PC Chapter 57 Enters the science

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Time flies, and two months quietly passed.

During these two months, new students had the opportunity to thoroughly familiarize themselves with the academy’s environment and life, making many new friends.

However, for Terrance, these two months were lonely as he immersed himself in his own world, seldom interacting with the outside.

Terrance didn’t participate in any of the Breeder Class courses or exams during this period. So, Teacher Forrest even came to look for Terrance after learning about it. However, when Terrance brought out his “Junior Breeder” certification, Teacher Forrest’s attitude toward him took a 180-degree turn.

He gave full support to Terrance’s every move.

“A genius that will amaze the academy is about to appear in the Breeder Class!!” Teacher Forrest was excited. He understood perfectly well what a 10-year-old Breeder represented. For Crown Academy, this could potentially be the “secret weapon” to restore the reputation, which was overturned by a girl two months ago.

Teacher Forrest and the dean had a discussion about Terrance’s matter. After learning that Terrance was a top-level Breeder, and Master Victor arranged for him to be here for intensive training, they completely relaxed their supervision over Terrance, focusing everything around him and taking care of him in various aspects.

Only a few high-level personnel knew about Terrance’s background and information. As for the students in the Breeder Class, they only knew that a peculiar transfer student had joined, and after the initial introduction, he mostly kept to himself.

Even if they encountered Terrance, it was just a simple greeting, and he would disappear afterward…

As a result, Terrance earned the nickname of “reclusive transfer student.”

“It seems I’m not going in the right direction…” Terrance frowned, feeling dejected.

In the past two months, both Swablu and Beautifly have made remarkable progress in various aspects, best described as “rapid.”

Terrance spared no effort in providing them with the most suitable nutritional supplements and food, along with a well-planned training regimen. He put his heart and soul into them, all with the aim of helping them grow perfectly. In fact, in just two short months, Terrance had already spent 600 credits into the two Pokemon, and it can no longer be described as simply extravagant.

Only students from affluent families could afford such extravagance.

Terrance dared not subject Beautifly and Swablu to excessive and grueling training. Despite constantly providing them with nutritional supplements, he ensured their growth followed a moderate and balanced path. He did so to avoid any detrimental effects on their future development, preventing them from facing any potential setbacks in the long run.

Beautifly’s mastery of manipulating air currents became a basic skill, continuously making slight progress. Absorb Move, after continuous refinement and practice, successfully evolved into “Mega Drain,” and eventually “Giga Drain,” maximizing its power. That had been the primary focus of Beautifly’s training during these two months.

Moreover, after two months of care and meticulous nurturing, Beautifly has become even more beautiful, emitting an elegant aura. As a result, it has also grasped the highly effective move Attract.

Although the learning process of the moves is very slow, it has its advantages as well. As long as it has learned the move, Beautifly have plenty of time to practice and reach maximum proficiency.

As for Swablu, its growth rate was several times faster than Beautifly’s, thanks to the fact that it was just born and has astonishing talent.

Swablu has a habit of keeping clean and would use its cotton-like wings to tidy up whenever it saw something dirty. Terrance also paid attention to its hygiene, which eventually led Swablu to learn the move “Refresh.”

Moreover, with its outstanding Dragon-type talent, Swablu has been learning and comprehending the dragon energy within its body all the way from “Natural Gift” to “Hidden Power.” And now, it has naturally grasped the Move “Dragon Pulse” as well!

Swablu’s Dragon-type talent is indeed remarkable. After replacing Hidden Power with Dragon Pulse and with the additional growth it has experienced over the past two months, it can now use Dragon Rush with some proficiency.

As long as it is not a Heavyweight Pokémon like Steelix or Golem, Dragon Rush would be a decisive move for Swablu that can determine victory or defeat!

In other words, Swablu has now passed its infancy stage and could now engage in high-intensity battles.

Looking at their progress, Swablu and Beautifly’s gains are indeed gratifying. However, Terrance’s self-devised “secret technique” showed no progress whatsoever.

Although they have a clue for combining Beautifly’s “Giga Drain” and “Morning Sun”, they couldn’t find a way to make it work.

Beautifly could sense the sunlight, but its affinity with it was poor, making it unable to continuously accumulate solar energy. Terrance had wanted Beautifly to learn Solar Beam as a first step and had even exchanged for Solar Beam’s Technical Machine. They constantly analyzed, researched, and tried to imitate… but according to Beautifly’s response, the flow of solar power within its body was too fast, making it extremely difficult to accumulate enough for a prolonged Solar Beam.

Even after watching the detailed analysis of Technical Machine, the process of understanding it was incredibly challenging. Deliberately trying to learn it… would probably take even more time.

Terrance also attempted to let Beautifly plunder solar nutrients directly through Giga Drain, converting it into its own stamina, but it simply didn’t work.

Terrance realized that his ideas were too simplistic.

“Morning Sun” and “Synthesis” might have similar effects, but their mechanisms seemed different.

Under “Morning Sun,” solar energy acted more like a catalyst, affecting the speed of stamina recovery.

On the other hand, “Synthesis” was more like directly converting solar energy into another substance for stamina recovery, which is like energy conversion.

And this kind of energy conversion was exclusive to Grass-type Pokémon.

Beautifly lacked the affinity towards sunlight, and it seemed that it didn’t possess the specific substance needed for energy conversion.

Therefore, Terrance’s idea of creating a fusion version of “Synthesis” had to be temporarily abandoned.

During his research, Terrance began to question the Pokémon’s moves. Even though they were different individuals, they could execute the same moves, and some could even use moves that were opposite to their own types…

Recalling his knowledge from his past life, if all matter was composed of fundamental particles, could the energy contained within Pokémon also be made up of special substances found in nature…

The root of this might lie in the arrangement and structure of these substances. When combined in different ways within various Pokémon, they could create a new kind of energy.

It could be dragon power, psychic power, control over water, fire, or electricity, or perhaps something that acted as a catalyst for moves like “Synthesis.”

Maybe the move “Metronome” was a technique that randomly disrupts the energy structure within the Pokémon’s body, which could explain its unpredictability and lack of direction…

But all of this remained conjecture, and no matter how hard Terrance banged his head, he couldn’t verify the truth. The failure of Beautifly’s “secret technique” plan was now attributed to the inability to construct a specific “energy conversion” catalyst.

This catalyst, which is the unique energy structure of Grass-type Pokémon, means that Morning Sun could never become Synthesis, even when combined with Absorb.

Meanwhile, Swablu faced trouble as it couldn’t seem to grasp the move “Mirror Move,” which it should have been able to learn as it grew.

Following Terrance’s conjecture, if “Metronome” was a technique that disrupted the Pokémon’s internal energy structure, randomly enabling it to use different moves, then “Mirror Move,” which could mimic most moves, deserved careful study as well.

Mirror Move Rules: 1. If the Mirror Move tries to copy a move that the opponent has not used yet, it will fail.

2. Moves that haven’t hit cannot be Mimicked, while moves that hit but have no effect can be Mimicked.

In other words, Mirror Move is a move that operates on a mechanism akin to “Shape Memory Alloy.” When the opponent’s move hits the user, it triggers a profound short-term memory in the Pokémon’s brain, allowing it to rapidly copy the energy structure it sensed, and thus copy the move..

Upon reaching this conjecture, Terrance couldn’t help but chuckle, finding it a bit absurd. Yet, upon careful consideration, it seemed plausible. He didn’t know if others had made similar conjectures before, but as a transmigrator, he naturally felt curious about the unknown.

Swablu couldn’t learn “Mirror Move”, most likely because it had only been a few months since its birth, and its brain hadn’t fully developed to match its body. In other words, to learn “Mirror Move,”  Swablu needs to have a high-frequency memory ability. In addition to having a wealth of experience in getting beaten up, Swablu also needs to “nourish its brain” by eating some brain-boosting foods.

This is what Terrance has deduced over the past two months regarding the inability of Beautifly and Swablu to master the “secret manual” based on his past life’s knowledge and Breeder theories…..In these two months, the two Pokémon had reached a point where they were nutritionally saturated, and it was no longer suitable to continue nutrient supplementation at the same rate. They were now experiencing “nutrient overload.”

Following this, Terrance made the decision to maximize his use of time.

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