OPTM-Chapter 96 Under Duress Part 2

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The scimitar fell down with an unstoppable force behind it!

The morning light fell on the scimitar, reflecting the blade as scarlet as blood, and death was about to come.

At this moment, Dante realized that he didn’t have much fear, both about the powerful Teabeard and death. All he had was that intense resentment, that rage that had never been vented since his return from Hell Island.

In an instant, an invisible force poured into his heart and Dante snarled and stood up before he threw his last fist at Teabeard.

“How can I… die here!!!”


Accompanied by the intense air Tremor, Armament Haki was wrapped around on Dante’s fist and a crisis was born in Teabeard’s heart! 

But at this time. Teabeard had already attacked and he didn’t think too much about that feeling in his heart, the scimitar did not retreat but moved forward as Teabeard used all of his strength to smash it down!


Bang rumble!!

The two huge forces collided against each other, and the air surrounding them spread out like a balloon and exploded. The fragmented strength was surging crazily in all directions, plowing the earth into bottomless ravines! 

The terrifying destructive force left a cobweb-like pit on the spot, and for a while, the area was surrounded by dense and thick smoke!

“Lieutenant Commander Dante!!!”

“Captain Teabeard!!”

The Marine Soldiers and the Pirates shouted anxiously as the strong air current prevented them from approaching the battlefield. But neither Teabeard nor Dante flew out with the explosion.

It seemed as if the two of them were all broken into pieces in this last move.

No one knows how long it took but a familiar tingling sensation came towards them and the eyes of the Marine soldiers lighted up from their dull state!

“It’s Rear Admiral Rowen! Rear Admiral is here!!”

Sure enough, as the tingling sensation appeared, the high-voltage current stirred up a surge and turned into a gust of wind, dissipating the smoke blown by the dust. 

As the smoke dispersed, the situation inside made everyone who followed the battle held their breath.

It’s true that Rowen arrived well, but…

“Oye Oye… Are you kidding me?”

“That kind of powerful attack…”

“Was blocked?!!!”

In the center of the field, the strong wind that had not yet dispersed made the Justice cloak behind Rowen flutter in the wind. 

He turned his left hand into a palm and caught Dante’s fist in his palm. His right hand points together while holding the big Scimitar smashed down by Teabeard. 

The last two desperate attacks filled with every ounce of their power were caught by Rowen and the force behind these attacks were led into the ground along the musculoskeletal, without leaving any trace on his body.

The expression on Rowen’s face was still calm even after doing such a thing.

This is incredible!

“This punch strength is quite good! Congratulations, Dante, you finally crossed the ‘Cover’ state to reach the ‘Entwine’ state, you really have started your path on mastering Armament Haki… I’m not as good as you at this point.”

Rowen stood between the two and turned to look at Dante and spoke with a sincere smile on his face.

Dante huffed his cheek as a greeting and then fell back towards the ground with a soft stomp. 

The stamina needed to pay to use Armament Haki was even more terrifying than the full force of Rokushiki, and he had no strength left in his body to even smile at this point in time when he had exploded with all his power at the breakthrough.

It’s just that Rowen didn’t catch Dante when he fell to the ground. Under the stunned gaze of countless people, he flicked his backhand and threw the bleeding Dante away. 

The expression on the latter’s face went from excitement to shock, from shock to incredible, from incredible to anger, from anger to looking down on life in just 0.5 seconds, and then he drew an arc in the air like a salted fish. 

His right hand trembled as he put up the middle finger and planted it into the ground with his head.


At this moment, he just listens to Rowen continue to speak.

“But to punch your Senior Official after Awakening, you are quite bold you asshole!!”


Pirates: “…”

Are you the Devil?!!

At this moment, whether it was the Marines, Pirates, or Shipwrights, they all roared in their hearts with sharp teeth in their mouths.

Despite the clamor for the medic, Rowen tilted his head and gripped the Scimitar between his two fingers of his right hand, and he looked at Teabeard, whose face was red and neck was too thick to move the blade. “Fat man!” he grinned. Have you considered how you will die after you hit my Soldiers?”

Teabeard’s heart went cold for a moment. Rowen is the most powerful person he has ever seen in his journey, and the monstrous power he lives on is nothing to mention in front of him. 

Letting go of the handle of the Scimitar, Teabeard flicked out the flintlock gun loaded with bullets from his belt, and his hands and feet exploded with a dexterity that was completely inconsistent with his body shape. 

In an instant, the guns’ mouth was placed on Rowen’s forehead at zero distance.

“Don’t move!  If you move again then I’ll kill him!!!”

Rowen: “…”


Suddenly, the air suddenly became quiet.

A group of Marines looked at Teabeard with all kinds of weird eyes, they wanted to say “Go right ahead”, but they were afraid that Rowen would beat them up if they said it out loud.

Teabeard didn’t understand the look in their eyes. Seeing a soldier clenched his weapon, he continued to roar, “Hey, do you not understand what I said? No one move, get out of my way! That right, You there, put your gun down!!!”


A small soldier grinned and put down the gun while being speechless.

Heaven and earth have a conscience!

This is my conditioned reflex!

If their Senior Officials are hijacked and they don’t give some reaction and stay aside to watch the show then they will really be killed afterward!


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