GGS-Chapter 162 Unexpected Effect

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“Big Brother He, this is for you.” On this day, Su Jing handed a packet of pills to He Jingdong. After several days of experiments on animals, Su Jing found that the Aphrodisiac Pill was really very strong and had no side effects as long as the dosage was appropriate.

Su Jing then used the right amount of flour to make pills. Of course, because it has not been tested on human beings, the so-called appropriate amount is actually less than the most suitable amount. After all, less only means slower and more may actually cause problems. In fact, the usage is indicated in the notes of the Alchemist, but the earthlings are not as strong as those in the Battle Through The Heavens world, so the usage is not appropriate.

“Well, what is this?” He Jingdong was stunned.

“Aphrodisiac Pill.” Su Jing said.

“No, No. Most of the aphrodisiacs have too many side effects. I have taken them, but they are useless. What I want is a medicinal diet, a mild and nourishing one.” He Jingdong waved his hand in an avoidable manner. It seems that he has eaten a lot and suffered a lot from it.

“Ha-ha, this is not an ordinary pill, I’ll promise its validity.” Su Jing laughed.

“How are you so sure? Have you tried it?” He Jingdong looked at Su Jing in a strange way.

“Cough, my friend tried it.” Su Jing can’t tell. He tried it on animals many times and said, “Will I deceive you? Don’t you believe me? If it was someone else, I won’t give it to them. You only have to look at it yourself.”

“Well, I trust you.” He Jingdong took the small package of pills and listened to Su Jing’s affirmation. He could not help but look forward to it.

“Seven in all, one a day, abstinence during this period.” According to Su Jing, this is the use recorded in the notebook of the Alchemist.

“Good.” He Jingdong took the pill back and took one every day, as Su Jing said. On the first day, he felt his abdominal swelling disappear, slight urination disappears, the next day he had a long-lost morning blossom, the third day… He was surprised to find that he seemed to grow stronger day by day. After seven days, he tried with his girlfriend and regained his majesty as if he were 20 years old.

He Jingdong was very excited but worried that it would be an empty celebration. On that day, he came to the hospital and entered a clinic.

“Mr. He, you are here. Did you take medicine on time during this period?” The doctor saw He Jingdong as if he saw an acquaintance.

“This… Yes. ” He Jingdong could not say that he did not take the medicine prescribed by the doctor at all during this period, but only the medicine given by Su Jing, because he had taken many medicines given by the doctor, the effect was negligible. And if you don’t pay attention, you will rebound. Su Jing’s medicine, however, had almost immediate effects. However, the appearance of health does not represent real health, he feels its a little unbelievable. So he’s going to check it again.

“I think you look good. It seems to work.” Waiting for him to answer,  the doctor smiled.

“Doctor. I want to do a comprehensive examination,” He Jingdong said.

“You have just started this treatment, you don’t need to be so anxious. In the near future, you still need to abstinence properly.” The doctor waved his hand. I thought that He Jingdong couldn’t wait, so he persuaded him.

“Do a check and talk,” He Jingdong said.

“That’s all right.” When the doctor saw He Jingdong insisted, he would not dissuade him any more. Anyway, it would be fine to do another inspection. However, after the results of the examination came out, the doctor’s face was full of shock.

“Do you need to be so surprised?” He Jingdong laughed.

“You…” The doctor was so surprised that he could not speak.

“Yes, I have regained my majesty.” He Jingdong nodded his head affirmatively and looked proud.

“What I want to say is not this, but your prostatitis. It’s healed.” The doctor was surprised as he said this.

“What?” He Jingdong was stunned and then showed ecstasy. He was embarrassed to tell Su Jing that he still had prostatitis, but also the kind that he could not cure for a long time. Unexpectedly, he took the medicine Su Jing gave, which not only restored his male function but also cured prostatitis.

“In such a short time, my medicine is not so magical. What did you do? What did you eat?” The doctor was excited. If he could cure such stubborn prostatitis in such a short time, it would be enough for him to become famous in the medical world.

“I just did what you said.” He Jingdong said, he also realized that Su Jing’s medicine seemed to be extremely extraordinary and he did not intend to expose it without Su Jing’s consent.

“May I have a list of your working hours, eating, drinking, accommodation, etc. for the past few days? You give me a detailed list and I’ll exempt you from all previous medical expenses.”  The doctor said.

“All right.” He Jingdong is not scarce about the medical expenses but just wants to make a list to send the doctor away, so that he won’t pester himself with questions. He Jingdong made a detailed list on the spot, which was true and true except for the medication part.

“This is not right.” The doctor looked at the list for a long time and his brows wrinkled. This diet did not have any special features. Some of them were not good for treating prostatitis. There is no reason for prostatitis to be cured, after some time, the doctor asked, “Have you ever eaten anything?”

“No.” He Jingdong shook his head and stood up and said, “I will leave if there is nothing, I will still pay for the medical expenses.”

“Well, if you think about what you have done and what you have done, it may speed up the recovery of prostatitis. You can call me and tell me, this will a big contribution to medicine, and you are not allowed to… you cough, It will be helpful for a friend who has prostatitis in the future,” The doctor said.

“All right.” He Jingdong was a little speechless about the doctor, said goodbye and left, then called Su Jing.

“A’Jing, what exactly did you gave me?” He Jingdong asked.

“Why, no effect?” Su Jing wondered.

“Not ineffective, but the effect is too strong, even my prostatitis is good.” He Jingdong laughed.

“…” Su Jing is a little speechless, he did not say that he had prostatitis before, in case this drug has side effects on prostatitis? However, Su Jing was surprised that Aphrodisiac Pill could treat prostatitis.

“A’Jing, thank you so much. I’ll invite you to dinner later.”

“Oh, you helped me design the building, take this as my thanx.”

That night, He Jingdong couldn’t help showing off his situation in a group, which mostly had functional problems or prostatitis. He set up a communication therapy course. Of course, many of them had not been cured for a long time. He Jingdong was also an old member of the group, so his recovery situation was mentioned as soon as possible. So the news exploded in the crowd, one by one, they excitedly asked about the treatment method and where to seek medical treatment.

He Jingdong thought about it and called Su Jing again to tell him the truth. He wanted to ask if Su Jing had any medicine to sell to these people.

Unexpectedly, Su Jing readily agreed, but there is a requirement, must be – rich people. (to be continued ^)

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