PC Chapter 94 The Formidable Gyarados

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7 people vs Gyarados, the key is in teamwork and coordination.

After one round of battle, it became evident that North Lake’s Gyarados were much better than them.

BOOM! The dull collision of the moves made the group of people look troubled. Their carefully designed strategy, which used the electrical conductivity of Water-type moves to drain the Gyarados’s stamina, was unexpectedly countered by the leader of Gyarados in the same way.

The rainy skywas filled with drifting dark clouds, and occasional sparks of lightning crackled in the gloomy sky, followed by a stunning thunderbolt striking down.


Faced with the retaliation of the Gyarados’ leader, everyone quickly ordered their Electric Type Pokémon to block it while instructing their Water Type Pokémon to take cover.

“I’ve long been saying that this Gyarados is quite powerful,” Jinbe remarked.

“Furthermore, all the other Gyarados use their moves in coordination with it, so we can’t disrupt their coordination.”

Jinbe, Misanji, Yuko, and Orange exchanged glances, then commanded their Grass Type Pokémon to use moves like Leech Seed to wear down the Gyarados.

“It looks like obtaining the Water Stone will be quite challenging,” Terrance shook his head and heaved a deep sigh, watching Swablu dodging the Dragon Rage… and Probopass using Iron Defense and its body and rocks to block the lightning.

Facing Swablu fluttering in the rain, Terrance spoke up, “Doing alright?”

Swablu, feeling frustrated, merely nodded and unleashed a Dragon Pulse, which was quickly obliterated by two Hydro Pumps.

A dozen or so ordinary Gyarados protected the powerful leader in the middle. However, it was this Gyarados leader in the middle whose every attack put tremendous pressure on Terrance and the others.

“Let’s change the approach. I’ll distract the strongest one, and you guys quickly deal with the others,” Misanji said.

“How do we do that? Why not leave it to me?” Jinbe asked.

“I can handle it!” Misanji replied without further explanation.

He didn’t give any time for Jinbe to think about it. When it comes to coordination, the Gyarados clearly had more experience, moreover this was their home turf. The student’s Pokémon couldn’t even set foot in the lake water.

Facing Electric Type moves, the Gyarados handled them with ease, skillfully blocking the attacks using Surf and Ice Beam, leaving the onlookers stunned.

“Then let’s freeze the entire lake surface. Glalie, use Blizzard.”

Misanji opted to turn the lake into a walkable surface, but unfortunately, halfway through the process, both the layer of ice and the move was shattered by the Gyarados’ counterattack.

Anticipating this outcome, Misanji retrieved Glalie expressionlessly and released Swellow this time.

“Swellow, take Sceptile and fly up,” the command was given, causing even Terrance to raise an eyebrow.

Looks like an aerial battle is in store.

Leaving aside the stormy weather, the crucial point was Sceptile’s weight, which was at least more than twice that of Swellow’s… However, Terrance soon realized he was mistaken. Misanji had no intention of letting Sceptile ride it. Instead, Swellow gripped Sceptile tightly with its talons and soared into the sky. Their coordination appeared remarkably in sync, indicating they had practiced this extensively.

Once in the air, Swellow became the target of the Gyarados.

However, the others weren’t going to stand idly by as they were attacked. Looking at several Gyarados preparing to take flight, Terrance gave a command, “Gravity!”

Then, a one-sided gravity field imposed on the Gyarados, slowing down their ascent, then various moves interrupted their takeoff.

While facing the Gyarados’ attacks from below, Swellow’s flight fortunately remained unaffected by the rainy weather, its movements remaining agile.

“Everyone, attack,” Jinbe shouted.

The others rallied and found their respective targets.

However, at this moment…..Terrance hesitated, feeling somewhat taken aback.

A warning from Misdreavus!

There were many outsiders approaching.

“Why would there be people in a place like this?” Terrance was perplexed, but he couldn’t dwell on it for long as the battle was heating up and couldn’t be interrupted.

Raindrops splashed on his face, and Terrance could only instruct Misdreavus to hide itself for now.

Watching Swablu and Probopass delaying the Gyarados, Terrance couldn’t afford to be distracted. Similarly, he also couldn’t ignore the outsiders mentioned by Misdreavus.

A few months ago, Terrance would never have such a mindset. Even Misdreavus would have “obediently” followed the rules of Pokémon and stayed comfortably inside its Poké Ball.

However, after meeting Mr. Looker, he had picked up some useful travel tips. Terrance realized that these tips made sense, so he started using them one by one.

Misdreavus used its inherent Ghost Type talent to stay hidden throughout, remaining close to him and monitoring the surroundings.

“They’re probably just passing through,” Terrance thought.

Being interrupted while in the middle of a task due to external factors is the most frustrating thing… Especially since little Misdreavus’ monitoring range isn’t very wide; it only has an advantage in height. The approaching people must have almost been attracted by the noise.

Feeling helpless, Terrance had no choice but to shout loudly, “It seems like a lot of people are coming.”

But the six students only briefly hesitated, not dwelling on it. How could they afford to be distracted in the midst of battle?

Focusing on the battle was a fundamental rule of trainers, even Breeder Class student like Orange understood that. Therefore, they didn’t pay much attention and remained fully engaged in the battle.

Terrance understood this too, but he couldn’t forget Mr. Looker’s words. In the wilderness, one must always be alert to their surroundings, a lesson that had been etched into the hearts of every Trainer from decades ago.

Leech Seed, Thunderbolt, Hydro Pump, Dragon Rage… the battlefield was filled with various different moves. Sceptile, held by Swellow, leaped down from above towards Gyarados’ leader.

Facing the Leaf Blade move executed with the assistance of gravitational momentum, Gyarados showed no signs of backing down and responded fiercely with an Aqua Tail.


Surprisingly, their strength was evenly matched

However, this scene left everyone quite anxious because Sceptile had lost its footing, which could be dangerous in such a situation… But judging from Misanji’s expression, there didn’t seem to be any worry. Suddenly, the yellow spheres on Sceptile’s back lit up, and it instantly conjured a storm resembling a tornado. With the power of the storm, Sceptile leaped gracefully back into the air.

Leaf Storm!

This enraged the Gyarados’ leader completely, and it roared fiercely toward the sky, unleashing a Hyper Beam.

They had never seen such audacious Gyarados before. It fired the Hyper Beam as if it were an ordinary move, appearing effortless. However, this only made the group take it more seriously. A Gyarados that could earn admiration from many students surely couldn’t be underestimated.

On the other side, little Misdreavus flew in the direction where it had seen the figures earlier.

Its crimson pupils gazed at the suspicious group, and it had a bad premonition. It wasn’t until an oddly-shaped armored vehicle emerged from a remote corner and several individuals simultaneously released Pokémon that resembled spiders with purple-eyes and horned heads, that little Misdreavus finally sensed their malicious intent.

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