PC Chapter 101 Opportunity

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If the poachers and the police engaged in a full-scale battle, regardless of which side has the upper hand, Terrance could take advantage of the chaos to retrieve the Poké Balls.

If the police could completely suppress the poachers, that would be best… but these poachers clearly have the upper hand and can hide inside Mt. Coronet. So, why did they choose to make a frontal breakout?

Terrance was puzzled. If the poachers were doing this, they must have the confidence to fight head-on. Terrance immediately thought of that huge electricity generator that had crushed Gyarados.

The power exhibited by that thing far exceeded the moves of Electric Type Pokémon. If a human were to be attacked by it, who knows what would happen to them.

“If I could find a way to destroy that…”

Terrance didn’t dare to guarantee it, but losing that should surely weaken the poachers’ strength?

It’s highly likely that this small change could allow the police to quickly suppress the poacher gang and increase the chances of rescuing the Pokémon.

“If I can’t locate the Poké Balls, targeting their weapon that can generate electricity should be the top priority.”

The moving truck suddenly came to a halt.

“What’s going on?” Terrance wondered.

Indeed, as Terrence had expected, the poacher gang’s trump card weapon was the three huge electricity generators, which were far more destructive than the ultimate moves of Electric-type Pokémon.

A single electric attack from it is certainly beyond what an ordinary Pokémon can endure.

To break through using frontal-assault, the poachers considered these three weapons their most important trump cards. However, to unleash the full power of these weapons, they had to find an appropriate geographical location.

The right timing, location, and people—these were the three most important factors in warfare. In the current situation, the poachers had to rely on the advantage of location.

From the information Terrance received from Misdreavus, it was evident that the poachers had rapidly mobilized, with clear divisions of labor, and were fully prepared for a decisive battle.

They formed combat squads of three to five poachers who complemented each other and had a team of researchers controlling three “Raikou.”

Taking advantage of the terrain, the poachers occupied higher positions on both sides and benefited from some obstacles, forming a battle formation. They planned to snipe the pursuing League’ forces from this position.

For the police, this battle was somewhat unfair and unequal. But this is the reality—the poachers had the initiative and could choose to flee or fight at will, while the police could only pursue and had to choose to fight under any circumstances. That was their duty.

Hiding in a dark corner, Terrance furrowed his brow as he saw the images sent by Misdreavus. In the direction with the fewest personnel, there were three people and a “Banette.”

This Banette was the one Terrance had seen with “Grey Feather.” He didn’t understand why this Pokémon wasn’t with its owner but instead was guarding a truck with the three poachers.


Terrance froze. There were a total of five trucks with poachers. The other three were all part of the battle formation, while only the one he was in and the one guarded by the three individuals were sitting idle.

“Those three trucks have the ability to join the battle, and one of them holds the ‘Raikou’ weapon,” Terrance concluded instinctively.

“And that vehicle, including the one I’m in, carry logistical supplies and serve as useless vehicles for transporting poachers…”

As expected, Terrance had Misdreavus observe from a distance again. Compared to the other combatants, these three individuals seemed somewhat different.

“If there are no Poké Balls on this truck, then it’s highly likely that the Poké Balls and important items are on that other vehicle.”

“That means their target…” Terrance propped himself up. Surprisingly, this vehicle had no one guarding it, as if it had been abandoned, indicating that it held no special value. On the other hand, the vehicle of equal status had three individuals and possibly the poacher leader’s Pokémon guarding it……It couldn’t possibly contain just a few Poké Balls.

The Pokémon belonging to the students didn’t hold that much value to make the poachers go through the trouble of guarding them in such a tense situation.

Apart from that, it could only be the items they had obtained from North Lake.

Terrance was aware that his combat abilities were not particularly strong, especially since he only had Misdreavus. This limited his fighting ability even more.

Thinking about breaking through three Drapion and a seemingly more powerful Banette, Terrance hesitated.

At the same time, he did not dare to let Misdreavus get too close. Sensing a concealed Ghost-type Pokémon, the similar Ghost-type and Psychic-type had a unique advantage. If Misdreavus was discovered by Banette, it would not be good…

“What should I do…”

Let Misdreavus sneak attack using illusions? That wasn’t safe. Drapion aside, if Banette, also a Ghost-type Pokémon, were to get tricked, that would be unimaginable. Ordinary illusions have no effect on ghosts.

Drapion… Banette…

Terrance rubbed his head, trying to come up with a good plan to deal with these three individuals and Banette.

Trainer… Coordinator’s knowledge is entirely useless. His strength is also not sufficient to pose a threat to the opponent. Terrance’s thoughts surged as knowledge about Drapion and Banette’s weaknesses continued to surface in his mind.

Drapion… usually lived in deserts or wetlands. They are active at night and live alone after leaving their territory. During the mating season, they tend to gather in large numbers. When young, they may live in family groups, and when encountering larger creatures, they might use their venom to paralyze and repel them.

Drapion had a very robust physique; even without the potent venom, they can rely on their impressive strength to fend off opponents.

Oh my… Terrance was having a headache; this is simply demonic. Furthermore, it’s covered in tough armor all over its body, but its head cannot rotate 180 degrees…head cannot rotate 180 degrees. Could this be important?

As Terrance pondered, he also recalled information about Banette. Cursed energy seeps into abandoned dolls’ cotton, turning them into Ghost Type Pokémon. If they opened their mouths, the energy would escape…..opening their mouths would leak the energy…..

Behind every Ghost Type Pokemon, there is a spine-chilling story. Terrance didn’t want to delve too deep into it, but when he recalled the urban legend about Banette, he couldn’t help but shiver. It is said that Banette is a Pokemon formed from abandoned ragdolls, taking refuge in junkyards and seeking out the children who abandoned them, haunting their surroundings.

“Truly terrifying… but… these words are indeed real,” Terrance calmed down. In the academic world, there were several papers that had already elucidated the existence of various incredible “special energies” in this world. Banette’s origin was no longer a mystery to the academic community.

“Can I make use of this?”

Terrance started planning. He was waiting; it wasn’t time to act yet. He needed an opportunity, like when they escaped, an opportunity when other poachers were in chaos.

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