its strange shape so he collected it and did not sell it to Shen Hong with other purple Sandalwood. Now Su Jing can’t help but feel that his original decision was really brilliant. Otherwise, if Shen Hong offered hundreds of thousands of yuans that day, with his own knowledge and mentality at that time, maybe he could not help selling it.

“Really, is it so expensive?” Many people expressed their doubts, They can reluctantly accept 500,000 but three million is too exaggerated.

“I haven’t said much yet. You probably don’t know much about exotic goods. Let me tell you about them. There are five exotic stones in China. The agate stone collected by the Beijing Municipal People’s Government from Inner Mongolia and it is made of ordinary agate stone. However, it looks like a fluffy chicken with a yellowish color, and the stone is moist and lifelike. Experts estimate its price at 130 million yuan. Another one is called the world’s first wonder stone, ‘more than one year a year’, it is valued at 500 million yuan. In addition, Yinchuan collectors ‘hands of the Qinghai Yellow River Qishi’ the beginning of man’, Yinchuan collectors’ hands of an agate stone’ years’, Beijing collectors’hands of the Chinese territory’, are extremely high priced. Their greatest value lies in their pure natural shape.

Shen Hong paused, then continued, “This tree root may not be as good as those strange stones, but it is also purely natural. If it is stirred up by the news media, it can be said that the price will not be capped. As long as someone likes it, it will not be surprising for it to sell for a very high price. Mr. Su may as well get our Myriad Treasures Auction House to auction this, which should be able to bid high prices.” Having said the price, he did not intend to grab it. He couldn’t bring out three million yuan.

“Let’s talk about it later,” Su Jing said. He didn’t mean to leave this tree root for collection. For the time being, he is building a Building and he lacks money. The collection can’t be eaten, but since it is so valuable, he doesn’t plan to sell it yet. He had to try to sell it at the highest price. Auction houses might be a good choice.

“A’Jing, where did you get this from?” Peng Ming and other students couldn’t help but ask.

“I picked it up,” Su Jing replied, taking the tree root and putting it back into the box and handing it to his mother, Ye Qin, for safekeeping.

“…” Everyone saw Su Jing’s careless look, and they really wanted to strangle him. This Bullshit luck is too good and he is saying it like he takes these kinds of things for granted. They really don’t know how many people envy and hate him at the same time.

“Su Jing, you put away the tree root, don’t you plan to send another gift?” Yang Wei said suddenly, with a hint of teasing on her face.

“A’Jing has already sent the tree root and its the thought that counts.” He Ruixiang defended Su Jing.

“That’s not going to work. It’s not going to be returned. I really should give you another gift.” Su Jing said seriously.

“You also prepared a second gift?” He Ruixiang smiled, and Yang Wei was a puzzle. Looking at Su Jing’s calm and relaxed manner, did he really prepare a second gift?

“I didn’t prepare a second gift, but…” Su Jing paused intentionally and then said, “I can prepare on the spot.”

“Oh?” He Ruixiang is very interested.

“Can you lend me ink, paper inkstone, and a pair of couplet paper?” Su Jing said.

He Ruixiang’s eyebrows were picked by this remark. Yang Wei and others had a slightly strange face. He asked him to prepare ink and couplet paper. Did he want to write couplets in front of He Ruixiang? As they all know, He Ruixiang has a good command of brush writing. He writes couplets several times better than printing. His calligraphy is adopted by many download websites of calligraphy. He is a great calligrapher. Su Jing actually wants to write a couplet birthday gift in front of He Ruixiang, which is really bold of him.

“You’re not going to write couplets, are you?” Peng Ming wondered if he had misunderstood it.

“Yeah.” Su Jing nodded.

“You are really bold!” Peng Ming and others raised their thumbs one after another, but their faces were playful. Su Jing could not write with the brush in high school. They knew where they could practice even if they had practiced in recent years. Brush calligraphy is broad and profound, but it can not be practiced in three or two years. Maybe it can show off in front of laymen, but it can not be hidden in front of real calligraphers.

Su Zhenyue and Ye Qin are looking at Su Jing funnily. What kind of gift do you want to give? You can write couplets on the spot with great courage, but you can’t spare any effort. Su Zhenyue also has good brush writing skills. However, he would not dare to write couplets on the spot in front of He Ruixiang. Where does Su Jing get his courage from? Nevertheless, Su Jing’s words are all spoken out and they can’t call Su Jing back.

“Jingdong, take out ink, paper inkstone, and couplet paper.” He Ruixiang smiled, even with a smile in his eyes. For a long time, no students dared to show their brush characters in front of him, let alone write couplets as birthday gifts.

He Jingdong immediately took the ink, ink, inkstone and couplet paper and put them on the desktop. He also polished Su Jing’s ink, but he also had a funny look on his face. It’s true that newborn calves are not afraid of tigers. Su Jing really has the guts to show brush strokes in front of their father.

In fact, Su Jing was not so relaxed as he seems on the surface, but he was very worried. Of course, he did not plan to write a couplet of brush letters to give as gifts, but only to prepare a gift. He Ruixiang returned it and was pushed out by Yang Wei. It would not be good to give another gift now. So he decided to show his own brush letters in which he had made great progress.

Su Jing didn’t stop practicing Immortal World’s brush strokes during this period. The last time Spirit Reader Master stimulated his spirit, he almost collapsed. It was also the critical moment that the artistic conception of brush strokes had some effects, so he deeply realized the potential role of practicing these brush strokes.

Su Jing now not only writes more elegantly and artistically but also can control the size of each word and the interval between two words precisely. Although it is not as good as the words on Immortal World waste paper, he thinks he has progressed a lot.

Su Jing took a deep breath, picked up the brush, dipped the ink, and dropped the pen directly on the couplet paper.

At the moment of his writing, it seemed as if he had entered a kind of artistic conception as if he had suddenly become an ancient scholar, as if his mind was at a standstill and everything around him had nothing to do with him and he had an indescribable charm about himself.

This scene caused the eyes of He Ruixiang, Su Zhenyue, Shen Hong to brighten, even other people who are not very knowledgeable also showed a hint of surprise, They have not read the word and they only looked at Su Jing posture, there is a feeling that Su Jing really knows brush strokes.

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