PC Chapter 59 Magnetic force training

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Mt. Coronet, inside the Academy Walls, a small pavilion.

Terrance had been waiting here early, and after about fifteen minutes, a chubby guy with brown hair came running over, out of breath.

It was clear that he was exhausted from running all the way here.

“Sorry, sorry…” The chubby guy looked apologetic and took a few deep breaths before speaking slowly.

Terrance waved it off with a friendly smile.

“No worries, do you want to take a rest?”

“Oh, thank you.” Ajay was pleasantly surprised.

“We’re fellow students, so if you feel bad about it, you can compensate me with some extra credits.”


The two fell silent for a while before finally discussing the matter of taking care of the Pokémon.

“These are the four Nosepass I recently caught, and they’ll need care for about five months.”

“I’m not really good at training Rock-type Pokémon… And I have a lot of things to take care of myself. If it’s not a problem for you, then I’d appreciate your help.”

Terrance looked at the four released Nosepass. Their arms and legs seemed short, and it was hard to spot their mouths. Nosepass had red noses and deep blue bodies. After observing them for a moment, Terrance spoke up.

“No problem, but about the price…”

“How about a raise of 50 credits?”  Terence said with a smile, sounding like he was negotiating.

As soon as the words left his mouth, Ajay’s expression changed: “400 credits? That’s too much! Even if they are put in the Pokémon Day Care, the price wouldn’t be that high.”

“You must have a weak point in your team. If these four can evolve into Probopass, they can be a great help in your upcoming ranking battles.”

“And the academy is completely sealed off. Apart from special missions, you probably won’t be able to leave. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have entrusted a Breeder Class student like me to take care of your Pokémon.”

“Even so, 400 credits are still too much. And feeding Nosepass isn’t as challenging as with other Pokémon. You know, earning credits is not an easy task…”

“I know, how could I not know? So you should understand us Breeder Class students… We are not good at battles, and our Pokémon’s strength is not enough for rigorous training. Yet, in pursuit of a few credits, we bury ourselves every day in answering those annoying exam papers…”

Terrance put on a pitiful expression, thankful that these words weren’t overheard by other Breeder Class students, or they would have given this guy, who probably hasn’t attended a single class, a hard time.


“Don’t hesitate. You’re giving a lot of credits, but if Probopass can cover your team’s weak point and perform well in the upcoming ranking battles, you’ll earn back those credits twofold.”

“Besides, other than me, I doubt there’s anyone else in the Breeder Class who could help your Nosepass make significant progress in five months.”

Ajay stared suspiciously at Terrance. The man’s arrogant tone made him feel a bit anxious.

“Is this guy really reliable?” Terrance not only looked unfamiliar but also seemed quite young. The chubby student from the Advanced Class began to have second thoughts.

After all, 400 credits were not a small sum for him.

“Well, how about this… I’ll go back and think about it again.” Ajay scratched his head, revealing a simple and honest expression…


Terrance reached back and took out the small blue booklet.

“Geez… Anyway, you better think it through. Right now, I’m probably the only Junior Breeder in the entire Breeder Class.”

“You met Cynthia two months ago, right? Wondering why she’s so strong? It’s because she’s also a Breeder… With me taking care of your Nosepass, in five months, your team will improve significantly, filling in the weak spots. This chance won’t come again.”

As Terrance produced his Junior Breeder certificate, everything seemed to fall into place seamlessly.

The last line of defense in the chubby student Ajay’s mind was finally broken. During the time at the academy, besides seeking help from a teacher to take care of Pokémon, Junior Breeder Terrance was the best choice.



Terrance felt delighted; he had spent 600 credits in two months, and now he immediately earned back 400.

As for how to raise these four Nosepass into Probopass, he needed to make some preparations.

Sinnoh Region’s Mt. Coronet was one of the best places for Nosepass to evolve.

When Nosepass is in a place with a strong magnetic field, such as Sinnoh’s Mt. Coronet, Unova’s Chargestone Cave, or Kalos’s Lumiose Badlands, it can sense the unique electromagnetic waves there. By reflecting this wave and combining with three other Nosepass, it can evolve into the 1.4-meter-tall Probopass and gain the Steel-Type.

Probopass can control three Mini-Noses through magnetic force, allowing them to fight individually, much like controlling floating cannon during battles.

Since Ajay has captured four Nosepass, he may already know about their evolution method. However, perhaps he hasn’t figured it out yet and has a lot of other things to do, so he sought help from Breeder Class students.

“Both Nosepass and Probopass are excellent counters to Beautifly and Swablu. Having them as training partners is a good thing for me…”

Back in the dorm room, Terrance began making a custom breeding plan for Nosepass based on Swablu and Beautifly’s situation.

The crucial first step in evolving them into Probopass is to let one of them sense the unique electromagnetic waves within Mt. Coronet. Based on their current situation, it seems none of them can do that yet.

“For now, I should focus on helping them improve their control over magnetic force.”

Even without referring to any materials, Terrance knows about Nosepass’ habits. They use their magnetic force to hunt weak Steel-type Pokémon or attract nearby mineral-eating Pokémon. If left ignored over the years, one Nosepass could become exceptionally skilled in manipulating magnetic force due to frequent hunting. If these Nosepass can capture the unique electromagnetic waves found in places like Mt. Coronet, it could evolve by combining with three other Nosepass.

In other words, these four Nosepass here currently haven’t mastered magnetic force sufficiently. This is one of the reasons why Ajay couldn’t make them evolve immediately.

“It seems they don’t need to eat minerals for now. Objects with magnetism are the most suitable food for them.”

“Also, it is necessary to make them constantly train their magnetic force. After being captured by a Trainer, they aren’t able to use their magnetic force for hunting food anymore.”

While looking for food for them, Terrance also collected dozens of steel marbles, each about the size of a coin, which would respond well to Nosepass’s magnetic force. Nosepass could control them through magnetic force…

So, with the four Nosepass guarding each direction, Beautifly and Swablu began their first round of specialized training – reflex training.

Both Swablu and Beautifly have relatively small bodies, so when the steel balls hit them, it caused significant pain. However, this pain served as a catalyst for them to concentrate intensely.

Beautifly utilized air currents to dodge the steel balls, while Swablu relied on Cotton Guard and Agility to evade them. However, controlling its subtle movements at high speed posed a challenge for Swablu.

As for the Nosepass, using their magnetic force more effectively to control the steel balls and hit both little creatures became a challenging puzzle. In this way, while both sides were putting in their efforts, Terrance also picked up books and started striving to reach the level of an Intermediate Breeder!

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