PC Chapter 102 Full-scale Deployment

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Battles involving poachers, and even some illegal organizations and the leagues have never ceased. Pokemon, technology, and humans – when these three sides collide, the outcome of the battle often depends on key forces.

Without overwhelming numerical superiority, victory tends to favor the side with powerful individual combatants.

The Elite Four and Champion represent the prestige of regional leagues. This is not just a title or a profession; it may not be directly linked to combat prowess, but it is closely related.

With the advancement of technology, it has become challenging for Trainers to maintain overwhelming superiority. However, the Elite Four and Champion, even in the face of Trainer disadvantages, can earn respect with their individual strength.

Two factors contribute to this: their societal influence and their ability to cause significant destruction relying solely on themselves and Pokemon.

Snowpoint City’s police have mobilized a large force this time; capturing poachers is actually secondary. Their primary goal is to rescue the students of Crown Academy.

After contacting Crown Academy, they learned that possibly seven students are currently near North Lake. Additionally, communication with Mr. Looker further escalated the situation.

Crown Academy still possesses a certain level of influence, being a force that has existed since the old century with close ties to various factions.

Especially the current dean of Crown Academy, who has a close relationship with one of Sinnoh’s Elite Four, Bertha. This makes the matters within Crown Academy’s jurisdiction even more significant for the police.

Moreover, most of the students are at least the offspring of influential figures, so if anything were to happen, the consequences would be severe.

The police do not dare to be too optimistic, nor too pessimistic. If these poachers are not foolish, they will not harm this group of students, provided the police do not push them too hard.

What surprised Snowpoint City’s Officer Jenny, however, was that in their pursuit, these poachers unexpectedly stopped and prepared for battle.

“If the information we received earlier is accurate, then the students may not have encountered these poachers.”

Upon receiving news of poachers near North Lake, Crown Academy immediately convened an emergency meeting with all teachers. This caused Teacher Teresa, who has a somewhat irritable disposition and anxiety issues, to lose her composure. Especially upon hearing the word “poacher,” it seemed to touch upon her taboo, and she swiftly took the information about the students’ location and rushed off alone.

With no other option, another teacher from the Battle Class chased after her.

Following this, Crown Academy began to mobilize its teachers and available combat forces, heading to the scene together.

Just three minutes ago, the academy and the police, through a conversation, confirmed the poachers’ and the students’ location, concluding that the students were not were not on the move.

In the era when technology was just in its infancy, Trainers were still the pioneers in establishing human habitats. With the introduction of Poké Balls, humans gained strong resistance against aggressive and ferocious Pokémon.

Even today, some large-scale combat systems maintain the tradition of having Pokemon at the forefront.

Then come humans, along with technology.

Compared to the frail bodies of most humans, Pokémon have much greater endurance and physical strength, especially those that have undergone specialized training. They have already developed methods to deal with technology, and the aces of the Elite Four and Champions can even disregard most technology.

“Distance from the enemy, 1 kilometer! Prepare for a probing attack!”

Considering the terrain, this was a clever position.

Six Pokemon, with their fluffy flaxen fur, brown eyes filled with vigor, and bodies that seem to merge with the wind when they run, launched attack, signaling the start of battle.

These were six Arcanine, capable of converting the raging flames burning within them into strength. With Extreme Speed and other ultra high-speed moves, Arcanine’s fangs, sharp claws, and roar were all their weapons, making it a majestic Pokémon.

Six powerful Fire Blasts surged as a greeting towards the opposing side, marking the beginning of the battle. Behind them, a row of Machamp brandishing shields, closely followed by the police, launched a direct assault.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

More destructive battle sounds erupted out, causing Terrance, who was still hiding in the truck, to shudder.

It had begun—


It was his turn to make an appearance. This was the moment when the poacher gang was least vigilant.

Next to another truck, three poachers, upon hearing the sounds of battle, immediately became alert. They were fully focused on their surroundings, and even Banette was no exception. Its glowing red eyes surveyed the area, as if nothing could escape its gaze.

“It must be full of resentment, shouldn’t it…”

“Because of being abandoned, it was left alone in the dump, and it had to stay with a pile of abandoned items, regardless of the weather or the time.”

Terrance smiled faintly. He knew one particular characteristic of Banette: they despised children and held strong grudges against them. If that grudge were amplified, it could drive them to madness.

Banette, when freed from the control of a Trainer, could be terrifying when it unleashed its grudges.

“Misdreavus… it’s up to you.”

Crude illusions were not enough to ensnare Banette in an illusion. Ghost-types had a strong resistance to illusions from other Ghost-types. If Terrance could think of any weakness Banette might have, it could only be this.

Strong grudges against children…they hate kids.

If there is anything that could provoke Banette, it is easier to create the corresponding illusion to influence the other party. Little Misdreavus fully focused on Banette, with illusions intertwined with children abandoning dolls, beating dolls, and insulting dolls. For Banette, it is definitely a feast that can trigger the dark side.

“Do we have to stay here all the time?”

The three people guarding the Water Source Stone listened to the gradually intensifying sounds of battle outside, their hearts in turmoil.

“Don’t worry…boss won’t do anything without certainty.”

As they talked, suddenly, a chilling laughter echoed beside them, “Hehehe!”


Looking in horror, the three felt their hair stand on end. The sound was too eerie, giving them an ominous feeling.

“Boss’ Banette… what’s going on…”

They watched in horror as Banette’s eyes became increasingly red, and its zipper mouth emitted a constant flow of dark purple, resentment energy. They were overwhelmed by a suffocating sensation.

Banette’s pupils were filled with anger as the dark purple resentment energy continued to gather. With a piercing cry, several “Shadow Balls” floated around it, causing the three nearby poachers to turn pale in an instant…

“Drapion… stop it… quickly…”

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