OPTM-Chapter 98 Kills Part 1

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For a while, the soldiers exploded with unimaginable enthusiasm and rushed toward the stubborn pirates. Rowen raised his head thoughtfully and glanced at the Mad Dog-like soldier and a smile appeared on his face.

“Looks like it’s working well ……”

In order to grow stronger, since he did not choose to become a Pirate but to join the Marines, then he should consider how he could become a good Marine.

And a good Marine is no more than two words: “Power”, “Force”!

“Power” means strength.

Rowen is confident in this aspect. If he can’t become a Top-Level powerhouse with Rumble-Rumble Fruit then he will be a wastrel just like Enel and he will die in this World sooner rather than later. 

And he would prefer dying to remain weak and this only proves that he is just such a man who would put everything on the line for his dream.

“Force”, right.

This would be a long journey… and building prestige among the soldiers is Rowen’s first plan to reach the pinnacle of power.

Marines are the running dogs of the World Governments?

Aren’t they the minions who help Tenryubito do their evil deeds?

So you can’t be a Marine?

No No No!

Only the weak will choose to resist in the face of oppression, and the strong will never consider this issue.

Because they are the ones who oppress others, they are the ones who are born to eat other people!

It is an eternal truth that the strong change the world and the weak adapt to the world and the rules set by the strong. 

Pirates, Marines, Revolutionary Army, and the World Government, they are the opposition between freedom and tyranny. They seem to be full of epic atmosphere, but “Freedom” itself…

Isn’t it the sorrow of the weak?!

In this Pirate Era that is surging forward with great momentum, isn’t it because a group of weak people are entertaining and deceiving themselves?

When they chose to use force to resist, regardless of their strength, they had already placed themselves in the position of the weak and they had challenged the strong.

And from the moment he rose from his sickbed, Rowen vowed to become strong.

In Rowen’s eyes, mere defiance is the path of the loser and the weak! He aspired to be “Strong” itself, to surpass the limits of the impossible and not just to prove his own strength.

The more filthy and rotten the World Government is, the more of an opportunity it is for Rowen!

No one has the ability to make him yield, and he has never yielded. This is a different level and angle of thinking as he had decided to think from a different perspective.

From this point of view, Rowen is a natural-born strong man!

Because he wants to!

Rule the world!!!

Naturally, with his current strength and power, he still has a long way to go to rule the world. All he can do at the moment is to establish his prestige in Marine and make steady progress toward the pinnacle of power, one step at a time.

No one has ever really understood Rowen. Zephyr is only worried that Rowen would get lost in his pursuit of power because he was too “Powerful” to be compatible with the Marines’ style. 

Garp regards Rowen as a reliable junior, and Rowen’s talent and scheming only make him think that this guy can be useful and would be a good pillar of the Marines in the future.

Only when that day comes, perhaps everyone will understand how much of a Monster Rowen really is!

“Don’t move, get on your knees!!!”

“Shut your mouth, whoever dares to whisper will be killed without any question!”

With the death of Teabeard, the pirates who were completely frightened could no longer make any moves. After the soldiers broke out with unimaginable enthusiasm, even Rob Lucci was surprised by the Marine’s combat effectiveness.

These ordinary soldiers, who are weak and ineffective in his eyes are not afraid of the pirates whose individual strength is several times stronger than them. 

Instead, they pounce on the pirates and bit them like Mad Dogs, and the only way to stop them is death.

It was such a desperate play that made the pirates lose their courage, and they were quickly tied up.

And this crazy style of fighting is not the pressure from the upper echelon pushing them, but the decision made by the soldiers themselves.

Just because their Senior Official said such a sentence.

“Rear Admiral… Rowen…”

Lucci looked at the tall figure who was approaching with a Blade in his hand and the arrogance and self-confidence he had cultivated over the years had left his body at this moment.

That is a real Monster!

Whether it is the strength or any other aspects. He is a genius at all of them!

“Reporting! Rear Admiral Rowen, we have beheaded 376 Pirates in total and captured 178 Pirates while 37 soldiers died and 23 were seriously injured, and 137 people were slightly injured. Please give your orders!!!”

The messenger’s hand was wrapped in bandages, and the wound that had been briefly treated was still seeping out blood and blending with the dirt and dust. 

But instead of lying down on the stretcher to rest, he got up and took the initiative to count the battle losses and battle results and reported them to Rowen.

“Hmm, Thank you for your trouble… Arrange for the wounded to be treated immediately. If we don’t have enough medicine then find a hospital in this Island. Don’t save any money on their treatment.”

Rowen returned to his usual calm and it was as if he didn’t see the worship in the other’s eyes. But the calmer he was, the more precious the value of those words became in the eyes of the messenger.

This shows that Rowen really thinks like this and he is not just doing this for a show!

The messenger immediately yelled and saluted in reply.


“Wait ……”

But just before the Messanger could turn around, Rowen suddenly stopped him.

“Can I help you with anything, Rear Admiral Rowen?”

“Well, there is something wrong with the data… The number of pirates killed this time was 554, and we were not able to capture a single pirate.”

At this point, Rowen gave him a sidelong glance and said, “Our Brother who died, we must give them some revenge, shouldn’t we?”

The Messanger’s heart shuddered but as he looked at the crowded pirates and the dead Marine Soldiers, he nodded with tears in his eyes and said: “Yes!!!”

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