GGS-Chapter 107 Bamboo and Stone Painting

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At about nine o’clock in the evening, the birthday banquet was over.

Su Zhenyue and Ye Qin are staying for a while. Su Jing and his classmates left for dinner at a nearby barbecue shop. Although they said they were going to kill Su Jing orally, the main purpose of the dinner was to talk with their classmates. After all, it was not easy to get together. Several people had been playing until about twelve o’clock in the evening before they broke up and went back to their homes.

The next day, He Jingdong came to Su Jing’s house and made an on-the-spot investigation. Although the location was at the seaside, the seaside was a reef and the land under the house was strong enough to be built. Finally, He Jingdong gave a price of 10 million yuan, including all kinds of layout and decoration required by Su Jing, as well as the luxurious decoration of the villa on the fourth floor, at least at the beginning. Ten million yuan is enough to afford that luxury.

Now the only remaining problem is that buildings that high cannot be built in the ruler area. Su Jing called Wang Zhuo and asked him about it. First, Wang Family has great influence and Wang Zhuo is good at doing things. Second, Wang Zhuo has sent people to inspect the surrounding environment and obtained permission from the government to start developing this tourism industry. He now has a great say in whatever construction happened in this area.

“What are you doing building such a tall building?” Wang Zhuo was surprised to hear Su Jing’s words.

“Making it to live,” Su Jing said.

“…” Wang Zhuo could not help but be stunned for a while. Not long ago, Su Jing was just a good cook in the countryside. In a twinkling of an eye, he became so high minded. It seemed that he didn’t completely understand Su Jing. 

“Don’t worry, I’ll help you with all the formalities.” Wang Zhuo smiled, apparently, it was a trivial matter for him.

“Thank you so much.” Su Jing said happily.

“You don’t need to be polite to me. “I’m asking you for help too. I have an old friend. He’s losing more and more of his appetite in the past six months because he’s getting older, do you think you can cook him a few meals?”

“It’s a trivial matter. I’ll send it in person sometime, but I’m not sure if it will work.” Su Jing promised, but he dared not promise that it would work. After all, the physical function of the elderly man is declining, which is different from that of children and young people.

“Well, if he can’t even eat what you cook, it’s only because his time limit is approaching and he’s hopeless.” Wang Zhuo laughed.

“…” Su Jing was speechless for a while. Did this old friend hurt him in the past?

After hanging up the phone, Su Jing consulted with He Jingdong for a while and confirmed some details. He Jingdong seemed to be inspired and left with his papers. He Jingdong designed and introduced a familiar construction team. Next, Su Jingdong hardly needed to worry about it. However, although the “stacking” process can be done in one month, the preliminary work is still time-consuming, but it is not urgent.

“10 million, I still don’t have enough, I have to earn more.” Su Jing intends to send the root to the Myriad Treasures Auction House, but he only has 2.66 million on hand, and the root will not sell for 8 million.

“Let’s look at this picture.” Su Jing took out the landscape painting he bought from Shen Hong, and after buying it, Su Jing knew that from the perspective of professionals, the painting could not be faked any better. From the standpoint of axle pole, paper, and ink, it revealed that it was a modern copy, and the level of copy could be said to be perfect. In fact, ‘Devas Bring the Son Painting’, Wu Daozi’s masterpiece, is not the real remains, but a copy of Li Gonglin of the Song Dynasty. However, the copies are also graded, and the copy on Su Jing’s hand can not undoubtedly enter the stream.

“Now let’s unlock it.” Su Jing releases his spiritual force, drills into the edge gap, and slowly open the surface along the gap. If this is to be done by hand, it will take a lot of skill. Otherwise, it’s easy to tear the painting inside, but it’s very simple to separate it with spiritual force. Tearing open a corner, it revealed the yellowing paper inside, as well as the corner of ink painting, is a few bamboos and a few lines of words.

Su Jing continued to peel it off and in a short time, the surface was completely torn open. The whole painting was exposed, with only a few bamboos and two erected stones. It was quite simple, although Su Jing doesn’t know much about paintings, he feels that this painting is elegant and much better than before.

“Let’s check if it is a famous painting.” Su Jing checked the information on the Internet according to the words on the painting and the red seal. After a while, he actually found something and showed surprise. “Is this Bamboo and Stone Painting by Zheng Banqiao’s?”

Zheng Banqiao’s was a famous painter and calligrapher in the early Qing Dynasty. He was also one of the eight famous eccentric painters in Yangzhou. He is praised by later generations as a versatile painter of “poems, books, and paintings”. His painting achievements were very high. He was especially good at bamboo and stone painting, with thick branches and leaves, thin and solitary height, superhuman style. The orchid he painted highlights the wild atmosphere in the mountains with elegant brush strokes and charming fragrance.

Interestingly, Zheng Banqiao’s was different from the general literati. For thousands of years, most Chinese literati were ashamed to talk about money and thought that it was a vulgarity to sell their work for money. However, Zheng Banqiao’s has a unique view of elegance and vulgarity and thought that it is not shameful to exchange paintings for money.

At the age of 30, Zheng Banqiao’s had difficulty in making a living. So he went to Yangzhou to sell paintings for a living. When he was a professional painter for 10 years, he later became a county magistrate and thought that he cannot enter the official career. Although he earned little by selling his painting but he made enough to live comfortably. In his letter to his younger brother Zhèng Mò, he wrote: “Fast-fitting my inkstone, take my draft with you, sell Yangzhou paintings, and grow old with Li”. Sure enough, after his resignation, he worked as a professional painter for 20 years until his death.

As a professional painter, Zheng Banqiao’s have many survived paintings, according to statistics, there are about 7000 pieces. However, among them, the authenticity is mixed, and there are many fake goods and some people say that “the real paintings are less than one-tenth of that number”.

“I don’t know if it’s genuine or fake. If it’s genuine, it will be worth a lot.” Su Jing looked at the Bamboo and Stone Painting in front of him and felt a little excited. It was just a picture that he bought for a thousand yuan. If it is Zheng Banqiao’s work, it would be normal to sell it for millions of yuan, which would mean making millions by turning around. It would be easier than picking up money from the ground.

“I will take it to the Myriad Treasures Auction House for appraisal later.” After all, Su Jing did not know how to do it and could not identify it. He thought that it had been unraveled anyway. Even if it was put in front of Shen Hong, he would not recognize it as the landscape painting he sold.

At this time, Su Jing heard a cry, the killer whale is calling.

Su Jing put away the Bamboo and Stone Painting and came to the beach. He saw the killer whale carrying a large piece of white stone-like stuff, which seemed to be for him. Every time killer whale came over, he would bring gifts, but most of them were of little value. After all, it did not know what if anything was of any value.

“Little Hu, what did you bring this time?” Su Jing walked up and took the big white thing from the mouth of a killer whale. Then he shows his doubts. The gifts that were given by the killer whale in the past, though not very valuable, are all better looking, such as shells, coral and so on. But what is this white thing?

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