PC Chapter 100 Making a breakthrough using frontal assault

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In the cramped space, Terrance crawled on the floor, and as the truck moved, the constant jolting made Terrance go up…down… up….

“Misdreavus, go and check the situation, be careful.”

Lying in the foul-smelling abandoned carriage, Terrance carefully ordered Misdreavus.

Little Misdreavus nodded and immediately concealed itself, silently passing through obstacles and flying to the other side.

Chased by so many police officers, the poachers were also nervous. The slightest movement would make their nerves tense. If their activities were exposed, they would spend the rest of their lives in prison.

“Not good…Just got the news…The deal’s off.”

A poacher in charge of communication broke into a cold sweat, finding it hard to believe. “Just received word that the client who commissioned us gave up on the deposit and canceled this deal.”


Another person’s expression changed. “Canceled the deal? Why? We’ve already got the goods; we can finish the handover soon, can’t we…”

“I don’t know…”

Five minutes earlier.

Grey Feather, the leader of the poacher gang, picked up the phone, looked at the familiar number and took the call.

“It’s me…”

A raspy voice came from the other side of the phone. The voice had obviously been heavily processed, sounding distorted with a hint of electronic interference, giving people goosebumps.

“The items have been collected,” Grey Feather said.

“But I heard you guys are being pursued by the police, currently running for your lives. Can you safely deliver the items to me?” the voice on the other end asked.

“Don’t worry… As long as we enter the depths of Mt. Coronet, the police won’t be able to catch us,” Grey Feather replied.

“You seem pretty confident,” the other person was surprised.

“Of course, around the northern part of Mt. Coronet, there are a total of four cities and seven towns with police deployments. They’ve allocated over half of their resources just to guard the three Great Lakes. As long as we use guerrilla tactics within Mt. Coronet, the police won’t dare to engage us head-on.”

“Especially since each of our vehicles is equipped with machines filled with massive electrical power. If it weren’t for that we want to avoid unnecessary combat, we would have chosen to break through directly by now.”

“Is that so… Is that device useful?” the other person asked.

“It’s quite impressive. I now believe in your capabilities,” Grey Feather replied.

“Hehe… Well, I have some news for you. It’s said that all four cities and seven towns connected to the northern part of Mt. Coronet has sent police deep into Mt. Coronet to intercept you. In addition, an elite team from the International Police, including an officer, has been mobilized from headquarters… They’re all on their way to Mt. Coronet.”

Grey Feather pondered for a moment and shook his head slowly. “It’s impossible. Even if it’s for the three Source Stones, it shouldn’t have alerted so many forces.”

“Indeed, while the Water, Fire, and Thunder Source Stone represent immense wealth, they also require some time to accumulate. It’s a lengthy process. If you want to obtain wealth quickly, it’s not achievable through them alone. Even in the Sinnoh region, there are many locations with Evolution Source Stones. Dealing with a small poacher gang doesn’t justify deploying so many personnel.”

Grey Feather remained silent for a long time and then sighed softly. “What are you trying to say? You were the one who convinced me in the first place. Your words are too roundabout now. That’s not your style. Just say it directly.”

“The deal is canceled.” The other person calmly stated.


Grey Feather was infuriated. “Are you playing with me? At this point, you want to cancel the deal? Those three Source Stones are crucial for your upcoming experiments, aren’t they?”

“Yeah, and they’re something you can’t buy with money,” the other person laughed.

Grey Feather said, “I want to know why. Did whatever you said before all a lie? If we’re to create a new world, with our abilities, it’s possible. We’re the same kind of people!”


The other person spoke calmly, “I’m pursuing a new world for myself, and my world is entirely different from yours.”

“What exactly do you want to achieve, and are you aware of the consequences of your actions? You, who can continuously provide us with this level of technology, is definitely not a nameless person. Am I right…..Mr. Shingo?” Grey Feather said with a grim expression. “You’re testing my patience. Whether we get caught by the police or manage to escape smoothly, it won’t benefit you in any way, being a real estate tycoon of the Sinnoh Region.”

“Only your corporation has the means to obtain this level of technology. Did you really think we hadn’t investigated you at all?”

“Give me a reasonable explanation, or else both our sides…are destined to fight till death!”

“Instead of that, don’t you think you should consider your own situation now? The information I just shared… is all true,” the other person replied.

“Don’t doubt its authenticity. Indeed, three Source Stones alone wouldn’t have attracted such a massive manhunt, but what if it’s for that ‘electric device’?”

“It’s the principle behind that machine…. for the Sinnoh League, that thing is far more valuable than the three Source Stones. If they can monopolize that technology for a year, the electricity profits in Sinnoh Region will surpass what three Source Stones could offer. If the technology leaks out and attracts the interest of major corporations, the losses will be much greater than three Source Stones.”

Grey Feather’s mind suddenly clicked. Was the other person referring to “Raikou”?

Since their poacher gang had risen to prominence, the other person’s corporation had maintained a firm partnership with them, and has consistently provided technological support for their operations. Likewise, the gang had carried out numerous illegal operations on behalf of the other side. If they were wiped out, the illegal activities of the other person’s corporation would undoubtedly be exposed.

Grey Feather couldn’t comprehend the other person’s intentions. “If ‘Raikou’s’ technology is the reason for the police pursuit, why did he share this technology with us… and how did the League know that we had acquired it?” Grey Feather’s thoughts churned, puzzled.

After a long pause, the raspy voice from the other end came again, “In any case, Mr. Code Name 16, our deal is terminated. Take care of yourself.”

Click… Click…

The call was disconnected.

Grey Feather’s expression was uncertain, unable to confirm the authenticity of the other party’s words. However, compared to the risk of their trade information being leaked due to their arrest, the other side probably felt more at ease facing their retaliation rather than dealing with the police investigation. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have called to warn them.

If the other side is telling the truth, then venturing deep into Mt. Coronet would be suicidal. Police officers from all directions would continuously pour in, and eventually they would really be surrounded.

“We still have a chance to break out now,” Grey Feather gripped the phone.

Listening to the information from Misdreavus, Terrance was stunned.

“They… chose to return the same way?”

This meant that the poacher gang was preparing to launch a frontal assault on the police in order to break through their lines and escape.

“These people are insane,” Terrance took a deep breath, but for him, this was the best outcome.

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