PC Chapter 58 Accepting a mission

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“Tap, tap, tap…”

With agile fingers, Terrance swiftly tapped on the keyboard, scrolling through pages, looking for missions related to “breeding”.

During these two months, both Swablu and Beautifly had been absorbing nutrients, training and practicing their moves.

At the moment, both of their growth was slow due to the nutrient saturation and low utilization rate.

Though they have been training diligently, compared to real combat or survival in the wild, they were living too comfortably. What they needed at this moment was intense pressure that would stretch their relaxed nerves to the breaking point, allowing them to quickly digest the stored nutrients.

As Terrance was preparing for the Intermediate Breeder’ exam, he didn’t have much time to take the two little ones for real combat. So, he shifted his focus to other people’s Pokémon.

Ideally, he needs Pokémon that could assist Beautifly and Swablu in improving specific aspects.

Recently, Terrance had been keeping an eye on the forums, and a few days ago, he had locked onto a breeding commission posted by a Trainer from Advanced Class.

This commission offered a substantial reward of 350 credits, indicating that the client was willing to spare no expense.

However, behind the extremely high credits, the requirements for the Breeder were quite strict…. This breeding commission was different from simply taking care of Pokemon, and is not like the easy mission that earned 10 credits per week. The breeder needed to be fully responsible for the growth of the Pokémon and meet specific criteria.

The client’s request is to raise four Nosepass.

The goal was to raise them into Probopass within five months who possess outstanding combat capabilities.

“Is this preparation for the Graduation Class ranking battle in 5 months?” Terrance pondered, understanding the Trainer’s intentions.

Seven months later, during the degree promotion period, it was the best time to accumulate credits quickly. This guy was clearly making an early investment.

“Probopass is indeed a Pokémon with impressive strength, suitable for filling the team’s weaknesses…”

“The most important thing is that four Nosepass can greatly assist in Swablu and Beautifly’s training.”

If he took on this mission, Terrance would also be responsible for raising the strength of the four Pokémon; otherwise, the other party wouldn’t be so generous to give away free credits.

So, he decided to take on this mission.

With his mind made up, Terrance contacted the other person.

The communication between the two went smoothly, and they quickly arranged a time to meet.

When the time came, Terrance prepared everything, washed his face, and headed to the pre-arranged location.

The dormitory building was still deserted…..Both Breeder Class’ students and teachers, as well as some research professors, were holed up in their rooms, rarely going outside.

In contrast, Trainer’s Battle Class had daily courses, and their combat training was fully scheduled. The academy was feeling the pressure and had high expectations for this group of Trainers.

As a result, the credits awarded during the degree promotion have been significantly increased, which has motivated students to work even harder to improve their strength.


As soon as he arrived, a green figure caught Terrance’s eye. It was a Pokémon with a white body, looking like it was wearing overly-long clothes. Moreover, its green hair was also quite long, covering most of its face.

“It’s Ralts…”

Ralts is a Feeling Pokémon, able to sense the emotions of both Pokémon and humans using its horns. Due to their aversion to negative emotions in their surroundings, Ralts normally tends to stay far away from humans.

This particular Ralts seemed different; it stood quietly there. Opposite it, a young man wearing a white shirt with a zip-up blue long-sleeved shirt on top was sitting on the ground, engrossed in sketching something with colored pencils in a sketchbook.

One person, one Pokémon, both very quiet. Terrance recognized the person; he seemed to be a student from Breeder Class. Terrance didn’t know much about him, only that he was a gentle and somewhat introverted fellow who was kind and would greet everyone with a smile. As a result, Terrance had a slightly deeper impression of him.

“Student Terrance?”

Terrance hadn’t intended to disturb him, but as he passed by, the introverted guy looked up with surprise and greeted him.

“Ozawa… Are you here to bring food for Ralts again?” Terrance remembered that was his name. Also, this guy had very pale skin, looking quite frail.

“Teacher Teresa prepared the food for Ralts. I’m just delivering it.”

“It’s made by Teacher Teresa…?” Terrance knew the teacher. She was one of the Breeders responsible for the Pokémon food in the academy and should be an Intermediate Breeder. Especially in terms of making Pokémon food, she had her unique views.

Teacher Teresa’s method of making Pokémon food was very special, with ingredients Terrance had never seen before. Both Swablu and Beautifly love the food she prepares.

“If I could learn Teacher Teresa’s techniques for making Pokémon food, I could provide them with sumptuous dishes when traveling outside in the future…” Though Terrance is a Breeder, he wasn’t particularly skilled in making Pokémon food.

Only those Breeders who aimed to obtain higher Breeder certifications would focus all their energy on researching a specific field.

For example, Joy specialized in medical care, Master Victor in genetics… and possibly, Teacher Teresa was also preparing to challenge a higher certification in Pokémon food.

Senior Breeders didn’t just possess extensive knowledge; they also excelled in specific fields.

Accumulating outstanding expertise in one particular field was a crucial step to becoming a Senior Breeder.

“Is Teacher Teresa busy? I would like to ask her some questions about Nosepass’s food…” Terrance inquired with Ozawa.

“She might not be busy… but her mood might not be good today.” Ozawa said in a hushed voice.

Terrance sighed. “Alright, I have other things to attend to. I’ll leave first, Ozawa, and Ralts. See you next time.”

“Oh, oh, goodbye, Student Terrance” Ozawa replied hastily.

As for Ralts beside him, it remained quiet. Terrance was used to it; this Ralts seemed not very talkative.

The mission Terrance took on was to raise four Nosepass and evolve them into Probopass within five months. He needed to arrange their food during this period. If they are from Mt. Coronet, the food for Nosepass would mainly consist of leftover metal and some special rocks.

The client didn’t request overly expensive food. As long as Terrance could cultivate reasonably strong Probopass within five months, he would meet the commission’s standard. Therefore, it was unnecessary to choose precious and costly food. However, determining the right food combination is a profound knowledge, and even Terrance has to seek advice or conduct research to deduce the best approach.

Teacher Teresa was probably the most skilled in making Pokémon food from Terrance’s impression. However, she seems to suffer from anxiety disorder. Although it only flares-up occasionally a few times, due to this, she has limited teaching hours.

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