PC Chapter 93 Trainers who have nothing better to do!

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North Lake.

The lake surface resembled a shining curtain of light, gazing alongside the clouds in the sky at the continuous Mt. Coronet.

“Splash, Splash, Splash…”

“Splash, Splash, Splash…”

A group of Magikarp tumbled in the lake, creating waves.

After a long hike, Terrance and his team finally arrived at the outskirts of North Lake.

Yuko raised her head and, upon seeing the sudden emergence of Gyarados from the lake, took a step back in fright, accompanied by a startled exclamation.

“What in the world…”

This Gyarados looked quite different from the others, appearing even more ferocious. Above its forehead, there was a sinister scar, and it’s blue scales were much deeper in color than usual.

As Terrance and others arrived, this menacing Gyarados emerged without any greeting. The deep blue horns on its head reflected the sunlight, emitting an aura of “strangers not welcome.”

Following the appearance of this Gyarados, the Magikarp scattered in the lake, and then dark figures moved beneath the water’s surface. With a “plunk,” terrifying faces surfaced as if to intimidate the group.

“Over a dozen… for a single lake, that’s quite astonishing,” Terrance remarked.

“This might not even be all of them,” Jinbe added.

Gyarados, along with a few other specific species, were among the most disliked Pokémon by Trainers. Firstly, they had a strong territorial instinct, and anyone or any Pokémon intruding upon their territory would face an attack. Furthermore, some Gyarados, due to their evolution out of anger, became highly irrational and would senselessly attack humans and other Pokémon, even when unprovoked.

Due to their unlikable nature, evolved Gyarados often refused to obey their trainers, making them infamous as the most rebellious Pokémon among Trainers.



Standing at the edge of the lake, Terrance looked at the Gyarados in the lake, which was strutting around like a hegemon, and gradually felt a trace of yearning in his heart.


Swablu perched on Terrance’s head, happily chirping.

It has sensed the “aura” of Gyarados and yearned for this kind of power.

Terrance gently lifted Swablu off his head. “I’ve told you, you’ll become strong one day.”

The group gazed solemnly at the Gyarados. Compared to the larger number of Nosepass, although there were fewer Gyarados, their mere presence exuded an oppressive aura.

In the wild, encountering a group of Gyarados like this and trying to face them head-on would undoubtedly be suicidal.

“Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh…”

The wind around them grew stronger, occasionally lifting nearby weeds and water droplets. The murky tornado scattered in all directions, as if it wanted to pulverize everyone on the shore.

At this moment, the group had no choice but to send out their Pokémon to face the threat.

The Gyarados were too “enthusiastic” and “proactive,” making this tornado seem like a delightful gift from them.

Slowly ripples appeared on the lake’s surface, and the waves became even more tumultuous. What frustrated them was that raindrops began to fall from the sky.

“Infernape, can you clear the sky?” Jinbe released Infernape and gave the command, but it was evident that Infernape exerted all its strength and still couldn’t dispel the rainy weather.

The rain continued to pour.

“Come back, Infernape,” Jinbe said resignedly.

“Then let’s go with the plan we discussed earlier.”

Faced with over a dozen Gyarados, the students had a lineup of fourteen Pokémon.

Jinbe’s Ampharos, Carnivine. Misanji’s Sceptile, Glalie. Seiji’s Toxicroak, Magneton. Tobias’s Weavile, Floatzel. Yuko’s Luxio, Budew. Orange’s Cherrim, Gastrodon. And then there was the unfortunate Terrance… Swablu and the borrowed Probopass to make up the numbers.

Among this group of people, Terrance’s team was the most incomplete. Faced with this situation, he even had to bring out someone else’s Pokémon, Probopass, to assist him.

Whether it was Beautifly, Swablu, or Misdreavus, none of them were suitable for this battle.

Fortunately, Terrance was a Breeder Class student, and he received everyone’s understanding. However, Terrance also realized his shortcomings. The renowned Pokémon Professor Samuel Oak once said, “The trainer’s foundation is in capturing Pokemon!”

Although Terrance appreciated the elite composition of the team, he couldn’t help but feel that it was a bit too “elite” at the moment. It had been condensed to the point where there wasn’t a single standout Pokemon worthy of being a trump card.

“Terrance, ah, Terrance, don’t be in a hurry…. Once Swablu and Misdreavus evolve, everything will get better.”

In the battle against the Gyarados, the students chose Water-type, Grass-type, and Electric-type Pokémon as their main forces.

Before that, Jinbe of the Graduation Class explained the experience of “Double Battles.” Double Battles were battles derived from one-on-one battles, where trainers simultaneously commanded two Pokémon in combat, testing the Trainer’s skill at a higher level. It required constant attention to both the big picture and the details.

In an effort to block the approaching tornado, the students’ Pokemon unleashed their various moves as if they required no energy, creating a dazzling display of colorful moves intertwining with each other…

It looked quite beautiful.

However, they had no time to appreciate the spectacle. Roars echoed, and powerful Hydro Pump were fired with tremendous force. They dared not underestimate the threat and quickly responded to fend off the attacks.

“It seems my intuition was correct.”

“So, should I call you by your code name… or should I call you Mr. Grey Feather?”

On a distant mountaintop, a man in black jacket examined the binoculars and casually handed them to his subordinate.

“It should be a group of ‘over-energetic’ Trainers, nothing to worry about.”

The gray-haired man’s lips curled with a hint of mockery, “They’re students from that academy, aren’t they? Just a bunch of kids with nothing better to do.”

“They’re just a group of wealthy young masters and princesses with nowhere to spend their money. They learn some knowledge in their ivory tower, talk about skills, and occasionally engage in some prearranged ‘battles’ to validate their worth, all while harboring unrealistic dreams.”

“Isn’t it laughable? Haha… Haha… Hahaha…”

“Mr. Grey Feather, you have a lot of resentment.” The man in black jacket smiled. “But I’m not interested in your past. What do you want to do with these kids? They’ve already become a hindrance to us.”

“Of course, we’ll take direct control! Time is running out. Once we have what we need, we’ll leave immediately. And with them weakening the Gyarados, we’ll save ourselves some effort,” the gray-haired man said.

“Prepare to activate ‘Raikou.’ Instruct the third squad to get ready for battle, and the fourth squad to execute Plan A.”

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