PC Chapter 96 Source Stone

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Dozens of poachers were gathered at the North Lake of Mt. Coronet in the extreme north. Following their leader’s orders, they eagerly began to dig for the hidden treasures deep beneath the lake’s surface.

The leader of this poacher gang, under the watchful gaze of countless reverent eyes, slowly approached the edge of North Lake.


Mr. “Looker” was hiding in a discreet location wearing a specially designed outfit. The color of his clothes allowed him to blend seamlessly into the background.

However, Looker’s current condition was not great. Beads of sweat trickled down his forehead as he regretted his recent actions.

From the vantage point overlooking this area, he could see a shadow and a deep red Pokémon resembling a crocodile, making Looker reluctant to make any sudden moves.

“The opponent is a reconnaissance expert.”

Thinking to himself, Looker recognized the silhouette of the opposing Pokémon, very much like a Krookodile, a Pokémon native to the Unova Region. It was known for its binocular-like eyes that could enlarge distant objects freely, making it one of the few suitable Pokémon for reconnaissance.

Looker pressed himself against a rock, trying not to make any sudden movements. With so many opponents present, now was not the time for a direct confrontation. Following a prearranged signal, he sent a text message to Officer Jenny’s side.

Under the stirring of a giant machine, the lake water churned constantly. Several elite researchers were controlling computers to continuously detect the situation within the lake water.

Looker silently furrowed his brows. The power of this poaching organization had grown to such a level, which was truly unexpected for him. Whether it was the composition of personnel, the capabilities of the research staff, or the scale that a team should possess, everything was well-organized under their management.

“No wonder they are closely monitored. Their presence has disrupted the balance in the Sinnoh region and they have grown into one of the top poaching organizations in this area.”

“We mustn’t underestimate them…” Looker’s eyes flashed with determination.

The poaching organization led by a Sinnoh native named Grey Feather has grown to a considerable scale in just a few decades. Through exchanging favors with various forces and developing technology, they have grown to a substantial size. Every one of their criminal endeavors has a significant and detrimental impact.

Their recent actions have already elicited strong resistance from multiple sources.

They began by excavating the Fire Stone vein at “Stark Mountain” and stole the most critical Fire Source Stone. It led to volcanic unrest and nearly caused a disaster.

After that, they headed to Amp Plains, taking the Thunder Source Stone from the Thunder Stone vein, severely affecting the stable magnetic field in the plains and causing serious illness in many Electric-type Pokémon.

Upon the Sinnoh League’s discovery of their activities, they immediately traced their tracks and deduced that the poacher gang’s next target might be the “Water Source Stone.” Consequently, they dispatched a significant portion of their forces to ambush them at the three major lakes!

Although many forces were aware of the publicly known Water Stone veins, there was another location—North Lake within Mt. Coronet—that also held Water Stone veins. However, North Lake was the property of Crown Academy, and because this long-established power seldom made public appearances, very few were aware of it.

Grey Feather waved his hand, speaking louder, “We’ve been working hard for so long, and as soon as we can obtain the Water Source Stone, we can complete this deal…..The wealth we acquire next will be enough for us to further strengthen ourselves and become an organization that even the police fear.”

“However, you must understand that our enemies are not just the world or the police; it’s the system itself….. Think about why you became poachers, why you’re wanted by the police, why you ended up in dire straits, struggling even to meet your basic needs!”

“I chose the North Lake vein not because it’s easier to obtain.”

“Perhaps even after completing this deal, a big battle may await us. But I promise that after this mission, once we’ve divided the spoils, the power in your hands will be enough for you to lead normal lives. Those of you who wish to leave this situation… you are free to leave!”

“We’ve been together for over a decade, and you all know what kind of person I am. Even those who once wanted to leave the team, I never stopped them… Our purpose in forming this group is to help everyone live better, to take back what rightfully belongs to us!”

These poachers were the elite handpicked by their leader, “Grey Feather”, making them the cream of the crop within the poacher gang. As for the others, they had been dispersed to various locations to divert the attention of the police.

This transaction was the largest deal their poacher gang had ever undertaken, targeting the Water, Fire, and Thunder Source Stones.

The so-called Source Stones were the foundation of evolutionary stones.

A Fire Source Stone, as long as there were abundant fire elements nearby and given enough time, could form a Fire Stone vein. As long as the environment and Source Stone remained intact, Fire Stones would continue to be produced in abundance.

Compared to evolutionary stones, the Source Stones that generated them were the most precious, but due to the structure and energy of Source Stones, they lacked the power to induce Pokémon evolution like evolutionary stones.

Nevertheless, even so, a Source Stone can be likened to a goldmine, as with it, one can continually amass wealth. Many businesses and factions have built their foundations through such accumulations.

For the Pokémon League, Source Stones are strategic resources. They determine the production of “evolutionary stones,” which are highly enticing resources for Trainers. Furthermore, a vein of evolutionary stone also has a profound impact on the local ecosystem. Excessive mining can lead to ecological destruction. Therefore, the League generally maintains strict regulation over Source Stones.

So, when poachers targeted their Source Stones, it was tantamount to provoking the Pokémon League, a more severe offense than illegal trading and Pokémon capture.

Their previous two operations had already yielded them the Fire Source Stone, Thunder Source Stone, and a significant quantity of evolutionary stones. This wealth had been snatched from right under the League’s nose. Regardless of whether they managed to secure the goods properly, they had certainly become thorns in the side of certain individuals.

Grey Feather was taking a huge gamble this time. Many of his subordinates had opposed this mission, but due to his determination, they ultimately chose to follow their leader’s decision.

Because Grey Feather had never been harsh with his subordinates, granting them considerable freedom of choice, and most of them had been rescued from poverty and the brink of death by him. As a result, in the eyes of his subordinates, Grey Feather was an immensely respected figure, almost like a spiritual pillar.

“Now we have only one path—to seize this vein and successfully break free from the police encirclement!”

“And moving forward, whether you all want to continue or choose to turn over a new leaf and retire, I will have no complaints!”

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