OPTM-Chapter 99 Set-Off

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Two days later, Sea Train Water Seven terminal, Blue Platform.

“Rear Admiral Rowen, most of the pillar replacement will be finished soon, but according to your request, the external hull transformation needs to be completed at once, even if we put all our manpower into it, it will take at least half a month.”

The speaker was Iceberg, and he stood beside Rowen slightly nervous at the moment. Behind him were the Water Seven officials, the foreman Paulie, and others. 

They were as pale as him, all of them curled up for fear that Rowen would be angered and he would notice them.

Since the day Rowen violently killed the Pirates prisoners in front of everyone, this group of people does not dare to disobey him.

In their eyes, Rowen is a real wicked demon!

He is extremely brutal!

But Rowen doesn’t care about it. He needs prestige instead of friends. It’s better to be afraid than being unknown.

“Don’t worry, you have all the time in the world, Mayor Iceberg.”

With a faint smile, Rowen suddenly raised the corners of his mouth and whispered in Iceberg’s ear: “After all, there are tens of thousands of pirate coalition forces attacking Pucci. It wouldn’t so easy to kill them all…”


Iceberg made a difficult smile as he spoke: “Yes…Yes! Then I would like to congratulate the Rear-Admiral on his victory and allow me to hold a banquet for all the Marines when you return to the Water Capital in the future!”


It’s just an excuse to stuff a red envelope in his hand. (Red Envelop-Red envelopes or hongbao in Mandarin and lai see in Cantonese are small red and gold packets containing money given to children, family members, friends, and employees as a symbol of good luck.)

“Well, thank you, Mayor Iceberg!”

Feeling very satisfied with Iceberg’s good attitude, Rowen patted the latter’s shoulder and turned around to walk towards the Sea train.

Rowen has no problem ripping off Iceberg, not to mention that he is stronger than others, his handling of the matter has been more than favorable to the Water City.

The Marine Headquarters Battleship docked at Galley-La’s No. 1 Shipyard was blown up by Pirates. 

Rowen has the right to arrest all relevant personnel, including Iceberg, for interrogation. Now he had just asked him to pay for the Battleship’s renovation. Rowen feels that he is simply being too generous!

If it wasn’t for the fact that Rowen didn’t know how to repair ships, Iceberg’s good days would have been over from today.

Allied Kingdom Member is not the same as the World Government. To put it bluntly, they are just a group of ruled subordinates, and the Marine Headquarters is the most powerful violent organization under the World Government. 

It represents the face of the World Government. Even if they are Allied Kingdom Members, they will not be able to do anything to the Marines in the open.

So no matter how unreasonable Rowen behaves, Iceberg can only accept it. Even seeing Rowen get in the Sea Train made him feel a little lucky in his heart. 


This Plague God is finally going away!

Behind the crowd, Lucci, who had just been approved by Iceberg, did not speak, but he stared at Rowen’s movements while silently clenching his fists. He recalled the conversation Rowen had with him last night…

“Teabeard attacked the Marine, you knew this information, right?”

This was Rowen’s first sentence.

“Watch my Battleship for me and keep your mouth shut.”

This was Rowen’s second sentence.

These were two simple sentences with so much information that it could be called frightening!

Rob Lucci, who has always been known for his ruthlessness, was instantly creeped out, and his fear of Rowen increased by three points. 

He also made up his mind that even if the World Government came to ask him about this incident, he wouldn’t tell anything about it!

Blue station, Platform.

A green steam train stands on the platform, ready to leave for St. Poplar, the City of Spring Queen.

Due to the Pirate Invasion on Pucci, the current situation is unclear, so even though the terminal area is still under the control of Pucci King **, the Sea Train has also modified its route, and the furthest distance it would go to is the Spring Queen’s City.

Rowen and the others want to go to Pucci so they need to arrive at the City of Spring Queen and then by changing the front of the train, the Sea Train will pull the last few carriages filled with Marines to Pucci alone.

In order to wait for Rowen, the Sea Train that should have departed at 11 O’Clock made an exception and stayed at the “Blue Station” for more than three hours. Some passengers had long become angry and some passengers were already complaining..

“What the hell? Are we still going?”

“What is going on! I have an appointment with someone to talk about business, would you take care of it if something goes wrong?!”

“I’m very sorry! Please take it easy, the train will leave soon!”

The steward was sweating, but he had said this line countless times, and the passengers didn’t listen to it.

“Asshole! Do you know who I am? I’m a Special Agent of the World Government, where is the big man who dares to make us wait for him!!!”

“I’m very sorry! This is an order from the Mayor, please wait a moment!”

“What is your mayor? I am an official of the World Government! Let him come and see me!”

Rowen heard noisy noises as soon as he got into the carriage, and the government officials dressed in black suits were arguing with the steward of the Train. 

The other party’s status is lofty, and the Steward can only honestly pretend to lower than him. 

If it had been in the past, they would have definitely set off without saying a word, but Iceberg is quite popular in the City of Water, and they are even less willing to disobey his orders.

“Tsk, troublesome guy!”

Waving for the soldiers to start boarding the Sea Train, Rowen walked over and tapped the shoulder of the person with a black suit.


It was a short, middle-aged government official with two tall bodyguards standing beside him. 

The man, who had long been in a position of authority, turned around with an impatient face when he felt someone tapping him on the shoulder and cursed, “Do you want to attack a World Government official? Hey, get me …… er ……”

Rowen had some impression of the official in front of him. 

In the original work, because the top management of the World Government changed their mind, instead of worrying about old Ancient Weapon coming out, they wanted to control it in their own hands, and this guy came to deal with Iceberg on behalf of the World Government many times to find out the whereabouts of Pluton Blueprints. 

His name was quite unique, so he was remembered by Rowen.

As for how unique…


Rowen lowered his eyes and looked down at him from a commanding position: “You seem to have a lot of problems about Marines using this Seatrain to carry the Soldiers?”

Seemingly in order to match Rowen’s words, the big-headed soldiers who had experienced a bloody battle only a few days before and were now carrying guns and ammunition walked through the middle of the aisle and headed for the vacant seats on the left side of the carriage. 

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