OPTM-Chapter 97 Monster Rowen

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With Rowen’s move, the pirate group was overwhelmed and the situation was firmly under control before he rushed over to save Dante.  

Rob Lucci and Kaku took the opportunity to break out of the timber factory, and together with the Marines, they killed or defeated the remaining. 

When he took the time to look back and saw the movement there, even with someone as steady as him, he couldn’t help but produce a kind of “what the hell” expression on his face.

“Lucci! Don’t be in a daze, hurry up and put out the fire!

Paulie stood up and shouted. He hadn’t known Lucci before tonight, but after a fierce battle, the two got his approval and he treated them as companions.

“Yes, Foreman Paulie.”

He again glanced at Rowen, who was being held hostage by Teabeard, and then he gave up the investigation and ran to the fire with the bucket of water in his hand.

Holding Rowen as Hostage?

Boy, you have balls made out of iron!

At the other end, Teabeard dragged Rowen back while threatening the Marine Soldiers who wanted to lean forward and grab him: “Don’t come here! Otherwise, I will fill his head with bullets!! Don’t move, I know you are strong, but can you block bullets?!”

‘You don’t have to say it, this guy can really block bullets!’ The others thought silently in their heart.

The corners of Rowen’s mouth twitched wildly, and for the first time, he felt a hint of regret at his use of violence to solve problems. 

He had made his name in Sea all thanks to the newspaper a few weeks ago, and there were countless people at sea who didn’t know him.

Obviously, this Teabeard is one of them.

“This is really, the bliss of ignorant who are fearless in the face of death!”

With an extremely speechless sigh, Rowen stepped on his feet and froze his body like steel. Teabeard suddenly felt the hostage’s body in his arms become hard and scary and he was shocked to find that he couldn’t drag him back.

“Not Moving? Do you want to die asshole?!”

“Yeah, I just want to die!”

Rowen didn’t care about the gun in front of his eyes, and with force with both arms, he abruptly pulled the left hand of Teabeard that was stuck his neck, and then pulled it down.

Pū Tōng…!

Rowen’s power was amazing, and Teabeard was directly pulled to the ground by him. This made Teabeard temper flare up as he directly aimed the gun at Rowen’s head and he pulled the trigger with an evil and bloodthirsty smile on his face.

“Go to hell to Justice loving Bastard!!!”


The bullet flew out and Rowen’s head exploded.

“Woo ooh ooh ooh ooh !! Did you see that? This is the end for anyone who defies me.”

The expression on Teabeard’s face was filled with madness, he knew that without the hostage, the remaining Marines would never let him go.

He can single handily defeat someone like Dante but how would he stand against 1,000 of these Marine Soldiers?

This is war. The number of pirate coalition forces can be numbered up to tens of thousands at any given time. 

In order to avoid accidents, Rowen has mobilized 1,300 Headquarters Marines to go to sea. Even if there are casualties in the fighting now, it is just a drop in the bucket.


With a smile on his face, Teabeard gradually stopped laughing like a mad person and the madness in his eyes was replaced by fear, his eyes widened in horror as he looked at the figure in front of him.

“No… this is impossible!! Why didn’t you die?!!!”

“Yeah, why didn’t I die…”

While Teabeard stayed on his knees, Rowen pressed his hands on his shoulders, and the penetrating wound on the top of his head crackled with flickering electricity, which soon disappeared.

“This question, go to hell and someone there!”

After saying that, Rowen slowly increased his strength and folded Teabeard’s back in half. Teabeard’s fat body couldn’t provide him with any support at this moment. 

In front of Rowen’s monstrous power, his whole body gradually bends backward in a posture that violates the structure of the human body.

After hearing the “Crack” sound, everyone in the surroundings realized that Teabeard’s spine has broken…


Teabeard spouted out a mouthful of blood and his eyes burst out with blood inside of them. 

Feeling the monsterous strength on his shoulders, Teabeard opened his mouth wide and hissed as he squeezed out blood froth and internal fragments from his throat.

“Ah!!!… Let go! Let me go you Asshole!!!”




Death was close at hand, and Teabeard went crazy and attacked Rowen with the gun in his hand. But it was still useless. 

Logia Elementalization is not something that can be injured by bullets that do not come with Armament Haki coating or are made of Seastone. 

When the bullets in the gun were empty, Teabeard’s head was about to stick to his ass, he reached out his hand in vain and beat Rowen frantically, but the effect was not even comparable to the bullet he had shot before.

The bullets were able to force Elementalization out of the upper limit of Rowen’s body defense by virtue of the pressure they emitted while his fists did nothing on Rowen’s body.

“Ho… I… I don’t want to… die…”

In the end, Rowen pressed his hands down at the same time, hearing only a series of crackling sounds as Teabeard finally spit out the word “Die”, and his whole body became sour and weak in a moment. 

Teabeard who would have had enough strength to fight against the Strawhat Pirates in the future in the New World died just like that. His spine was abruptly folded in half and he couldn’t be more dead.

His whole body was twisted together in a weird posture that would make the yoga master shake his head for three consecutive times. 

The fat on his belly was pulled and torn, leaving only a layer of white film that was wrapped around his internal organs. The fat and oil in the interlayer of his body were mixed with blood, flowing along the ground.

Rowen let go of his hand and slowly stood up, shaking off the grease and sweat from his hand.

He coldly stared at the corpse and said lightly: “You should be thankful that I didn’t have the time to torture you slowly, or Death would have been a kind of Enjoyment. This is your punishment for beating up my soldiers.!”

The breeze blew, and the harbor was silent.

Countless people watched in horror at the corpse of the humanoid Teabeard and swallowed hard.

Are you kidding me?

Is this just enjoyment?!

The soldiers shuddered involuntarily, but soon there was a wave of reverence and fanaticism burning in their chests. They stared at Rowen with scorching eyes and squeezed their weapons.

That’s right!

This is our Senior Officials, Rear Admiral Rowen!

We are his soldiers!!

“Brothers, kill them!!”



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