PC Chapter 103 Not fighting alone anymore!

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Terrance remained calm as little Misdreavus immediately returned after successfully completing the mission. He had underestimated Misdreavus’s talent in illusions. From the movements he could hear, Banette’s reaction…was much stronger than he had imagined!

It is no less than that of a Gyarados falling into rage, completely reaching the point of “not recognizing anyone.”

“Is this really the leader’s Pokémon?…” Terrance marveled silently. The strength of this Banette was indeed impressive.

The three poachers’ Drapion hastily defended. Pale purple spikes were released from their bodies, colliding with Shadow Ball. With a loud “bang,” it caused ripples in the air.

The three poachers were now in a panic. They clearly understood Banette’s strength. After Shadow Ball was blocked, Banette turned its gaze towards the Drapions and immediately extended its shadow, moving behind them.

Then, its entire body disappeared without a trace, only to reappear suddenly amidst Drapion’s astonishment!

And, it displayed a terrifying phantom, like a bloody maw opening, directly attacking the three Drapions!

If Terrance could witness this directly, he would definitely be able to instantly call out the names of the three moves……

Shadow Sneak + Phantom Force + Night Shade.

Although trapped in an illusion, Banette possessed an instinctual combat sense that was nearly flawless. Even when three Drapion teamed up, they were suppressed in a fleeting moment of confusion.

If Terrance knew the true strength Banette was displaying, he would be glad that he did not attempt a direct confrontation.

Let’s not talk about whether Misdreavus can win against the combined might of three Drapion. Even if it is confused, that Banette looks like it can beat up the little Misdreavus.

However, Terrance clearly had no need to confront this directly. This was not a battle with rules; all means were fair game.

Little Misdreavus’s ambush could only work if the opponent remained unaware, then it could quickly retreat…….Otherwise, facing off against a Banette that had seen countless battles alongside the poacher leader and appeared to have a strong combat sense, Terrance doubted if little Misdreavus could escape unharmed.

Misdreavus’ battle experience was still limited, and the time it had spent by Terrance’ side was not long. The only remarkable skill it had was its incredible “illusions.” However, while illusions were useful for ambushes, their effectiveness would decrease in a head-on battle.

The three poachers stared wide-eyed at their Drapion, who had lost all fighting spirit. They no longer had any plans to fight head-on, especially considering Banette’s unexpected behavior.

They didn’t understand… and couldn’t fathom why Banette, who was perfectly fine, suddenly turned on them.

“Banette, have you forgotten the mission Leader Grey Feather assigned to you?!”

“What on earth are you doing?!”

“Hehehe!” Unfortunately, the only response they received was an eerie and ear-piercing laugh.

The dark purple Shadow Balls once again coalesced, floating in the air, and under Banette’s control, they condensed, expanded, and pulsated…

It seemed like they could be launched at any moment, which instantly woke up the three poachers. “Oh no, Banette’s situation is really not good. It doesn’t even recognize us!”

“Damn it! It has gone insane!”

Helpless and furious, they looked at Banette and, faced with the incoming Shadow Balls, could only choose to flee and seek assistance.

A moment later, Terrance had learned everything that had happened from little Misdreavus. He breathed a sigh of relief; it seemed that knowing the origins and characteristics of Pokémon was helpful in battles.

If he didn’t know about Banette… relying solely on ordinary illusions might have led to different results.

“Banette is already chasing after them…”

“We’re running out of time, Misdreavus, lead the way!”

Terrance flipped over, jumped down and rolled out from under the truck. There was no one around. Little Misdreavus had already scouted the area, and all the people were engaged in a battle with the police. He needed to retrieve his Poké Ball quickly before Banette woke up or he was discovered!

The sounds of battle rang out, and Terrance appeared calm, displaying a familiarity with everything. However, he felt a bit nervous inside, and his racing heart gave him away. He had never been in situations like this before…

It was a dark green truck, larger than the typical cargo truck. Terrance quickly reached it and took a deep breath. Misdreavus had already broken the door lock.

He couldn’t afford to waste time. Without a ladder, he leaped up and climbed in. Inside, it looked messy, with various items strewn about without clear classification. But there was one thing that was neatly placed deep inside.

It resembled a glass apparatus, much like the incubator that had once held Swablu’s egg.

“What is this…” Terrance paused for a moment, it was like a Water Stone, but not quite. In a short moment, he didn’t connect it with the Water Source Stone. His main goal was not here. With a quick glance, he immediately began searching for his Poké Balls.

Many items were covered with burlap covers, and there were things stored in boxes as well. For a moment, Terrance and the little Misdreavus busied themselves, sweat beads dripping from Terrance’s forehead. He had already pushed himself to the limit, both mentally and physically.


Opening a box, a dazzling azure caught his eye. Terrance shivered all over. What had this group of poachers done?

Dozens of Water Stones… Terrance had never seen such a large fortune before. If he converted all these Water Stones into money and invested them in the Old Green House, it should be good enough to keep it running for a very long time.



“Did you find it?!!” Terrance heard Misdreavus’ call and felt a surge of joy. Indeed, stacks of Poké Balls were laid out before him, and he immediately grew excited.

“They’re ours…”

Terrance saw the only Premier Ball, with writing that had faded a long time ago. It was left behind by the children. There was also the Luxury Ball that held Swablu, which Terence had once wiped and maintained, and it was still in perfect condition.

“Misdreavus, destroy that device!!!!”

The Poké Balls were placed in a strange device, and Terrance didn’t need to think twice to recognize it as a device that prevented Pokémon from voluntarily leaving their Poké Balls. Right now, destroying this device was the first step to retrieve the Poké Balls.

“There are so many Poké Balls.”

Just with a rough glance, Terrance understood that there was no way their group of students could have this many Pokémon.

In addition to that, looking at those brand-new Poké Balls…Terrance smiled. For him, all these Pokémon would be his helpers from now on. He wouldn’t be fighting alone anymore.

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