PC Chapter 95 Unexpected Turn of Events

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In North Lake, fighting intent permeated the air. Due to the weather, the students looked a bit disheveled, but it didn’t hinder their focus.

Inside the lake, Gyarados were waiting to unleash their move, while Misanji, gasping for breath, commanded his Sceptile to engage with the leader of the Gyarados in the air. The remaining people were also busy stopping the other Gyarados from interfering.

However, there was a bit of an issue on Terrance’s side. His eyes suddenly plunged into darkness, and his mind became a chaotic mess.

“It’s Misdreavus’ illusion…” Terrance thought, realizing that Misdreavus was trying to convey a message to him.

In the darkness, fragments of images played one after another: a group of people in special attire, slow-moving “armored vehicles,” and the released Ariados. It all made Terrance extremely alert.

“There’s something wrong…” Terrance vigorously shook his head to snap out of it. He was ready to alert the others even if it meant interrupting the battle. However, at that moment, a thunderous noise erupted, leaving him disoriented.

“What in the world…” Terrance instinctively covered his ears.

It was a colossal “machine,” for lack of a better word. Including Terrance, all the Pokémon and students’ eyes were attracted to it.

“This is…Raikou?!” Terrance was taken aback. The golden fur, powerful limbs, sharp fangs, and a black steel headgear on its forehead. The headgear covered its forehead, nose and mouth, with an X-shaped beard below. It even had a light blue, lightning shaped tail with a spark-shaped tip. The white mane on its face and the thundercloud-like cloak on its back symbolized clouds and cumulonimbus clouds. Underneath this Raikou’s feet, arcs of lightning were shimmering.

“Johto Region’s Legendary Pokémon… No, it’s fake!” With just a brief glance, Terrance discerned that this was an artificial “Pokemon Machine.”

This “machine” was currently emitting massive electrical currents, and dark purple thunderclouds crackled with electricity, creating a sparkling display akin to hundreds of twinkling stars, forming crackling lightning bolts.

“Recharging complete… Target: Gyarados in the lake.”

In the blink of an eye, this Raikou released another deafening thunderbolt, crushing the “ice crystal shield” created by Gyarados, causing the entire lake to resemble a sea of lightning, shimmering with golden serpentine electricity.



Angry and powerless cries were mixed with pain. Meanwhile, the students who were frightened by this series of “events” heard several “whoosh” sounds, and they lost balance, falling to the ground.

“What’s happening?” Seiji shouted in confusion, bewildered by the sudden turn of events.

“It’s the String Shot!” Orange pulled frantically at the silk threads wrapped around her feet.

Terrance was also ensnared by String Shot, but since he was already warned, he quickly managed to calm down and signaled Misdreavus to continue hiding. Then, he looked toward their Pokémon.

Whether the Gyarados in the lake or the Pokémon battling on the ground and in the air, they were all struck by the lightning bolts from all directions. The high-powered lightning bolts caused them to lose consciousness, except for a few Electric Type and Grass Type Pokémon.


Misanji shouted, and Sceptile leaped out of the water with numerous injuries. The other people reached for their remaining Poké Balls, but the silk threads grew denser, leaving them no chance to resist. Each person was tightly wrapped up like a giant dumpling.

“Swablu…” Terrance clenched his fist as he watched Swablu being knocked down by a lightning bolt. He turned around, his body wriggling, finally getting a clear view of the identity of the attackers.

Faced with the students and the Pokémon that still had some energy left, several Ariados and Drapion started the cleanup operation. A few individuals who appeared to be squad leaders directed others, using special “tool guns” they held to aim at both the fallen and standing Pokémon.

Then, they turned their attention towards Terrance and his group.

“Who are you people? Release us now, you ba*tards!” Tobias yelled fiercely, struggling and cursing at them.

It wasn’t just him; other people, when faced with this situation, also couldn’t remain calm. Their bodies were being restrained, and their Pokémon were restricted by the opponent’s “black technology”. At this point, they were nothing more than prey, ready to be slaughtered at any moment.

“Shut up!”

On the armored vehicle, a gray-haired man cursed and shouted, then gave the students a cold stare.

“If you want to live, you’d better stay quiet!”

“Take away their Pokémon first.”

“Yes, sir!”

“Powerful Pokémon? They’re nothing but weaklings. In the face of technology, even the strongest Pokémon are helpless.”

“It only took three days of electricity to deal with these troublesome guys. Haha… how ridiculous.” The gray-haired man shook his head in contempt, looking down at the Gyaradoses that had fallen into the lake.

Gyarados, known for their strength in the data, weren’t able to withstand a single blow from the fully charged “Raikou.”

“Trainers should have been eliminated long ago.”

Terrance was flipped over by a young man, who then took out the remaining Poké Balls. Terrance felt a tingling sensation on his scalp and his heart raced.

“Calm down! I must stay calm!”

“Poacher?” a raspy and low voice spoke out. Terrance looked up at the young man who had taken his Poké Balls.

The man’s expression was indifferent, and he seemed unconcerned with Terrance’s question, only focused on his task. He didn’t take Terrance seriously, who was just a young brat around ten years old.

The seven students, including the girls, were rudely kicked to the side, treated like disposable trash. Jinbe, Misanji, Seiji, Tobias, and even Orange and Yuko felt extremely frustrated at this moment. With their Pokémon confiscated and unable to muster any physical resistance, the feeling of being shackled nearly drove them to the point of breakdown.

“We can’t give up; we have to find a way,” Jinbe’s deep eyes reflected a sense of urgency.

“Pokédex… it’s still here.” Jinbe sighed with relief as he looked at the miniature camera connected to his Pokédex. “If the academy realizes what’s happening here, they will definitely come to our rescue.”

He wanted to share this information with everyone, but there were still guards watching over them, making it difficult for him to speak out. After all, he couldn’t be sure if the academy was currently monitoring them.

“Don’t worry…” Terrance muttered softly, as if speaking to himself, and it was unclear if he was addressing anyone in particular. The six people, as well as those keeping watch over them, all turned their attention toward Terrance, but they only saw him looking rather silly, as if he were talking to thin air.

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