OPTM-Chapter 98 Kills Part 2

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The credit for killing a pirate is the same as capturing a pirate alive, them being alive or dead means nothing. 

However, the Marines have a rule that they cannot actively kill prisoners after the war, and they will be punished for breaking these rules. 

Rowen made this decision as he didn’t want these pirates to spend their lives in some cell eating and sleeping and he also wanted to make them pay for their actions tonight!

In the eyes of the Messanger, Rowen was willing to withstand the risk of being punished and or being gossiped behind his back just to make sure that everyone understands that this would be the result for anyone who moves against Rowen and his soldiers!

The messenger left with a face filled with excitement. Rowen looked at the panicked pirates in front of him and touched the hilt of the sword before he pulled it down.

Just as the Pirates were relieved and thought that Rowen had changed his mind, they suddenly heard it.

“It would be a pity that Thunder Cloud was used to kill more than a hundred wastrels in the first battle. Let’s change something…”

Then, under the confused gaze of a group of people, Rowen walked to the shore of the port and grabbed a Pirate Ship with his hand.

Huā Lā La!

With a large amount of seawater falling, Rowen lifted the Pirate Ship from the sea with one hand and held it on his shoulders. 

The tyrannical aura emanating from Rowen’s body made the Pirate instantly understand Rowen’s purpose and they shouted in terror and despair.

“No! We have already surrendered, you can’t kill us!!”

“You are a Marine! Marines do not kill their captives!!”

“You Asshole! You would die a thousand death!”

The soldiers were also taken aback by Rowen’s actions, but when they thought of Rowen’s words just now, they kept silent. 

They also took out their weapons and hacked the most screaming pirate to death, and they also brought them closer together, making it easier for their Rear Admiral to make his move.

“Hey, Lucci…”

Kaku, who is only 18 years old this year shivered as he looked at Rowen, who was walking with his back against the rising sun with a ship in his hand, and shouted in a low voice.

“Shut up!! CP9 doesn’t know anything, understand?”

Lucci’s hands and feet tingled in front of Rowen’s unabashedly and ferocious killing intent and he reprimanded in a low voice. 

If Rowen knew that they knew about intelligence in advance but didn’t notify him then based on Rowen’s current behavior, he was sure that he and others……

Will die!!

In theory, the Marines are obliged to help the CP Organization if they are in need of said help and even if the casualties are heavy on the Marines side, they will not be held accountable. 

This is determined by the priority of rights. But Lucci did not dare to bet or challenge Rowen’s authority with his own life on the line.

Or one can clearly say: He is scared!

He is afraid that the Beast, who seemed so calm, but was so angry, would tear him to pieces too!

In this world, it is the Strength that speaks!

Walking back against the pirate’s verbal abuse, Rowen looked around and his eyes paused for a moment on the soldiers who had closed their eyes forever and then smiled.


The huge Pirate Ship was swung up by him, like a Giant wielding a Warhammer. The ship produced a harsh whistle as it smashed hard on the Pirates.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The ground shook with each blow. Blood, bones and rotten meat mixed with wooden pieces were wantonly flying in every direction. 

Broken limbs and legs were flying in all directions, the scene looked like it came straight out of Hell! But no one dares to stop Rowen, no matter who he is, the price of angering the strong must be borne by someone!

Click… Bang!!!

After a few times, the Pirate Ship could no longer withstand the terrible pressure and broke into two pieces. 

Rowen felt a lightness in his hands and looked up to find that the other half of the hull had sunk deep into the ground and was mixed with the fleshy mud made up of pirate corpses.

“Che, no fun!”

Throwing away the other half of the Pirate Ship in his hand, Rowen rubbed his somewhat sore arm and asked back.

“Mayor Iceberg, is there any problem?”

As the battle ended, Iceberg walked in with his men pushing open the door. He caught a glimpse of Rowen, who was in the middle of a rampage and was scared half to death by the violent and bloody scene.

At that moment, a broken arm flew out of the pile of bodies and fell in front of him. The broken part of the arm was bloody and fleshy, and the bones were shattered into slag-like pieces. 

The last time Iceberg saw this kind of wound was when a Shipwright accidentally caught his arm between the two ships.

Hearing Rowen’s question, Iceberg took out his handkerchief and wiped his sweat, trying to make himself laugh and to not have a scared expression on his face: “Pirates invaded Dock 1, I wanted to come and help, but the Rear Admiral doesn’t seem to be short of manpower here…”

It’s true. There is no shortage of manpower here!!!

“No, there is! We are lacking in manpower. Why wouldn’t we lack in manpower?”

Rowen raised his hand to stop him from speaking as looked back at the “Warship being held up by many ships” floating on the sea. 

He then walked over with a body covered with fleshy mud, and took the hand that was shaking like a quail, and said: “We haven’t finished talking about that topic we discussed last night, we will continue to talk after breakfast.”




At this moment, most people couldn’t help it as they bend down and vomited, even Kalifa was no exception to this. 

But because it was too early and no one had eaten anything, so only the acid in the stomach came out, making it more uncomfortable and nauseous.

Iceberg resisted the urge to vomit and nodded tremblingly: “Understood! Please leave it to us!”


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